The Hidden Heir

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The Hidden Heir

By: ARIA STERLING CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In a society where you’re judged by what you wear and respected by what you have in your bank account. Ryan Martins, a delivery man, was disgraced and rejected publicly by his girlfriend because of his financial status. His rejection turned into a reconnection with his real identity as the heir of the almighty Regal Haven Hotel. But, then, there were obstructions in his journey. However, his system delivered a task that seemed to be the stepping stone for him. Will Ryan attain his position as a billionaire? Will he use his influence to make or mar his oppressors? What route will Ryan’s life take?

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  • Andy


    Interesting indeed...... Wish I can rate it more than 5 Waiting for more episodes

    2023-11-15 02:10:17
  • Tugbiyele Omowumi


    This is very interesting. I got hooked from the first Chapter. I do not even really read books like that, I just bumped into this and I really love it. I should read more from this author. Somehow, I love Smith ... call me weirdo

    2023-11-04 02:51:40
  • Gladyss Gladys


    , what of Turner? Where’s he? I can’t even tell if he hates or wants to help Ryan. That guy should not trust any of them seriously.

    2023-10-20 10:18:20
  • Gladyss Gladys


    Ryan. I still do not understand how Ryan escaped!!! ... was it his dead father that came to him? Uhmm

    2023-10-20 10:10:52
  • Nathan Manuel


    Fantastic! This is a very interesting story, I can't wait to read more episodes

    2023-10-18 10:53:38
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168 chapters
“You bastard! You should know whom you deal with.” “Shoot him.”“In your next life, you will never dare to get what is bigger than you.”“Say hello to my grandfather.” The gunshot echoed and blood splattered on little Ryan, who was standing next to his father. They had been attacked by unknown assailants at night on their way home. “His son is here!”“You reap what your father sow”“Take him.”“Please don’t shoot me.” Little Ryan begged, tears rolling down his cheek. “Pull the trigger damn! He’s a chicken with little life.”“Let's spare his life. His f**lish father trying to do beyond himself is the victim and he’s gone. Spare the little one.”He was thrown out of the car, he hit his head on the stone. His world flashed and stopped. The next thing he knew was that he opened his eyes to meet two elderly women standing beside him.
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Chapter One
“I didn’t tell that puppet I’ll be here.” “I only wondered what he’s feeling like. Like he already has you. He isn’t worth a pair of your shoes.”“He’s such a loser.”The voices echoed from a room at the club. Ryan could identify the voices, it was Jessica, his two-year-old girlfriend, and her friends, Emily and Rashy.”“You should enjoy your life, Jessica. That man definitely isn't worth you and that’s the gospel truth.”Ryan could recognize who owned that voice, that particular voice was from Emily. The cell phone in his hand vibrated. He checked and saw another message from their friend group chats“We’re in the closet room to the club room, in case anyone is coming again! It’s a blast here! Jessica is flexing and enjoying her life.”Jessica had left the phone with Ryan in the evening. He was able to trace her location from the messages sent to the phone. It was Jessica's birthday, and she had told Ryan she wasn’t celebrating it but now, the contrary is the case. Ryan had taken
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Chapter Two
“He probably wants to kill him in private,” Rashy whispered to Jessica. They stood still and were surprised at the sudden request from Turner. Ryan stood there, his heart pounding in his chest. “Come with me,” Turner instructed Ryan as he made his way out of the club room. With anxiety and curiosity, Ryan followed Turner through the crowded club. Turner wasted no time. “Where did you get that wristwatch?” he asked, his eyes locked onto the timepiece as if it held the answers to a mystery.Ryan, still reeling from the events of the night, managed to find his voice. “It was a gift,” he replied, his tone wary. “I’ve had it for a long time.”Ryan could sense that Turner was expecting more answers from him judging from the ‘continue’ look on his face. “It was a gift from my father,” he continued, his tone wary. “He gave it to me before… before he passed away. It used to be his favorite and he transferred it to me a few hours before he died.”Turner’s gaze intensified, and he reached
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Chapter Three
He quickly typed a response, demanding to know who was sending such cryptic messages, but received no reply. There was no response. Turner had just advised him to stay lowkey, and here there’s someone who seemed to know something. The night was silent as he stepped into his modest apartment. Ryan’s phone buzzed again, startling him. It was Turner's number. He answered the call, his voice slightly shaky."Ryan, I know this is overwhelming," Turner began, his voice steady and reassuring. "But you must stay vigilant. The shadows of the past have a way of resurfacing at unexpected times."Ryan listened intently, his grip tightening on the phone. He felt a strange feeling of fear and determination, like a fire burning in his belly. "Be cautious," Turner continued. "There are those who would stop at nothing to keep the secrets buried. Trust no one completely until you're certain of their intentions."A chill ran down Ryan's spine at the gravity of Turner's words. “Someone messaged me.”
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Chapter Four
"I'm here to see Mr. Turner Wood," Ryan informed the receptionist at the Regal Hotel."Do you have an appointment, Mr...?" the receptionist inquired."Ryan Martin," Ryan provided. "Yes, I have an appointment."The receptionist clicked on the computer in front of him to check.“I’m sorry, Mr. Ryan, but you don’t have an appointment with Mr. Wood, the General Manager,” the receptionist informed.The mention of Turner’s position made Ryan experience satisfaction, knowing he was about to be in the same position as Turner.He had hoped to see Emily, Rashy, Walter, and Jessica because they work there but he couldn’t even see their traces. “However, Mr. Ryan. The General Manager had previously informed me about your arrival and here is the list of available positions for intakes,” the receptionist said, pointing to the list.Ryan collected the list with a cheerful demeanor, but his smile vanished as he scanned through the available positions, all of which were menial jobs.His smile faded w
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Chapter Five
“Yes baby, quicker.”“Just that spot. Hit it.”“Fuck!! Damn! I love that.”“Uhn huhn.”and that particular moan sent shivers down Ryan’s spine. It was a sound he recognized but didn’t want to accept.He cautiously stepped closer, pressing his ears against the door, listening intently to confirm what he dreaded might be true.“Oh fuck,” The sounds of heavy breathing and panting filled the air, causing Ryan’s heart to race. He strained his ears, trying to identify the owner of that voice, desperately hoping he was mistaken.A tense pause hung in the air, making his anxiety intensify. “I want you to stroke yourself like you were doing the day I was watching you, except this time, I want it to be while you’re looking at me.” The macular voice echoed from the restroom. A few seconds later, the suspense hung in the air. Ryan waited, his nerves on edge, ready for whatever sound would come next.“Tell me you want me to fuck you, say it, Jessica.” Right! It was Jessica. His ears hadn’t dec
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Chapter Six
“Look who we have here.” The security guard from the bank teased Ryan who was standing to enter the bank. Ryan had wrestled with a thunderstorm of emotions as he considered meeting Turner at the abandoned warehouse near the outskirts. Every bit of his being urged him to uncover the truth, to avenge his father’s unjust demise. Yet, there was a whisper of caution in his ear, reminding him of the danger that lurked in the shadows.He had recalled the cheque Smith had handed him, a ticket to a new beginning, far away from the cobwebs of Regal Haven Hotel. He was ready for the new life. “I’m not here for your problems today. I have a lot going on in my life already. Just let me in the bank and do whatever I want to do.” Ryan restored. It was the bank where he does their delivery when he still works at the delivery place. The security guard opened the door for him, “You’ve been fired from your workplace right? Better don’t end up begging around the street.”"We didn't order anything,
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Chapter Seven
"No, I swear, I didn't forge this," Ryan pleaded, his confusion growing."Has it truly come to this for a pauper like you?" Ella taunted."Leave this bank immediately before I call the police and have you charged for fraud, you fraudster!" she added.Ryan stared at the cheque, thousands of emotions crashing within him—confusion, sadness, and a deep sense of hurt.He walked out of the hotel. “Spend your $10 well.” The security guard mocked. He ignored him and he started to wonder why Smith had done something like that. “Was he trying to deceive me? Or set me up for fraud and have me rot in jail? Why? What have I done to deserve that cruel treatment?”His mind raced with these questions. Smith had set him up for fraud, Turner had lied to him, and this situation has left him in a state of disbelief. Whom could he trust now? Is he safe? Thank his goodness for not going to meet Turner, he would have probably been a dead man by now. As Ryan's mind raced with confusion and questions, h
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Chapter Eight
He heard a low, sinister chuckle, freezing him in his tracks. The temperature in the room plummeted. The door swung open revealing a familiar figure- Roberts. Roberts stepped inside, shutting the door behind him while giving Ryan a dagger look, his malevolent grin sending shivers down Ryan's spine. “I-I-I know you.” Ryan stammered. Roberts nodded. “A lot of people know me.”It was Roberts, one of the executives at Regal. A very close friend of Smith. Well, they are all close friends. He moved closer to Ryan, and Ryan began to go slowly to the back maintaining eye contact with Robert. He got to the wall and could not move anymore. He was scared and began to shake. Fear gripped him. His head was storming off the possible escape route, but he wasn’t familiar with the room. There was an uncomfortable silence between them. The world seemed to stop at Ryan. His life seemed to have flashed in his eyes. "Well, you should've known better, Ryan," Roberts sneered, his voice dripping w
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The room was dimly lit, casting long shadows that made it feel as if the very air held tension. Mr. Smith was growing visibly frustrated. He had gathered his most trusted henchmen, essential pieces in the dangerous game they played, when their call seemed to take forever, it made him very uncomfortable. The leader of this tough gang, with a face showing deep frustration, allowed his annoyance to fill the room. He kept walking back and forth, his impatience was clear from his restless movements, and his fingers drummed on the table. He said, "fuck! How could we have lost him." His voice was full of irritation and pain. As he voiced his disappointment, his gang members exchanged worried glances, sharing the unease their leader felt. They weren't used to failing, and their mission was so close to being successful. They started to talk about how they had almost captured Ryan, the person they were after. Their initial confidence had now faded due to the strange turn of events. One gan
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