Training (2)

Night's mansion.

Pant. Pant. 

A young boy was running across the mansion in his tight black fitting clothes. His arms and legs were being wrapped with a few weight bracelets that weighs 20 kilos each. All in all he was carrying 80 kilos plus the 20 kilos belt hanging in his waist, 100 kilos. 

"Goddammit! Huuuu!" 

It was his tenth lap and his legs was already shaking from the tremendous weights he put on him. It was a miracle that he hasn't fainted after doing this ridiculous idea he put himself into a week ago. 

It is indeed definitely made him fainted the the very first day. After that, he didn't give up after a few fainted days he barely passed out yesterday and today he have a feeling that he wouldn't be waking up from another place. 

The young boy Cygne was running around the estate

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