Cygne was sitting beside the man who is holding a bird in his hand and feeling the air to the other side of the space. They are meeting from two ends of different timelines and Cygne has no idea about this. All that he knows is, when he woke up from that shout, he is in this space and creatures couldn't see or feel him. He tried various experiments and all resulted to him in his astral form and cannot be felt nor seen by anyone other than this weird man who is just acting normal despite having a serious talk with him. 

"Are you nuts?" Cygne whispered with his hand covering his ear and acting like he is saying something that shouldn't be heard by anyone else. The man, seem stunned, was looking at him with amusement. Eyes that holds many meanings and lips that is forming a slight smile, he is sitting in such relaxed position that is making Cygne wanted to relax too. But he pulled himself up and tried to grab the man but he flew away because of the wall that i

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