God of Eternal Night (1)

Inside the room, at the bathing room. 

Cygne was being dressed with a plain but expensive black top with red jewels when he got the chance to see his face. 

He could see his reflection into a large mirror attached at the side near of his bathing room which entrance is from the partition he had seen earlier. 

Although it wasn't as refine as the one in his previous world, it still did its purpose. 

Glistening obsidian black hair that made the night descends and a pair of crimson red eyes that shines brightly like a sun. A young face with pale skin welcomed his sight. There is a bit of fat but not too much to be called fit as he has a very skinny appearance. But that didn't gave a bad impression on him. Cygne felt amaze on how good looking his body right now. 


He softly groaned at his appearance. He looks like a rich softie noble by his clothes and the jewels decorated in it. He looks expensive. 

"Young master Cygne, breakfast is in the dining hall. After that, I'll prepare the studies."

On his side, Tien was bowing to Cygne which he replied with a slight nod. He still don't have a knowledge of anything and so just rely on his intuition and to this person. Afterall, he could not sense any hostility directed towards him that made him sigh in relief.

He left his room and with Tien's lead, he leisurely walk in a bright corridor contrast to his gloomy and dark room. Cygne saw few of the maids bowed at him shakily but maintained their positions until he passed by them. 

'It's weird.' 

It is definitely weird. In his past world, no one cowered in fear because of him. He wondered if he got a tyrant weakling body? 

'Does that incorporeal existence dropped me in a random body after getting my life and body?'

Cygne can't help but started to be annoyed. 

The fewer servants started to dispersed out of his way like they never been there. The chilliness envelopes the place but Cygne has no idea it is coming from him. He also did not notice the slight change in Tien's face as they continued to walk their way to the dining hall. 

Tien pushed the door and a wide room present itself. At the middle, the long dark wood table was placed with various food that is new to Cygne but still maintained his neutral expression. On the walls were paintings of robed people and a towering being. 'They decorated the dining hall with that? Sure anyone will see it will get their appetite run out of their system', Cygne couldn't help but thought. The servant that finished setting the plates, although shaking, maintained his composure and bowed respectfully to Cygne. 

'They seem to be trained perfectly.'

Cygne quietly walk to the left avoiding the head seat. It's almost instinctual behavior of the body that Cygne not find difficult at all. 

Tien moved to pick up a jar with a fishy smell. He poured the liquid effortlessly in a glass then quietly stepped back to let Cygne eat in peace. 

It made Cygne frown. 

'Why are they giving a child blood to drink? Are they lunatics?'

Quite of the rumbling inside his mind remained there as Cygne quietly lifted the tableware laid infront of him to be use. 

He sliced the meat that tender enough for a child like him to eat without difficulty but instead of being happy, he started to frown. 

The meat was not cook well. It's still raw. The reddish color of a fresh meat was still visible from the cut Cygne made with his knife.  

'Why are they feeding a child with this... ' His mind can't process this peculiar treatment he doesn't have a knowledge about. But he still eat it anyway. 

"Is it in your liking young master?"

The quiet and almost no presence Tien asked Cygne who continuously eat with ease and in a noble like manner. The meat has a sting or spicy taste that made him want to drink something. He put his utensils down and lifted his frail arm to reach for the glass with blood because there is nothing to drink beside it. 

A fishy and iron smell tickled his nose as he slowly drank the entire remain of the glass as if it was water. Cygne didn't bother to reply on Tien as he quietly ate the food infront of him. 

And as if on cue, Tien poured it full again. The glass was brimming with red luscious color. That made Cygne twitch the corner of his mouth but returned to normal and continue to eat quietly. Unlike his outside demeanor, his mind was in a state of chaos.

'What the fuck? I thought I was treated fairly but this is like feeding a beast! That goddamn being really tricked me! If I bump into him again I'll really ask for compensation! Goddammit!'


The knife fell into the floor while Cygne clutches his chest. He felt like a thousand needles were poking his heart. It feels like someone is clutching his lungs and squeezing it like a pepsi can. 

But no one helped Cygne. Inside his mind, flood of curses were roaring as the extreme pain was registering in his senses multiple times greater a human can endure.

He was helplessly panting when his eyes fixated into Tien who's eyes were having a mini earthquake but stayed still and did not dare to help him. 

'What rotten brains does this..... Accck! What's this body is reacting into!'


Before he could close his eyes, he found himself collapsing to the ground. At that moment, he saw a being...no...it's something much powerful than that. He internally screams but still rest his gaze to the being that leisurely walking towards him. 

A few inches more, a melodic soft voice with a weight of fierceness entered his ear. 

「"Sleep. We'll talk."」


Drip. Drip. 

Sound of dripping water prickled the ear of Cygne as he found himself lying on the black marble with immense headache drilling continuously. 

The surrounding was chilling like  winter season but the interior were more like a cave. Concave shaped dome but styled with elegance that hold ancient history. 


Can't endure the pain anymore, Cygne opened his eyes to see the sole throne infront of him. It was adorned with obsidian pearls and blood red ruby. 

Sitting there was someone exuding a terrifying aura that is making Cygne clutch his head even more. 

He has dark skin but it doesn't look gross, albeit, it even look elegantly smooth and attracting to the eyes. He also has a long black silky hair braided into a lock and beautifully resting on his shoulders, flowing down gracefully. 

「"You finally awake."」


Cygne immediately frown from the pressure his voice has. It sound like a thunder roaring angrily in the quiet night. 

As if it forgot the intensity his voice weighs, a low "Oh." escaped his mouth.  In an instant, the suffocating air disappeared that made Cygne breathes a long deep sigh.


Cygne got surprised upon the accidental eye contact he made with the being. The complete black eyeball which looks like voidless space from closer keen look bumped with his bloody red eyes. 

「"Tss. Why are you so jumpy?"」

The higher being clicked its tongue but it doesn't look disrespectful. 

"Damn incorporeal existence! I'm hear because of him!"

A low mumbling escaped his lips that made the other curious. Cygne didn't know that the one before him was a God with a very sharp hearing. 

「"Ahem... Who it might be?"」

"Eek! What? You heard me?"

「"What are you a cat or something? Tss."」

Displeasure was evidence to the face of the God but didn't lift his finger towards Cygne, instead, he found his soul amusing to the point that it didn't sense any fear into him. 

He just have a weak body that's all. 

Cygne clicked his tongue as if he wants to retort back that he's not but knowing that it was a powerful being he is dealing with, he silently look at the ground with a pouting lips. Whether it was because he is inside a 13 year old child, his attitude seems childish. 

And then, after how many minutes, the God spoke. 

「"You are an outsider."」

Cygne flinched and lifted his head to look at the God. 

As soon as he meet eyes with him, the God smirked from the chaotic thoughts filling his brain. 

'That damn being! He really did tricked me! That goddamn bastard! I'll tear his waggling tails!'

「"Why are you here?"」

"You'll ...kick me out?"

Cygne realizes what he suddenly blurted out and he felt fear and sadness. After all, he was looking forward to live a new life in a new world. But then, even if he give up everything, he is still can't live the life he wanted. 

At that moment, the corner of the God's mouth is twitching as if he find the human in front of him amusing. 

He could feel emotions and also read their minds as well given that he is a God. He also have a basic knowledge on to what happened to the poor soul. 

On the other hand, Cygne was being gloomy for not being able to live the way he wants. He never thought he would be scammed with what he supposed to be a being with lots of tails. He assumed because of his inhumane hearing, he heard lashing of tails into one another when he given his life and everything as his part of the deal. 

'I'll cook that goddamn bastard!!!'

Cygne was fuming inside but completely masked it with an indifferent expression outside despite his shaking body. 

「"You see, I am quite fond of the child who owned that body you are in. Oh. Did you happened to made a deal to a being you can't see?"」

"H-how...how did you know?"

「"Of course I would. I could even bring him here if you want?"」


The God was taken aback by the sudden burst of excitement Cygne expressed. He was surprise that this disrespectful soul who didn't mind his speech and manner towards him as if he is talking with someone that is just older than him is not afraid to meet the being that deceived him. As if he is confident that he could defeat it. He then touches his chin and grinned that made flower blooms in spring. 

「"So you did had been tricked. Before that, what are you going to do? That body was precious and has a role to play in order to bring stability and balance in this world. That child refuses to do what I laid for him and instead took his life. Now that you possesses the body, what is it for me if I bring that scammer here?"」

Cygne was looking at the God with a complicated expression. He is not frowning or inciting excitement or interest. It was just a blank face that impregnable. He is still on the floor though, but sitting respectfully. 

"I... "

The God was waiting for his response while tapping his finger on the arm rest. 

"Is it possible to refuse?"

「"What if I don't want to?"」

"Then, is it alright to do it but not taking the role in the front? Something like being support in the dark or something? Since that godda--ahem...that being seems connected to you,  can I get compensated?"

「"Haha! You are smart little one."」

A grin slowly showing in Cygne's lips. The tension on his body subsided and was now able to converse with the God. 

The God grinned and snapped his fingers. A fluctuation of power swirled around his fingers in black mist. A short shudder shake them and from above, a 5 meter creature fell down that left a huge crevice to the smooth marble. Cygne almost got flattened if he didn't move within that split second. The God smirked upon witnessing that short reflex. 

「"What the... Aah! A-Aaah! Your majesty Eternal Night! W... What? What am I doing here?"」

The God of Eternal Night clicked its tongue that made the creature with ninetails stiffen. It's like a cat in shock with its furs and tails stood up. 

「"You played too much Moonlight."」

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