Valour In Brotherhood

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Valour In Brotherhood

By: Swirling inc OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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In a world where power means you’re either born a noble or with the unique human abilities known as mana, but Elias was born with non of those, and yet fate strangely instilled in him the valour of a king.

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Chapter 1, City Rose.
Empire voltrose is one of worlds leading powers, grand and ancient, powerful in its military and magical attainments and its capital city Rose has stood for over a thousand years, the blocks used to build the cities magnificent architecture stands proudly as a testament to its long standing history. The city looks incredibly identically to 18th to 19th century Europe. Same with the dressing of the passing peasants. The whether in city Rose never changes, always dark, gloomy and wet, “And want to know something else that never changes, it’s the bra size of our very favorite waitress Angel ahhhhhh,” The perverted young man screamed in horror as he was flung from his sit all the way to the entrance of the broken down tavern. Everyone glanced at him before looking back at the valiant warrior that flung the rascal like a sack of cotton and suppringly it was a woman, a perfectly well proportioned waitress in a short dress. “Good throw!!!”. The crowd praised unanimously.Angel huffed wit
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Chapter 2, Commander Erika.
Within the commoner region of city rose the endless shower never seem to cease, making the streets desolate of human presence. but nevertheless as the cry of the early morning rooster pierced through the dark clouds the people of city rose finally began to go about their daily lives.A crack of lightning could be heard as the pouring shower became a drizzle, but this sound didn’t come from the sky but from a particular house in the neighbourhood, everyone around the area were already used to it so they only sighed and thought to them selves.”Here we go again”.Elias burst through the door of the house quickly followed by yellow lightning, “get back here Elias”. The voice of an angry woman could be heard all the way to city gates with the guards themselves smiling wearily after realising who it was.Angel jumped down from the stairway with a flip, accompanied by charging electric currents, she punched towards the door at Elias.Elias’s hairs stood on end as he felt an electric chill run
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Chapter 3, Not a Gentleman.
Elias lent a hand to the cloaked individual, He noticed that the person doesn’t seem to be that older than him or possibly even younger.“You alright bro, didn’t hurt you did I”. Elias subconsciously spoke softly as he felt the innate and physical weakness of the person he was grasping ahold of.“Hmm Hmm”. The person responded, clearly still not fully recovered from the concussion.They looked deeply at Elias’s pure clear eyes, his silky black hair and well defined features, the person was incredibly handsome even as a fourteen or thirteen year old.“Oh no”. They suddenly jerked, grasping Elias’s arm and attempting to continue running, it was like they were afraid someone will come kidnap them.But how can they possibly pull someone like Elias without his consent, Elias didn’t even budge an inch from where he was standing.“What’s wrong, is your mother chasing you as well”. Elias inquired patiently.“We don’t have time to waste, he’s coming and when he does he’ll definitely kill you”.
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Chapter 4, Enraged Angel.
Elias fully knew the terror of a mage, especially when they ain’t trying to raise you into an outstanding adult, so he didn’t even wait for the shop owner to even finish screaming before he once more grabbed the cloaked girl and bolted towards the old clock tower, Elias knew full well that getting to a high vantage point will allow Angel to instantaneously spot him from anywhere in the city, as for how she does it, he didn’t really know but somehow she does and that was all the comfort he needed at the moment.The stairs of the old clock tower were weak and worn out, Stepping on the wrong place could immediately send someone down several feet’s to their graves, naturally Elias already mastered the exact pattern needed to reach the top but you can’t say the same for the fragile little girl besides him.Elias didn’t wait to ask for permission, this wasn’t a cliche mid nineteenth century romcom, he immediately proceeded to carry her in a princess position and began hopping from stair to
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Chapter 5, Mommy.
Elias held the girls hand tightly, the dark mage seemed ready to spill blood, Elias has never felt so much pressure in his short life, the shadow mage stood in between them and the door to the clock tower’s roof.“Hey, shadow dude”.“WHAT”. The shadow mage snapped at Elias, clearly still holding a grudge.“Have you ever heard off a dust-flame mage before”. Elias said with an ambiguous smile.“No, dual magic mages don’t exist”. The shadow mage answered angrily, he doesn’t know why but Elias’s smiling face really pisses him off.Elias chuckled darkly, “well that’s because they haven’t seen one before”. Elias said trying to add an air of mystery to his distraction.At this point the shadow mage is at he’s limit, the only reason he hasn’t ripped Elias to shreds was because he shamelessly stuck close to the cloaked little girl.“Just die”. Suddenly a dark hand shot out of the mans shadow, clearly intent on grabbing Elias, separating him from the cloaked girl was first priority before slowl
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Chapter 6, Zelda.
“Why did you attack my son”.Seeing the the line of blood on Elias‘s neck made Angel’s brows cross, the frown on her face further terrified shadow, “it-it wasn’t me, he attacked and kidnapped my young lady.”Are you fucking kidding me, I didn’t sign up for this, at the moment this woman is even scarier than the lady of the palace. Shadow silent thought to himself.Before Angel could say another word, Erika finally burst through the door of the clock tower and caught up to the group. “What the hell happened here”. Erika saw a totally ravaged rooftop and a cloaked dark mage on the ground kneeling before Angel, he clearly seemed terrified, and at the edge of the roof a fourteen year old boy holding the hands of a cloaked little girl, what the hell did I miss?.But before she could even finish digesting what was happening in front of her Elias decided to break her psyche.“Mom, Just kill him already, that bastard almost hacked my head off.”The moment Elias finished speaking, Erika that
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Chapter 7, My name is.
“How the hell did you become a mage?”. Elias questioned intently, he acted like he didn’t really care about being a mage but that has always been a lie, a pretend act, being raised by a powerhouse of a mage would naturally want anyone to yearn for that power. but most of all, he wanted to inherit he’s mothers legacy.“Well it just kinda happened, I woke up one morning with my powers and then dad found tutors to teach me how to use them”. Zelda quickly replied, the look in Elias’s eyes genuinely terrified her.“Just like that”.“Just like that”. She reaffirms.“Alright then, I guess they really are people out there who are just born special, like Angel... my mom”. Elias felt helpless, the one thing he actually wanted seemed like a far fetched dream, an impossibility, something he’s mother couldn’t just punch her way through and retrieve for him, for once he has to fight a battle on he’s own.While Elias was lost contemplating he’s next move Zelda proceeded to take off her cloak, reveali
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Chapter 8, Son of Angel.
My name is Elias Angel, I am the only son of the military’s lightning mage Angel, I hold no noble titles nor are my a gifted individual. meaning, I’m not a mage like my mom, I lost everything to the wars the empire fought but I do not resent my country, for I shall Inherit my mother’s legacy”.Angel that was in the kitchen almost dropped the knife in her hand, tears welled up in her eyes as she felt an inexplicable sense of fulfillment, she clasped her hand on her mouth so as not to make a sound, her breath was slightly rough, but at the end of it all a bright smile was revealed after she moved her hands to her chest. “Thank you”. She quietly whispered to herself.Even shadow was slightly stunned, it was like the arrogant brat suddenly had some kind enlightenment phase, but wait a minute. He’s not a mage?, I guess it doesn’t flow in the family. Shadow harrumphed.Elias felt at peace, it was like a weight on his shoulders had suddenly been lifted and replaced with something just as heav
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Chapter 9, Goodbye.
The next day, the early mornings of city rose were never that different from the noons and evenings, dark clouds covered the sky and the rain came from above as if the heavens desire to drown the city and its inhabitants.Elias grunted a bit as he felt the cold chill mixed in with the slight warm atmosphere of the morning, he felt a strange presence watching him but he was too exhausted to pay attention to it at the moment.Shadow bit his lower lip and clenched he’s fist till his bones creaked, he gazed hatefully at Elias laying in the bed with his arms around Zeldas waist, they both slept together last night and unknowingly started to cuddle at some point.Shadows only wish at the moment was to rip Elias to shreds, but he couldn’t do that or more like he doesn’t dare to try cause the mage Angel was standing right next to him with an ambiguous smile on her face, Always knew my son will be a lady killer.But in the end she had to wake them up before shadow completely lost he’s mental sa
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Chapter 10, Two years.
A lightning strike criss crossed across the sky of city rose, the dark clouds shrouded the streets, with a drop leading the way millions more began to fall on the capital city of empire voltrose.“One more over here boy”. A customer yelled out while choking down a cup of wine and meat.“Coming”. Elias’s bass voice replied from behind the counter, he grabbed a tray filled with beer and leaped over the counter. Elias landed firmly with his feet’s placed on the ground. “Hey old man Ken, I heard you made a killing this time around”. Elias said as he dropped the tray of wine jars on the table.“Hahahha, Nothing gets passed Angel’s kid after all, my boys and I got hired to Assassinate some politician over in empire Mali, apparently he pissed off a prince of Bida, but what does the details have to do with us, money is all that matters”. Ken immediately erupted into wild laughter together with his companions.Elias chuckled lightly, “Well just try to be careful, Mom said she’s not taking in a
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