A useless son-in-law

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A useless son-in-law

By: Yilfred J. Writer OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Marc is a young man who has decided to leave his family, the powerful Alonso family, to pursue his own life and make a name for himself. However, when he encounters his former family's henchmen in a marketplace. Despite his initial reluctance, Marc decides to take control of his life and prove to his old family that he is capable of competing with them. When he attends his girlfriend Melinda's grandmother's birthday dinner, he is confronted by his brother-in-law Jhon, who publicly humiliates him for the modest gift he has brought. Marc discovers that the vase Jhon has bought is fake and dangerous. Tension mounts when Marc receives a call that takes him to the Alonso family mansion, where he discovers that his older brother, the leader of the family, has arranged a kidnapping to teach him a lesson. Marc strives to prove to both families that he is a valuable member and not just a useless son-in-law. As the story progresses, Marc faces a series of challenges that test his determination and his ability to make important decisions. As the story progresses, Marc becomes a stronger and more confident man, able to make important decisions and face challenges with courage. Will Marc be able to escape the influence of his family and find his place in the world? Or will he be dragged back to his former life, with dangerous consequences? "A Useless Son-in-Law" is a thrilling story of struggle and determination in a world of power and crime.

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A useless son-in-law
While walking through the flea market, Marc was distracted for a moment by the things they were selling in the stalls. He was looking for a birthday gift."Marc, is that you?" asked one of the men.Marc recognized them immediately as the henchmen of his original family. "Yes, it's me," he replied, not wanting to go into details."We have orders to bring you back to the family," the man said earnestly.Marc sighed, knowing this conversation wasn't going to be easy. "I'm sorry, but I already told them I don't want to go back," Marc replied."We understand, but the family needs you now more than ever," the man insisted."I'm not coming back, I'm sorry," Marc said, as he walked away from the group.As he walked away, he heard the men talking among themselves, "I guess we'll have to convince him another way," one of them whispered.Lost in thought. He remembered clearly his former life in the Alonso family, the contemptuous looks from his grandfather and the constant comparison with his ol
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The fake vase
"Wow but if it isn't my little brother-in-law! You are definitely the last wonder my grandfather left us before he died.""I guess he was grandfather is a very wise man.""That's right he was quite the altruist who lived by picking up little animals on the street."Marc, felt uncomfortable when Melinda's older brother, he was aware that he had been picked up practically off the street but didn't think it was a reason to be ridiculed. Melinda gave him an apologetic look before Marc could respond."Don't worry, I don't want to bother you with my presence I just came to bring you a special gift for my grandmother," Marc said with a forced smile. "I found it in an antique store and thought it would be perfect for her.""I'm sure it would," Melinda's older brother said with a sarcastic tone. "I hope she didn't spend too much on it."Marc felt a mixture of anger and embarrassment, but decided not to respond. Instead, he turned to Melinda and handed her the gift. she took it gratefully and g
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The toxic vase
Melinda looked sadly at the vase in her lap as Marc held his proudly. Melinda's brother taunted her again, calling her stupid for not being able to tell a real vase from a fake. Melinda felt humiliated, but Marc once again defended her."What does it matter if it's a real or fake vase? What matters is the thought behind the gift. And my thought was to protect our grandmother from a toxic substance," Marc said firmly.Melinda's brother scoffed even more, but Marc ignored his insults. And he handed over another gift he had particularly brought for me to give to his grandmother.Meanwhile, Melinda wondered how she could be married to someone like Marc. She had hated him in the past, but now she was realizing there was more to him than she had thought. Could there be more to their marriage than she had assumed?The tension in the room was palpable when Melinda's brother, in a final attempt to humiliate her, asked Marc how much he had paid for the vase. Marc responded with a wry smile."En
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Melinda's abduction
Marc was in the living room of his wife's house, closely examining the vase he had mentioned earlier at the family dinner. Suddenly, his brother-in-law Jhon entered the room with a defiant smile on his face."So, Marc, are you going to show us what you've been talking about?" asked Jhon mockingly.Marc stood up and turned to Jhon. "Of course I will. But I'll need your help."Jhon arched an eyebrow in response. "My help? For what?""Because I need you to the antique store you bought it from," Marc explained.Jhon looked surprised. "What do you intend to prove how do you figure I'm going to buy such an expensive vase from an antique store?""Well it's all about proving I made the truth so take me to the place where you bought it.""Ok but I have a better proposition for you because better both me me me me let's go our respective gift a store be collector that is made these who values showed work.""I accept your challenge let's go to the store."Together they got in the car and drove aw
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Mrs. Alonso's visit
Marc was sitting in his office, concentrating on his work, when he heard a knock at the door. He got up, walked over to the door and opened it. There was his mother, standing on the threshold, a smile on her face."Hello, son," she said, as she entered the office without waiting to be invited. "How are you?""I'm fine, Mom," Marc replied, closing the door behind her. "What brings you here?""I miss you, son," his mother said, gently stroking his cheek. "I haven't seen my youngest son in a long time. I want to know how you're doing and how you're doing in life."Marc sighed. He knew his mother wasn't there just for a social visit. She had come to try to persuade him to return to the Alonso family."You know how I am, Mom," he said. "I'm doing fine. I'm doing well. I'm happy with my life.""I can't believe you keep saying that," his mother said, frowning. "How can you be happy away from your family, away from your roots?""My happiness doesn't depend on my family or my roots, Mom," Marc
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High society party part 1
Marc was feeling a little nervous as he dressed for the party. He hadn't been to a high society party before in years, and he wasn't quite sure what to expect. But he was determined to prove to Jhon and his family that he was capable of succeeding without their help.When he arrived at the party, he ran into Melinda, who was radiant in her long dress and elegant hairstyle."Marc, it's so good to see you here! Let me introduce you to my best friend, Sarah," Melinda said, pointing to a tall, slender woman in a dazzling red dress.Sarah held out her hand to Marc, "Nice to meet you, Marc. Melinda has told me so much about you.""The pleasure is mine," Marc said, smiling. "Thank you for inviting me to the party.""Of course," Sarah said, nodding. "It's an exclusive party, so I hope you enjoy the experience."Marc looked around and noticed that all the attendees were dressed in fancy, expensive clothes. It was a high society gathering, and he felt a little out of place."Would you like some
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High society party part 2
He decided it was best to keep a reserved attitude and thank her for the offer."Very kind of you, sir," he said with a polite smile. "I'd love the opportunity to speak with you as well."The evening passed with a series of similar encounters, each more challenging than the last. Marc was confronted by a series of sly, cynical personalities intent on probing his weaknesses and exploiting his connections.But rather than let them back him into a corner, Marc stood his ground, using his negotiating skills and knowledge of the business world to fight back.Finally, after several hours of socializing and negotiating, Marc felt exhausted and a little disillusioned. He had learned a lot about the challenges facing high society, but he had also realized that it was not easy to succeed without the help of influential people.He approached Melinda, who was chatting with a couple of friends, and thanked her for inviting him to the party. "It's been an interesting experience," he said with a tir
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Marc plays poker in a secret place
Marc was at a crossroads in his life. After the night at the high society party, he had discovered that moving in those circles was more difficult than he had thought. However, his ego was still bruised by Jhon and his family's contempt for him, and he was determined to prove that he could succeed without their help - he was determined to stop being the useless son-in-law.It was then that he met the mysterious and attractive woman named Isabella. She invited him to a private poker game at a secret location, and Marc, driven by the thrill of the challenge, accepted the offer.The secret location turned out to be a dark, smoky basement with a poker table in the center. There was a group of shady men sitting around the table, and when Marc entered, they all eyed him suspiciously.Isabella was sitting at the other end of the table, smoking a cigarette and looking at Marc with a seductive smile on her face. "I'm glad you came," she said. "Let's see if you can handle this."Marc took a sea
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Family Crossroads
After the events of the poker game, Marc was reading a book in his office when his phone rang. It was Jhon, his brother-in-law, asking for help with his business."Marc, I need your help," Jhon said, with an urgent tone in his voice."What's wrong, Jhon, is there a problem at your company?" asked Marc."Yes, we have a problem with one of our suppliers. We haven't received deliveries in the last few weeks, and we're behind on our orders," explained Jhon."I understand. What kind of help do you need?" asked Marc."I want you to review the contracts and communications with the supplier to see if we can resolve this problem," said Jhon.Marc knew it was a complicated job, but he also knew he could do it. However, something didn't add up for him in all of this. After the fight with his family, Jhon hadn't approached him or his wife. And now, suddenly, he needed their help. Marc suspected there was something else behind it all."Jhon, I'm not sure it's the best idea to help you with this. D
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