Thread of Chaos

❝Looking around, darkness can be found. Murmurs getting loud but not clear enough to sound. Trying to move but chains were clashing in every move. Why does the body tied? Planes are clearer to feel yet far to grasps. Aura's clashing like violent storms and yet calm voice reverberated in the room. 

One question remained in mind. "Why am I here?❞


Before the sun peeks at the world, there was a lone figure who's jumping from trees to trees. It was so soft that no one will be able to notice. The figure was draped with black from head to toe and in its waist was a chain with two sharp sickles. 

It move nimbly and dodged the needles effortlessly. After shooting three needles, the pursuer dash to its right and threw a dagger. The figure leap in the air and maneuvered its body sideways, making the needles and the dagger passed through each other with the figure in between.

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