Multi-dimensional Helper (3)

Inside the Dark Cave, Blackie's burrow. 

Cygne and Blackie were reigned by silence while looking at each other. The other has a furious expression while the latter relax. 

They are waiting for Hades to respond but after a few moments...nothing happened.


A soft groan was heard but apparently covered by a cough as they continued the conversation. 

"Kuhum!! Just don't mention their names. It's troublesome being dragged to their games... As long as we don't offend anyone of them, you are safe.

But to tell you, I have been wondering...right now I felt something in your necklace." 

Cygne looked at the necklace that's quietly hanging on his neck. It still has a soft glow but other than that, it was ordinary. 

But Blackie was intently

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