A single father with a system

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A single father with a system

By: Kentaro12100 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Robert Adams, a 25-year-old divorced man with a four-year-old daughter, will have to work in Chicago with his technological advance system in order to create the largest American technology company with which to give his daughter a decent life. However, his path will not be easy since many of his inventions will touch the markets established by the huge transnational companies in the country, so it will be a fight between the old and the technological advance brought by Robert.

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A light at the end of the tunnel
Robert Adams, a 25-year-old young man, was sitting in a chair while holding a letter from his lawyer, while he looked at her in silence, tears fell from his eyes, staining the page.However, it was at that moment that the door of her room opened and a little girl ran in with a drawing in her hand, the girl ignoring the strange state of mind of her father hugged his leg. "Dad!!, look at my drawing that I just made."The man wiped the tears from his face and after taking a deep breath showed a huge smile and carried his daughter before seeing the beautiful drawing of her daughter, where she could see the two of them in a small park."It's a beautiful drawing Lisa, but you already finished your homework. The teacher told me that you hadn't been paying much attention in your classes?" the man said as he stroked his daughter's hair.Lisa who was enjoying her father's affection hugged him and closed her eyes "I already did my homework.But... it's hard for me to keep my attention because I
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Problems at breakfast
After having reviewed the information in his mind, he decided to take a short break while he thought about how he had to work, however, Robert who was assimilating everything woke up when the door of his room opened and his little daughter ran in with a waffle stuffed animal in her hand. Lisa jumped on the bed and hugged her father "Dad!!, I'm hungry, what are we going to have for breakfast?"Seeing the tender gaze of his daughter, Robert kissed her on the forehead "Let's get ready because today we're going to have breakfast at your favorite waffle shop."Lisa widened her eyes with joy and raised her little hands as she spoke loudly holding her favorite stuffed animal "Did you hear that waffle prince, today we are going to have a waffle tower for breakfast in the waffle kingdom, we have to get ready!!."Without wasting time, Lisa left her father's room ready for her to change her clothes, Robert, seeing the action of her daughter, could only show a smile before checking the applicati
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Situation out of control
Robert hugged his daughter and walked slowly to a corner to cover his daughter, the thieves who were quite nervous did not say anything and walked towards the cashier.Who simply raised her hands while they pointed at her head. "Hand over the money from the register and I won't have to kill you, miss."The woman nodded trying to stay calm but the tremor in her hands showed that she was dying of fear, after opening the cash register she began to put the money in a paper bag that they gave her.Lisa who was trembling clung to her father like a little koala while Robert caressed her back "Don't worry about anything Lisa, dad is with you and everything will pass."Even though he said those words he knew that he was in danger if the thieves tried to do something so he closed his eyes and focused on his system to find something that could help him....Welcome Host 981d7 (Robert Adams) to the Technological Advancement System...…Missions (1)……Store……Inventory…The first thing he could see
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Waffle kingdom exit
The thief who was watching the young man leave the bathroom decided to walk towards the women's bathroom, when he tried to open the door he realized that it was closed so he started shooting with his weapon.Robert who was advancing through the ventilation tunnel could only try to move faster towards the exit, the thief who had shot at the door hit it with his foot but it refused to open.So the thief in a state of anger fired the entire magazine of his weapon on the door, although this lasted only a few seconds, it was enough for the door to give way and open.When the thief entered, he looked at the destroyed women's bathroom, however it was because he made a mess with his bullets that he did not notice the hole in the ceiling because his bullets had destroyed a large number of ceiling panels.From what he supposed that the missing panel was due to his shooting, what he did not know was that one of his bullets had perforated one of Robert's feet who, clenching his hands, endured the
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First system reward
In the afternoon in one of the hospital rooms, Robert met with his lawyer Duncan to discuss the creation of the company and the preparation of the patents.While they were talking at the entrance of the hospital, a muscular woman with blond hair with some graying entered the hospital waiting area, the receptionist who was talking on the phone.Was surprised to see such an extravagant woman so she gave him a smile "Good afternoon , ma'am, is there anything she can help you with?"The woman laughed at the receptionist's reaction, "I'm Alina Petrrrova, godmother of RRRoberrrt Adams, man who is hospitalized forrr gunshot vound frrrom vaffle kingdom disaster.I'd like to meet him."Hearing that, the receptionist was stunned for a moment before blinking and looking at her computer, "Although I wish I could tell you where Mr. Robert Adams is, we have orders from the FBI to avoid any meetings.If you want to meet his niece, you'll have to get a permit first."Alina showed a disappointment
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An extra reward
At night in the hospital Robert who was limiting sleeping with his daughter by his side decided to check his system because the name of Alina Petrova knew that he had seen it as a reward for his system....Welcome Host 981d7 (Robert Adams) to the Technological Advancement System...…Missions (1*)……Store……Companions (1)……Inventory…Opening the quests tab he could see the emergency quest update he had received.…Emergency Mission: A group of rookie thieves are robbing the waffle kingdom (Completed)……Survive the robbery to unlock the buddy system and get former KGB agent Alina Petrova as a bodyguard……Extra reward for rescuing Emily Jackson the bastard daughter of the governor of Ilinois: Inventory increase (Limited to only 50 items regardless of size), 3 x Level 1 Body Enhancement Injection (Restores the body to an optimal state and improves the body at the level of an Olympic athlete)…Robert was glad to see the injection however the first thing he wanted to check was if he could u
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Avoiding a problem in the future
Lisa and Alina's bodies began to tremble while Robert could feel a sensation of relief in his leg, all this lasted a few minutes which all three lost consciousness.The first to wake up was Alina who for the first time in years was able to feel her body completely again, with some disbelief she looked at her hands and could not see the scars on her arms.She opened and closed her hand as she could fully feel her tendons which had been damaged in her last mission, but what surprised her the most was the fact that she even she could feel something where her hand was. old kidney of hers had been."I feel like the missing ribs are now inside my body…"At that moment she stopped and understood the implications of the candy Robert had given her so she quickly took out her cell phone to make a few calls.A few hours later Robert opened his eyes and the first thing he felt was his body completely recovered from him along with the fact that he felt even stronger as if all his life he had been
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An aluminum battery and salt crystals
A few days later, in a room specially prepared by Alina, Robert closed the plastic casing of his battery and placed it in a small police car for children, after which he called his daughter.Lisa who was playing with her Babushka was glad for her when she heard her father so she got up from the carpet and leaving her toys she ran to where her father was.When she got there she looked at her police car that her father had given her so she ran towards him and trembling with happiness she looked at her father "Dad, I can get in my little police car!"Robert nodded but not before putting a small helmet on Lisa, after her they went out to the patio and he put her in the police car and put the seat belt on her "Remember to only drive through the area marked as Babushka has been training you."Lisa nodded and began to drive her little police car, at first it was driving slowly but it began to accelerate until it reached 20 km, which was the limit established by Robert since in theory with th
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First purchase in the system store
...Welcome Host 981d7 (Robert Adams) to the Technological Advancement System...…Missions……Shop (5)……Companions……Inventory…Robert, when looking at his system, realized that he had some options in the store tab, so he decided to enter and see the new options that he had.…Random lottery ticket (No purchase limit) (For initial purchase, luck will increase by 90%) ($10,000)...…Cryogenic capsule blueprint (1)($50,000,000)...…Bioplastic blueprint (1)($100,000,000)...…Cancer cure recipe (1)(1,000,000,000,000)...…Random learning pill (No purchase limit)(Initial purchase will increase luck by 90%) ($15,000)...When looking at the different options he could only feel helpless with some such as the cryogenic capsule or the cure for cancer, however, due to the inheritance in the form of trust from his grandfather he could buy 5 random lottery tickets and 5 random learning pills.Although she could only make that extra expense each month because she had to save money and had other expense
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The start of a problem
A month later Robert was inside his factory looking at the new machines and newly hired workers, all of whom were working to begin manufacturing the first batch of aluminum batteries and salt crystals.Walking through the factory he did not interrupt the work of his employees as he had to go to his laboratory to finish his new invention.Upon arriving at the door of his laboratory, he met a soldier who was guarding the door, after greeting him, he took out his magnetic card and when he entered, he walked to his work table where he was working on his next product from his company.Which was the water gun that could generate water using the humidity of the air, although it had been perhaps the easiest prize that he had won in the purchase of plans, it was the one that could have the least problems.I sensed this after looking at things coldly, the laser gun could cause an arms race while the hydrogen engine could create problems with long-established companies.The titanium resistance p
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