She is a lady, she is mother

She peeks to where Cygne is and unknowingly hid but there is nothing that could hide him in her sight. Sky did the same and he blocks her view but she is faster and she moves swiftly which looks like they are playing. 

"Ehhhh, what's this little Sky? You are hiding someone from mommy?" Her eyes squinted and her tone is being mixed with suspicion. Sky almost jump in surprise but he put on a smile and hugs her. 

"What do you mean hiding mom? I'm just making sure that Yan had already hidden himself before you could arrive to prevent him the embarrassment of being seen by you while in tears." 

The woman went closer to him instead and looked at him in the eye while Sky is trying to push him away to have some space. But she is strong and she slap her both hands into his palm to prevent him from moving and meet her eyes.

"You are hiding something from me!"

"MOM!" He blurt

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