Rise of The Charleston Heir

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Rise of The Charleston Heir

By: Rebel Red OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jason is the poor, scorned college boy that everyone has fun stomping all over. He works himself to the bones to cater for his loved ones. Even the love of his life never lets him touch her. She's ashamed of him. Everyone is. But what they don't know is that Jason is the long lost Charleston heir, and he's worth billions. Now everyone will watch Jason's rise to power, as he tramples on all who scorned him.

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  • onuekwenwamma


    Engaging read. Interested to see how Jason's legacy is made. I hope you keep updating this book, author.

    2024-01-06 00:14:16
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Chapter 1: Scorned and Betrayed
"Mia! This is way more than the salary I just received today. I won't be able to pay my tuition fee if I pay for this." Jason clutched the phone in his hand, swiping through everything in Mia's cart. The total cost of what was in his girlfriend's shopping cart would cost him his a full months salary. Jason had received an email a little earlier today that he'd be out of school if the day finished and he didn't pay his tuition. "Why are you so horrible to me? This is not even too much to ask for." Mia cried out.She flounced angrily in her chair and folded her arms, refusing to look at him. Jason sat admiring Mia's beauty. With skin that looked like the sun kissed it everyday, big blue eyes and bouncy blonde curls, Mia was a beauty.He hated seeing her frown. Maybe he could take up another job and be able to get her these soon? "Other girls get more than this from their boyfriend, Jason." Her words taunted him. Jason scratched his head as he stared at the phone screen. A message
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Chapter 2: Burnt Bridges and Broken Noses
"Of course, Hudson. Why would you even ask me that? I'll be your girlfriend, I'm already your girlfriend, silly." Mia answered, her pearly white teeth shining as she giggled. Jason stood and watched as Hudson leaned in and kissed Mia. His blood was boiling and the rage engulfed him, making him really consider doing something he was sure he'd regret. Hudson released Mia and turned to look at Jason with a sly grin on his face."What are you still doing here, you loser?" Hudson asked Jason, as he pulled Mia closer to him, his left arm hanging possessively around Mia's slim waist. Jason eyed the arm, gritting his jaw to the point of pain. "Baby, don't mind him. He's just some really slow guy, in one of my classes, that has this stupid crush on me. I've already told him several times that I wasn't interested but he doesn't listen. He just keeps following me, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings." Mia whined to Hudson, and then placed her palm on his chest. "Why are you doing this, M
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Chapter 3: Path Of Prejudice
"What is going on here?" The school vice chancellor's voice bellowed. The crowd parted and gave way for the campus security to pull Jason to his feet. "He hit me." Jason said to the man, pointing a finger in Hudson's direction. The Vice Chancellor moved to Hudson and nodded respectfully to him in greeting. "You may leave now, Mr. Hudson. I am so sorry that something like this happened to you on school grounds. I apologize on behalf of myself and the school. I assure you that Jason here will not go unpunished for what he's done to you." The vice chancellor addressed Hudson, assuring him. "Make sure you keep your scholarship students away from the ones that can actually afford this school. They need to learn their place." Hudson spat furiously. Ridiculous, Jason thought. He wasn't a scholarship student, he paid his tuition himself! "Of course, sir. I'll make sure that this incident never repeats itself. Once again, I apologize." The vice chancellor said with a grim look on his
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Chapter 4: Mirrors
Jason gave the men a perplexed look, was it him they were addressing or someone else?Young master. Very funny, he scoffed. It probably was someone else, Jason thought and continued walking. "Young master!" One of the men called and quickly ran up to him."Is it me you're talking to?" Jason asked the man in black with a bewildered look on his face."Yes, young master. If you'd please come with us." The man told him."Come with you, where?" Jason asked taking a step away from the man."You'll know when we get there, sir." The man replied.Jason was about to sprint away when he bumped into another man in black."Get out of my way. Did Hudson pay you guys to do this? Who the hell are you people?" Jason asked, looking around, searching for a means of escape."Sir, we would like to avoid causing any unnecessary scenes here. Please just come with us." The first man said, his hand going to his face as he scratched in a shifty way, taking note of how passersby stopped to look at them."If y
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Chapter 5: Return of the Charleston Heir
Bison stared at the old man in bemusement, more than a little taken aback by the man's familiarity with him. He took a step back from the old man.The man arched his brow, letting his hand drop in disappointment. He looked sad for some reason. Jason looked around the room, finally taking notice of a girl, a few years older than him, standing by the old man's desk. He remembered he'd been forcefully brought here. "Are you people insane?" Jason blurted out. He had just been kidnapped by these people and they were looking at him as if he was their savior."Excuse me?" The young girl spoke up, arching a well carved brow in a show of arrogance that was second skin to those filthy rich people Jason always saw in the movies. "Who the hell are you people?" Jason continued, completely ignoring Anna's question and glaring daggers at the two of them."We are your family, Jason." The old man answered, taking a step closer to him."No, you are not." Jason replied."I am your grandfather, Jason.
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Chapter 6: Devil Bully
“Wait a minute,” Jason shifted back, his hands running over his face in jerky motions. “I can't be your grandson. I was raised by my grandparents. I have my own family.” The disbelief and frustration was rife in Jason's voice. The lady smiled for the first time, also moving closer to Jason. “That's because we lost you. Grandpa can explain everything to you later…cousin.”Jason laughed then, shaking his head. “This can't be true.”Sensing Jason's frustrated disbelief, the doctor took the files from the desk and crossed to Jason's side, handing them to him a little too reverently. Jason's eyes read the words slowly, over and over again.A 99.9 percent match to Robert Charleston. That was the old man. Jason rubbed his eyes, but the words were still smack in his face. “How?” He whispered, handing back the DNA test results to Robert. Anna answered him. “You're Jason Charleston. You're the heir to Charleston group of companies and that includes the $60,000,000,000 your father left yo
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Chapter 7: Demolition
Jason stalked towards his grandmother, his hands shaking with rage. He held onto her shoulders and helped her to her feet. "What the hell is going on here?' He demanded immediately. He could hardly restrain himself from punching Hudson out of respect for his grandmother."What does it look like, you fool? Your pathetic excuse of a grandmother, is begging me not to have you suspended so that you do not miss your exams. Tell me why I should listen to the old hag and pardon you." Hudson said, smugly stuffing his hands into his pockets with his chest puffed out."What do you mean she's begging you?" Jason asked almost exploding with anger. His hands fisted by his side's."Is that not right old woman? Now get on your knees and beg." Hudson kept his eyes on Jason's grandmother, arrogance ringing in his every word. He really believed everyone bowed to his pompous ass, and would always end up kissing his ass, one way or another."Is it true, grandmother?" Jason asked her incredulously, his
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Chapter 8: Dealing with the Devil
Jason paused and glanced up when he noticed that people were stepping away from him and Hudson.He sat on the whimpering Hudson's chest, his bloodied fist about to demolish what was left of the dumb fucks face. One look at the school director standing over them made him breathe, finally the haze cleared and he could hear his grandmother crying. Hudson used the distraction and shoved Jason away from him and quickly standing and stumbling on his feet before going to where Mia was standing. She quickly flung herself into Hudson who wrapped his arm around her.Jason's grandmother ran to Jason, hitting his upper left arm with her tiny purse. “I told you not to do it, I told you!”Jason pushed himself up and stood before the director whose face was red with anger.His bald head beamed in the harsh sunlight. "What happened here?" He demanded, surveying both Hudson and Jason. He faced Hudson, giving Jason his back. "Your pathetic, poverty stricken,scholarship student hit me!" Hudson's wo
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Chapter 9: The Joker
Laughter rang out in all directions as the whole school mocked Jason. The director chuckled, “What a hilarious young man.”Jason's grandmother couldn't stand it anymore. She dragged him to the side, trying to find a little privacy to speak to him, try and dissuade him and get him back to his right senses, but avid eyes followed them everywhere. Her grip on his wrist tightened and she simply lowered her voice to an urgent whisper. “Jason, my little boy, I know how hard this is for you. They always treat us poor people like dirt. I have grown so used to it, but now I can see that being poor makes things so hard for you everywhere you go.”She swallowed, eyes brimming with unshed tears. The people who could hear bits of what she was saying strained to hear more. “This boy, Jason, he's even worse than anything we've ever encountered. Jason, he has no soul and no sympathy for the likes of us. Please, let's just stop this madness and go home.”Jason was already shaking his head before hi
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Chapter 10: The Joker I I
Cold sweat broke out on Jason's forehead as he glanced up from the POS system’s screen. What the fuck was happening?“Transfer failed? What do they mean 'transfer failed’?” He asks the director, wide eyed, while Hudson triumphantly went to tell his fans what had happened. The director arched an eyebrow, as if to say he wasn't surprised. “Young man, you don't have the money in your bank account. How can you possibly transfer such a large amount of money when you don't have it?”The director who looked annoyed with Jason shoved the black card back into Jason's hanging hand, his face red with anger. "You dare to waste my time, boy, stand us all out here to play your fantasy games."Hudson's gloating voice reached Jason's ears. “Damn fucker doesn't have a dime. He's finally gone full crazy!”Jason ran his bruised hands over his face in disbelief. “No…no, something's wrong. It's supposed to pay, I know.”“Conniving bastard. You're a low life, Jason, accept your true place in life and pull
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