Hold my hand I'm sleepy,

I walked towards Arao and in my shoulders strapped and quietly hanging is a green guitar that shines a different glow when Melody uses it. A sparkling particle which in every move it makes, a powdery dust were coming out of it, making flowers, images and all the glee a person wanted to see. In my hands were two daggers that eminates the contrasting aura of life and death. Mixing together into a color of black and white, forming a familiar symbol that had been the picture of balance. 

Death and mana were circling around me, not meeting or greeting, going on their own way. The veins in my body popped and the chest that had been hurting for pulsating hard is now started to bleed. It made me smile. 

"Can you help me out for the last time now? I know you have been wanting to pull me out of this but if you do that, the whole of the Skyscraper will fall and that is something I wanted to avoid since all the people that I hold dear is livin

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