The Record of The Journey to The Peak

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The Record of The Journey to The Peak

By: Fiction Stars OngoingSystem

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A Gaming legend dies and reincarnates as A NPC who doesn't have control over his own Body. His fate changes by the Mysterious System's appearance, which helps him to reach the Peak when he dies as an NPC.

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Year 90XXThe sudden appearance of the never seen phenomenon called ‘Mana’ transformed ordinary people into Supernatural beings that could do impossible things such as, create something from nothing, read minds, etc, and also resulted in the creation of things that could increase their power. This later became famously known as cultivation. In the Golden Era of cultivation, something unexpected happened; it was the popularity of a brand new VRMMO Game “The Gate”A Game that became famous in a world of magic and cultivation.Something nobody could predict had happenedThis Game got the investment and support of the Hidden Big tycoons worldwide. The 1st successful Game in which Game Currency could be converted to Real Money and vice versa.This Game resulted in nobodies becoming millionaires in one night! 5 years after it started a player came to the world and turned the world upside down. The Player’s name was “The Legendary Ark“ whose identity was unknown. His gaming skills were top
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Chapter 1- Initializing Kronos
Detected death of Entity “Player”][Detected Abnormality: Dead Player’s Conscience detected][Repairing][Failed][Repairing][Failed][Checking solutions…][Solution Found-Conversation of entity][Reconstruction in progress][Success][Converted Entity “Player_Conscience” to Entity “NPC”]……Gerald’s POV‘I woke up while hearing several notifications in my mind. Then I remembered that James lied to me … Wait! Did not I feel a pain in my chest and where am I? Did I die and get isekaied? Let me move my body and see this new environment. Wait... Waitttttttttt! I cannot move!!! But I can still see the game log. Let me check it to see what happened.’ I thoughtGame Log……[Detected death of Entity “Player”][Detected Abnormality: Dead Player’s Conscience detected][Repairing][Failed][Repairing][Failed][Checking solutions…][Solution Found-Conversation of entity][Reconstruction in progress][Success][Converted Entity “Player_Conscience” to Entity “NPC”]…… A few moments of shock
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Chapter 2- Completing 1st mission and 3rd death
The darkness disappeared as I found myself back at the place where I died but this time something was different.’“Why am I back in this place” I exclaimed as he found himself standing in the village he died in“Wait a sec… Did I just speak?”“I did it! I can move my body! And speak!”I was shocked to realize that I had control of my own body but I thought ‘how is it possible?’[Nothing is impossible. The time has been reversed to 1 day before the host’s previous death so that a mission can be given][Ding… The first mission has been assigned to the host’s soul][Mission: Kill the player that killed you the last time][Reward: Regain host’s real body][Punishment for Failure: Host will never get his real body back][Mission Time Limit: 2 days]“How can I defeat that bulky guy, Kronos? You make it sound so simple”[Strength does not always win, Host]I thought ‘Right if muscles do not work then I have to use my brain. I must find a way to kill that player within a day. I could trick h
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Chapter 3- Monetary Need and Golden Dragon Café
[Ding…. Mission completed successfully][Ding…. Mission reward allocated][Ding…. Time reversed successfully]I woke up tired and noticed I was back in my home and I shouted “Hip Hip Hurray!”Then I heard a voice saying “Brother, what’s the happy news today” and when the owner of the voice came near me, I was shocked since it was my sister who should be in china studying at a university using a scholarship. I thought asked her “what year is it today” and when she replied with a slight look of hesitation and surprise, I was shocked since I had come back a whole 5 yrs back in time. My sister Alice asked me “So, what’s the good news, and why are you asking me the year today.” I made up an excuse quickly and said “Oh, just a happy dream that I had” “Oh okay”I quickly went out of the house and checked the date and month on my old button phone. I thought ‘I remembered clearly that it was the 20th of December when The GATE pods were released to be purchased by the public and today was the 15
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Chapter 4- Buying the Game Pod
In a few minutes, I reached Golden Dragon Café and saw my friend’s car without change parked with a crowd around it. When I went to the café I saw tom waiting near the entrance. I called him by shouting “Tom, I am here. How long have you been waiting.”“Not long actually, I cannot believe you’ve changed so much. What have you been eating these days, you’ve become so thin. You are no longer the handsome Gerald of our university.” Tom said. His words made me remember how we had to go from 3 rich meals to 2 middle-class meals to save money.“It’s nothing much to talk about, come let’s go in” I replied while smoothly dodging his question. We both went into the VIP room booked by tom.“So what did you need the 5 million for? You should not have so many expenses right” Tom questioned. I knew he would ask me this question after I came to the café.“I needed it for an important investment of mine” I replied immediately. So after successfully convincing tom why I needed 5 million, we both had
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Chapter 5- Heaven Defying Void Cultivation Manual
According to the information I received The GATE was not just a game that a genius was able to make due to a sudden burst of inspiration but another planet in another universe that was accessed by the game pod which created a replica of the person in it, so the actual person would not die but a small fraction of his conscience which operates the replica might get destroyed.This was quite shocking to me who thought the world was artificially constructed. No wonder it felt so realistic and you could feel all 5 senses.[Do you want to activate your random rare cultivation lottery, a piece of advice from Kronos would be to activate the lottery in a private place free of people.]With this influx of information, I almost forgot about the cultivation manual. I thought ‘I better run home quickly since it’s not far from here.’A few minutes later ‘Kronos activate the lottery.’[Spinning lottery wheel]In my mind ‘I saw a large lottery wheel
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Chapter 6 Heaven-Defying Luck
[Servers opened][Retina Scan in progress][Retina Scan not recorded in Kronos][Creating a new account in the Database][Successfully registered User’s retina][Please enter your username]I decided in my mind ‘to use my previous embarrassing name that would once again shake the world of The GATE.’‘The Legendary Ark’[Successfully registered Username- “The Legendary Ark”][Detected that User is the 1st player to log in to The GATE][Assigning rewards given to the 1st of the 1st 10 players to log in]‘So there are rewards given to the top 10 to log in to the game.’[Allocating 20 status points][Giving Random Rare Bronze Rank Equipments][Giving skill “Analysis (lower rank [upgradable})”][Random Rare job generating][Congrats on obtaining the Rare Unique job Wise Sage][Random Rare Race generating][Congrats on obtaining the Rare Legendary Race Primordial Dragon]I was shocked by the rewards given by Rachel. ‘Normally when you create a character you get normal Equipment.’(Classific
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Chapter 7- Completing 1st Adventure Quest
At the palaceGrace’s PovI asked for an audience with the king and was immediately granted it after my identity as the personal maid of the crown prince was revealed. I entered passing the guards and entering the king’s courtroom.The king asked me “ Grace what is the important matter that requires such an urgent impromptu audience with me” I bowed and replied to his majesty “Your highness the young master had taken one of the incognito dresses that he owns and I suspect that he might be heading to town in disguise.”I noticed the king frown and say “This is a state matter that requires the utmost confidential seal. This must not be leaked for any reason to our enemies. Inform the ninja squid to investigate and look after Richard. Under no reason should he return hurt”Gerald/Richard’s Pov After asking the directions to the adventurer guild, I found the large adventure guild building and entered it noticing so many people drinking alcohol. I went near the lady
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Chapter 8 - Sebastian
I had somehow managed to explain that it was not a skill but a magic that I had learned from a person. They did not seem to believe me but they nodded. The receptionist said to me “Congrats on completing your 1st adventurer mission. The reward from the mission is 10 gold and the money that you will get for selling a rabbit’s meat is 5 silver coins rabbit’s horn is 10 silver coins. The total price from the loot is 15 gold coins. Here are the 25 gold coins.”I nodded and took the gold coins from the receptionist.[Ding… Mission complete successfully][Allocating Adventurer skills and information]I was once again flooded with information due to the power of the information entering my brain being too powerful. If I compared the previous knowledge I received from Kronos to the current flow of information it would be comparing an ant bite to a flood. I almost fainted but managed to keep my conscience since the receptionist was starting to stare at me.[Allocation of Adventurer skills and i
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Chapter 9- Magic Dragon Academy
There were 10 continents and it seems when I get the knowledge of a continent it would be counted as 10% being completed. The Extra 1% was due to me knowing some things about the history and future of the Human Continent due to spawning in it as my race was human then. Now for me to complete the mission I must find Books about the history of the other continents but it would most probably be tough since they too would be in the royal libraries.After looking out the window I noticed that it was evening. I had eaten lunch before coming to the palace but I was still hungry, so I went to the palace’s dining hall and hall my dinner. After filling my stomach, I went to bed and went for a deep sleep.The next DayI was once again got dressed by Grace but this time in a School Dress. I bid farewell to the members in the Palace and was told by the king that there was no need to go for the test since I would attract too much attention due to my strength and went near the school bus stand since
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