I Became A Vampire Once Again

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I Became A Vampire Once Again

By: CSManga OngoingSystem

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Xin, a poor orphan who has been Imprisoned inside a witch prison, only to be freed on the chaos day when he turns into a deadly Vampiric Creature and later turn back to his human form, as a boy back into the witch's prison. Actually, he wasn't a boy anymore because the witch had finally turned Xin into a Vampire, it seems like whatever she was experimenting had been Successful. Now I present to you, Xin, the last and most powerful vampire left roaming the world causing chaos and destruction across the human land. But, instead of the witch to be happy with her creation, she was rather sad. Humans were dying in seconds by Vampire Xin, and they all were weak against him. When all hope is lost the human race call upon their last hope by offering sacrifices to the witch to take down the Vampire. Unable to destroy the vampire she created, the witch uses the last and least of her power to cast a powerful spell on Xin. Xin has not been defeated but has now been reborn as a normal human. How will Xin live his life now as a human who he had during his experience as a vampire, despised and saw as weak? He saw his past human body as a piece of paper and never wished to be human again. His anger was furrowed on humans anytime he saw any of them. But how will he start again as a human?

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Chapter One: Xin
I never thought the witch would betray me to this extent. She made it seem like the humans have succeeded in defeating me.I…the only Great Vampire in existence.After the battle I only had with them for a thousand years, they finally succeeded due to the witch interfering.That witch…why did she betray me? why did she kill what she created.Was she that stronger than I that I couldn't do any harm to her?I couldn't remember all what had happened before my death. I guess I've aged a lot. I remember the humans were always out to get me and I will retaliate by killing them and sucking their life forces. Anytime any of them spots me, they would come and attack me for no reason.They chased and chased my vampire armies also.They killed my friends, my family, everyone I loved until I was the only one left. With nothing and no one left, I could only return the favour of death back to them.An eye for an eye as th
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Chapter two: Strange Occurrence
 A few months had now passed since Xin entered his new human body. He's getting adapted to his environment and his knowledge had improved faster than his parents had expected. In fact, he now even knew of his parents' name! Something he thought he would have never bothered to do. He realized that it would be difficult to call them female human and male human. As in the town, there were many male and female humans. His mother was named Jean Luck while his father had the name Tony Luck. And both of them named their new born baby, Xin Luck. It was a wonder how they named Xin his former name. But on the naming day, they had given Xin a reason why they named him that name. Claiming that because he was special, he would be named Xin.Although he didn't count it as a candid reason as he wasn't paying attention to what his parents were saying. He was instead bothered by the small and weak body that he had.But, something seemed so strange. Although he d
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Chapter three: obtaining the system.
 It was during the closing hours, Xin who had managed to reach his final years was busy walking down the school corridor. "Crazy Orphan!" A boy shouted as he walked past Xin. He had a spiky green hair which looks rough and unbefitting for the shape of his oval head. He was walking past Xin but not without pushing him off to the side.Xin was angered by this but he carried on walking down the school corridor. He didn't know why they are calling him an orphan when his parents were still alive. It's just because his parents where faraway on a special mission. He still held onto what his mother said that he shouldn't have any revenge yet. But with how these kid humans were acting to him, his anxiety to have revenge had not just increased but he now have everyone as his enemy. Both the young and old. Humans will be humans.He was bullied everyday by almost everyone in the school but they all knew he won't just let it slide without retaliating back.Read more
Chapter Four: Daily Quest
Gradually, Xin's eyelids started to open and his vision soon returned. Although, his head were throbbing in pain due to how he had fell unconsciously to the ground. As he lifted himself off the ground, he touched his head to see if he had gotten any injuries but luckily, there were no visible wounds only the internal ones. After seeing that his head was okay even though he's having a slight headache, Xin checked his hand and saw that it had all been healed. Xin was still wondering what was happening. What type of miracle happened that made the Brentons to treat his wound. He thought that perhaps it was the Brentons that helped him clean the wound on his hands but something else is telling him that it is not the Brenton's doing. It was at the last moment that Xin remembered something. Xin then went to pick up the suitcase that was thrown on the floor not too far from where he is. He opened the suitcase only to see that the book was gone."What?! But where did it go?!" Xin screamed l
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Chapter Five: Military Academy
Due to the War between Humans and the Aliens, every person when they reached the age of 15 and 16 was required to go to an ability school for three years. Even though Humans and Aliens were at a peaceful period, everyone knew that it wouldn't last forever. In every three years, a selected few would be taken from the military academy to head for war. Once they are gone, not all make it back alive. Actually, there was a secret the military are keeping from everyone but according to a saying "The truth will finally be revealed."Every day there was news of Aliens, antagonizing the human world and war felt like it could start again at any moment. In terms of technology, these aliens were more advanced than humans, in terms of weapons, they had the best of the best weapons. Actually, they make weapons out of their bodies. And that alone could make them strong against any human opponent. Meaning humans can't defeat them easily due to the weapon like body they possess.
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Chapter Six: Ganging up against Xin
Xin and Roselle had started their tour from their dorm building and next they went to a battle arena, where they had testing equipment, that determines the amount of strength, agility, speed, and durability one have. Also, there are several square fighting platforms that could be used in fighting during competition or wrestling. As they moved from building to building, the Hornotriks would always notify them of the name of every building they come across. They also went to their homeroom classes, battle classes, sports rooms, and all sorts of facilities. The Hornotriks also did its best to provide a tiny bit of explanation about each area of the school where they visited. Afterwards, they got to the library building and the Hornotriks like always provided them the details. < The library is split into four floors. First-year students are only able to access the first floor; while, the second-year students can access the second floor; and the third year stu
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