Urban Arcanum: Legendary Quest of the System Warrior

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Urban Arcanum: Legendary Quest of the System Warrior

By: Tony Were OngoingSystem

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Burdened by poverty, Keagan Thompson's life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers the Veilwalker System, a hidden realm of power and opportunity. Chosen as its host, he gains unimaginable riches. With newfound wealth, Keagan embarks on a quest to become the number one hero. But the path to greatness is riddled with challenges. He faces formidable opponents, navigates treacherous alliances, and confronts his inner demons. As Keagan delves deeper into the world of heroes, he realizes the System's generosity has a price. Fame, wealth, and morality intertwine, forcing him to make difficult choices that test his integrity. Joined by diverse allies, Keagan's journey transcends physical strength. He hones his skills, forges unbreakable bonds, and discovers the true meaning of heroism. Thrilling battles, sacrifices, and unexpected twists abound as Keagan strives to claim the title of the number one hero. Can he navigate temptations and stay true to his values? Prepare for a captivating journey where dreams collide with reality and the definition of heroism is tested. Will Keagan rise above the challenges and fulfill his destiny?

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Chapter 1
Keagan stood amidst the dimly lit records office, lost in a daydream as he mechanically cleaned the shelves that housed countless paper files. It was a monotonous task, one that gave him plenty of time to retreat into his thoughts and escape the harsh realities of his life.As he wiped away the dust, the sound of approaching footsteps jolted him back to reality. His heart sank as he recognized the familiar voices of his tormentors – Marcus, the arrogant supervisor, and his lackeys, Todd and Kyle. These individuals took every opportunity to make Keagan's life miserable within the confines of the company walls.They sauntered into the room, their presence suffocating, their laughter dripping with malice. Marcus, a tall and imposing figure with a sneering expression, directed his gaze toward Keagan and said, "Looks like we've found our little janitor slacking off again. Maybe he needs a reminder of his place."Todd and Kyle snickered, joining in the mockery. Todd, a stocky guy with a cre
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Chapter 2
The voice faded away. At that moment, reality crashed back into his consciousness, reminding him of the impending doom he had narrowly escaped. The blaring horn of the approaching train pierced his ears, blending with the terrified screams of the onlookers who had gathered around the train tracks, anticipating a gruesome end. Instinctively, Keagan raised his arm to shield his face, bracing himself for the impact he desperately hoped to avoid.But then, something extraordinary happened.A blinding explosion of light erupted from within him, engulfing his surroundings and momentarily blurring his vision. The brilliance of the light-shielded him from the oncoming train as if a protective barrier had been erected in an instant. Simultaneously, a powerful buzzing sound filled the air, akin to the sizzle of live wires coming into contact and releasing a surge of electric energy. The buzzing grew louder, reaching an almost deafening pitch.BZZZ! BZZZ!Suddenly, Keagan found himself hurtling
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Chapter 3
Keagan stood in front of the worn-out door of the run-down building, his heart pounding with excitement. He hadn't seen his younger brother, Josh, happy in a long time and today he planned to make it happen. He raised his hand and knocked on the door, eagerly awaiting Josh's reaction.The door creaked open, revealing Josh's tired face. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw Keagan standing there, a bright smile illuminating his face."Keagan?" Josh asked, his voice filled with drowsiness."Hey little bro," Keagan replied. Tension built up as Keagan stood face to face with Josh who had no clue what was going on. Keagan finally pointed to the end of the house, and tucked underneath an overgrown bush stood a shiny new bicycle, its vibrant colors contrasting with the dull surroundings. "Happy birthday, Josh! I know it's a little late for that but a promise is a promise"Josh's eyes lit up as he beheld the beautiful gift. He couldn't believe it. Being homeless had made it difficult for the
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Chapter 4
Keagan bid farewell to the suffocating confines of his former workplace. With resolute determination, he implored the enigmatic System to guide him to where he was to go next."Hello, system?""Yes, how can I be of service?""You said my task was to begin in 4 hours' time and I had to prepare, so where do heroes prepare for these kinds of tasks.""Certainly, I can guide you,"The augmented materialized in front of him, he walked up to the park benches to have a better look at the interface."Navigate through the central hub and select weaponry and equipment, there you will have the option to visit the Hero central hub to purchase and upgrade your items. As you can see as of now you have 0 items. Once you click on one of the shops you will be transported there to make your purchase,""Wow, this is like one of those fantasy games I used to play while I was a kid," Keagan told himself as he selected the nearest shop closest to him.Through an ethereal doorway that materialized before his
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Chapter 5
As the sun began its descent, casting long shadows across the city, Emberlyn and Keagan made their way to the designated meeting point for their night patrol. The air crackled with anticipation as they joined the other squad of C-class heroes awaiting their orders.Keagan and Emberlyn reported to their patrol, they found themselves surrounded by a diverse group of C-class heroes. Among them were Dante, a brooding and mysterious guy with a dark aura, and Lily, an outgoing and affectionate girl who seemed to light up the room. They also encountered two goofy brothers, who brought a sense of lightheartedness to the team. Leading the group was their mentor, a retired B-class hero who had taken on the role for the sake of the pay, preferring to continue working rather than living in a retirement home.Dante and Lily shared an unorthodox romantic relationship, a pairing that seemed unlikely at first glance. While Dante emanated an aura of darkness and brooding intensity, Lily was a beacon o
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Chapter 6
"We're on the way," Emberlyn replied, her voice filled with determination. She shot a glance at Keagan, a spark of excitement in her eyes. "Are you ready?"Keagan nodded eagerly, adrenaline coursing through his veins. They dashed through the city streets with lightning speed, their footsteps echoing in sync. Keagan was surprised at the speed he was moving in, he had never experienced such a rush. He was shocked at how he could keep up with Emberyn who slithered and catapulted herself across rails and roofs. Sector 7 was just a stone's throw away, and anticipation built up within them as they approached their destination.Emberlyn led the way, her movements fluid and confident. She navigated the urban landscape effortlessly, her lithe figure a testament to her combat training. Keagan couldn't help but be awestruck by her prowess. This was someone who had been honed for battle.As they turned a corner into a quiet neighborhood, their eyes fell upon a figure perched on a rooftop. He stoo
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Chapter 7
Keagan's instincts kicked in, and he swiftly activated a hidden gadget within his suit. Brilliant beams of light erupted from his armor, piercing through the suffocating darkness that had ensnared them. As the shadows weakened their grip, Keagan and Emberlyn seized the opportunity to break free.In the midst of their escape, both of them couldn't help but notice the subtle enhancements in Keagan's suit. New mechanisms glimmered, indicating upgrades he had acquired. Emberlyn's curiosity flickered briefly, but the urgency of their mission pulled her focus back to the looming threat before them.A surge of courage washed over her, an indomitable will that seemed to emanate from deep within her being. Unbeknownst to her, it was one of the newfound skills Keagan had acquired, the ability to inspire his allies in battle. She couldn't comprehend the source of her sudden empowerment, but she embraced it wholeheartedly.Keagan's voice resonated with newfound authority as he addressed Emberlyn,
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Chapter 8
As the battle came to an end, the atmosphere calmed, and the augmented reality display within their suits illuminated once more. The system's voice reverberated through Keagan's consciousness, congratulating him on successfully completing his daily tasks and vanquishing the infamous-ranked villain. A sense of accomplishment surged within him."Congratulations, Keagan," the system's voice chimed. "For your triumph over the infamous-ranked villain, you are rewarded with 20 skill points. You can use these skill points to boost your attributes to level up your rank "Keagan's HUD displayed an increment in his skill points. He stood in awe as the system's voice resonated in his ears. "Congratulations, Keagan," the system spoke, "For your exceptional performance in battle.". After it spoke, the familiar ring of the notification alert sounded, and a circular icon appeared on the edge of the display. Keagan waved his hand over it and a new option appeared; Artifacts.The menu dropped down, re
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Chapter 9
Keagan returned to the park, the same spot where the mystical door had transported him to the other realm. A surge of questions flooded his mind, compelling him to seek answers from the system. With a quick summon, he initiated a rapid-fire session of inquiry."Hey system, did all that really happen? Did I actually defeat a villain?" he asked, his voice filled with both excitement and disbelief.The system responded in its convincingly human-like robotic voice, "Yes, all your actions have been recorded in your activity report, accessible at any time."A sense of satisfaction washed over Keagan. However, he couldn't help but notice that not much time had passed in the real world. It was only a two-hour difference from when he left in the evening to now, even though it felt like he had spent an entire night in the other world. Perplexed, he decided not to dwell on it for now, as a jumble of emotions overwhelmed him.Some passersby cast curious glances at him, seemingly talking to himsel
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10Keagan turned the key in the motel room door, which creaked open, and Josh burst into the room, leaping onto the bed with boundless energy. The mattress sank under his weight as if embracing his vibrant spirit. Keagan followed closely behind, feeling the exhaustion seep into his bones. It was almost 11 p.m., and he hadn't experienced a proper sleep session in what felt like forever. Although his body had fully recovered from the injuries, thanks to his exceptional healing factor acquired from the system, it still needed time to recharge after expending its entire energy reserves. Keagan knew that once he touched the bed, it would be lights out for him. But before he succumbed to sleep, he wanted to share the good news with his brother about his plans for resuming his education.Taking a deep breath, Keagan sat down on the edge of the bed, facing Josh, who was eagerly awaiting his brother's attention. He looked into Josh's eyes, searching for a glimmer of hope and excitement
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