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Other people don't know about me, and I don't even know who I am. Before, everything was so unfair, and I only got miserable things. When my father showed up, he told me everything. I was a rich man! Even very rich!


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113 chapters
Chapter 1
“I can't accept you to work for my company," said a man sitting in his oversized chair without looking at Logan. He just crossed his legs and looked busy with the cell phone he kept playing.Logan raised one eyebrow. "How can you not accept my job application, when you didn't even touch the application file I brought?" Logan tried to remain calm, though he was a little annoyed that the man had no intention of touching the file he had brought.Logan was a student who had graduated from a reputable university. He even had a very good final grade, but the man didn't want to touch the application file Logan had brought. Even though it was clear that Logan knew the company was looking for new candidates."Why should I look at it? Even without me looking, I already know what's in it. So I don't need to waste my time going through that useless file. Of course, you don't deserve to work for this company."The man said again without looking at Logan. He ignored Logan and looked down at him.
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Chapter 2
"What are you doing!?" Logan yelled out loud. Logan was disappointed to see his girlfriend under another man's thumb. He never thought that Ivy could cheat on him. Ivy immediately covered her body with a blanket, but the man she was with wasn't bothered at all. In fact, he boldly wrapped his arms around Ivy.The man hugging Ivy was Toby. He was the son of a rich man. Even that man was also famous for changing partners before this. Many women were attracted to him just because they heard about the wealth his family had. But Logan had no idea that Ivy was one of those women who would be easily seduced by Toby.Logan's eyes turned red. "How dare you defile my room by doing this disgusting thing." Logan shouted back at them. This time, his gaze was fixed on Ivy, and she looked very panicked.Meanwhile, the man beside Ivy casually touched Ivy's face very gently. "Good, that useless guy already knows our relationship. You don't have to worry like that, honey." Toby smiled sarcastically a
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Chapter 3
Toby laughed as Ivy reached out to block Logan from hitting her. "Did you see that? The woman you call lover is protecting me. Do you know what for?" Toby paused his sentence for a moment, then looked intensely at Logan. "Of course because I'm rich. That's why she cheated on you and protected me instead of defending you who has nothing."Logan took two steps back to get away from Ivy. "I can't believe you've changed so much," Logan said, but Ivy chose to look out."If you weren't poor, I might still be with you. But the way you are, it's not worth it. I should have thought of this earlier," Ivy replied, making Toby laugh very loudly."Did you hear that? Everything happens because you're poor. Not only are you poor, but you're just a loser. And a poor guy like you will never know how rich people work. Just like I can easily ask every company you go to to reject you from working there." Toby's laughter grew louder.“Yuno Capital, Esta Digital, Sunrise Group...these were the company y
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Chapter 4
An elderly figure had just gotten out of his luxury car. The old man was dressed very neatly. He wore a formal suit with shiny leather shoes that further supported his appearance and had just gotten of a luxury car at a fantastic price. Everyone who looked at him was amazed. "Is he the old man who used to greet me?" Logan wondered even more. Logan thought he knew the old man from a distance because he looked so much like his neighbor. Until Logan finally dismissed the thought because he found it highly unlikely. Logan squinted when he saw the old man smiling and walking towards him. At first, Logan felt that his vision was wrong as the old man got closer, but Logan was sure he did recognize the old man. But Logan found it strange that the old man came with several luxury cars. This time Logan felt there was no mistaking it. The old man was indeed his neighbor; Logan had known him for years. It was just that the man's appearance was very different from before. Logan remembered very
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Chapter 5
Logan was perplexed about what had happened today. Logan's confusion at being picked up by a luxury car had not disappeared, but he had to be even more confused by seeing his father, who was now sitting with his legs crossed. His father sat as if he was the owner of this luxury villa."Dad, how come you're here?" Logan asked, staring at his father's face. But hearing that question, his father laughed.Logan's father, Willian, stood up to give Logan a rugged look. "You may be confused as to why I'm here. But that's why I asked David to come and get you. Because I feel that the time has come for you to know everything," Willian replied, making Logan even more confused. Logan almost thought that maybe David also picked up his father, but his father's answer made Logan feel even more confused.Logan asked again, stepping closer to his father. "What is it that I don't know? Why are you all keeping me in suspense?" Logan felt even more dizzy with questions that could not be solved.Logan co
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Chapter 6
"One million dollars? How could I spend that money in one moment?" Logan looked at his father with a look of disbelief. Spending a million dollars was not easy for Logan because he had never had that much money before. But this time, his father challenged him, making Logan want to think hard. "Why not? You can spend the money with your friends." Willian approached Logan again and looked at him closely. "You'll have to get used to this soon." Logan paused to stare at his father, then he turned his eyes to the gold card already in his hand. A few seconds later, his cell phone suddenly vibrated, and this time, there was an incoming message from his friend who had just called him earlier. Logan quickly looked at the message, and just now, he got word from his friend that the party would be held in two hours at a large bar in the city. Logan honestly never went there. Of course, the bar was famous for its place and costly drinks. In fact, only rich people used to go there. Willian lo
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Chapter 7
Brian was dumbfounded at Logan's order. He immediately walked over and pushed the girl aside. "Go, I will serve this master." With a big smile, Brian immediately greeted Logan nicely. "Sorry, I had some important work to do inside."Rachel almost fell over because of Brian's strong push. Even this time Brian was eager to serve Logan, and it was very different from before if the man had dumped Logan because of his shabby clothes.Of course Logan frowned at the bartender's 180-degree turn. "Why did you come? Didn't you say you were busy? You even ignored me earlier." Logan with one eyebrow raised. This time, Logan looked at the man coldly and then turned his eyes to Rachel, but Brian immediately asked Rachel to leave. Instantly, Brian's face also changed. He had been very indifferent to Logan, and now looked at Logan with a flattering face. Brian almost threw away the opportunity not to serve Logan. But fortunately he heard Logan and immediately came over to serve him again. Brian was
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Chapter 8
"They're useless people."Logan sneered as he walked away from the bar, he was beginning to know what his ex-girlfriend was like. She was just like the others who only cared about money above all else to the point of belittling people so quickly. Of course, Logan was too lazy to deal with them, so he left now.But before Logan reached the exit, he suddenly saw all his classmates coming, causing him to stop. At first, Logan thought everyone had pranked him and wouldn't come, but seeing everyone arrive, Logan felt happy that his arrival here would not be in vain.Logan stood still and stared at all his classmates who entered the bar. But none of them greeted Logan or acknowledged his presence. And they just walked past Logan."Hi Logan, did you come earlier?" In the last row, Rocky greeted him. He was Logan's best friend who just wanted to talk to Logan."Yeah, I've been here for a while," Logan answered calmly. He quickly changed his facial expression and banished the annoyance in his
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Chapter 9
Everyone was still silent, but after hearing Logan's request to the waitress, they looked at each other. But soon, they burst out laughing."Did you hear that? A loser wants to buy the most expensive drink here? He can't even afford bread here." This time Toby chimed in. He assured them that Logan didn't have anything.Theo held his stomach, still sore from his laughter, then said, "Maybe he just wanted to prove a point, but I think he went overboard. I'm just afraid that this loser will be embarrassed afterward." Of course, he found this even more embarrassing than the news of Logan's unemployment."I guess he's just shameless. If he had any shame, he would have left long ago." Yuri responded to her thoughts about Logan."The bartender just kicked him out, but he's acting up again, saying he wants to order the most expensive drink here." Toby deliberately made matters worse by telling them what had happened earlier until everyone looked back at Logan."So he's been causing trouble he
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Chapter 10
Rachel shook her head to reject Ivy's words. "No-no, you've misunderstood."Then, did you get scolded by your boss for wasting time serving this poor man?" Ivy made her point again. She was sure the maidservant had returned with a glum face because her boss scolded her."Logan, you're not only a loser. But you have no heart by playing with the waitress here. Don't you feel guilty?" Theo was already furious, and he walked over to Logan."Why do you have to be angry. Let's at least hear the waiter's reason first." Rocky blocked Theo, who wanted to touch Logan. The man looked very emotional, and Rocky didn't wish for their graduation party to be ruined because of a small matter.Actually, he also felt worried about Logan. Was it true that his friends said Logan was too silly by pretending to buy expensive drinks? Rocky thought of saving Logan and pulled out his card, although he wasn't sure he could pay for everything, at least it would be able to help Logan to solve the problem a little
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