The Little Girl's REVENGE

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The Little Girl's REVENGE

By: Makumbo Nyambu OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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For the past seventeen years of her life, Heather had been treated as a slave in her own home. She thought everything was changing when her parents arranged a lavish eighteenth birthday party for her, attended by affluent members of society. They even promised to take her abroad to fulfill her dreams, but in reality they had sold her to an organ dealer. What happens when her spirit arises to take revenge? Will her parents be spared the knowledge that she has discovered their dark secrets? What of the organ dealer who took her life?

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  • Hunni


    Nice characters. I will recommend this story to anyone who wants to read something thrilling. Great job author

    2022-11-03 00:25:36
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15 chapters
Happy Eighteen
HAPPY EIGHTEENShe was eighteen. I'm aware because we share a birthday.On that day, their mansion was loaded with different guests. It was her birthday party. Almost all people from the upper class, a few from the middle class, and none from the lower class had attended. Their wealth was something that amazed me. They slept poor and woke up rich.The rise of their status class left many of us dumbfounded. Among the people present was her father, James Berriton. A local business tycoon who suddenly became worldwide He had the temper of a lion. No one dared to crack jokes in his presence. He always wore an emotionless face, covered by chillness and aloofness. Though he was in his late forties and still handsome, people always mistakenly believed him to be a bachelor. His looks made him into what he was. A womanizer! Magazines were covered by his pictures with different women.Then there was her mother, Rosalis Berriton, a tigress. She fought almost every day on the streets; she had a s
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Our Second Fight
OUR SECOND FIGHTPete sang in a soft, lilting voice as she withdrew the yellow curtains from her window. Her lips parted as her cheeks curled upwards for an uncontrovertible smile. For the past two weeks, her life felt different. Maybe it was because Heather had agreed to be her girlfriend.With her, everything felt right. The sparkle she yearned for in her previous relationships, she found in her current relationship. She crimmed her eyes against the morning sun, closing back the curtains she had once withdrawn. As others marvelled at the morning sun, she despised it. It made her almond-shaped, jewel-green eyes weak.Jumping from her bed, she ran downstairs to have her breakfast."Ding!" Her phone chimed, and her heart skipped a beat. Blushing, she giggled as she hurriedly read the message. It was from none other than her gorgeous girlfriend, Heather."Aren’t you coming to escort me to the airport or are you afraid you will cry in front of me?" The message was read.Her face dropped
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Finally, Abroad!
FINALLY, ABROAD!The seven-hour journey was exhausting. Three hours had passed, and her back ached. Excusing herself, she went to the toilet. She slapped her cheeks, slightly blushing, over what had happened earlier before she boarded her plane. She could still feel Pete’s tongue on her pussy.She giggled like a teenage girl as she took her phone from her pocket and touched Pete’s picture on the screen. The photo has been serving as her screen saver for seven years now. She took it when they were twelve years old. She used to sneak into Pete’s room and watch her sleep.Slowly, her mischief grew into an obsession, and the obsession became a habit. She could do anything to her except watch her sleep. After some time, when she tried to stop herself from doing it, she realized she couldn’t since she was head over heels with Pete.A year later, when they clocked thirteen, she had mustered up enough courage. She had decided it was time to confess her feelings toward her before it was too la
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NIGHTMARE COMING TRUE"Heather!" A familiar voice called her name, but she couldn't recall where or when she had heard it.In shock, she looked around, wondering what she should do. She was trapped in the middle of nowhere. A land filled with white sand surrounded her."Heather, come." The voice called again, and a portal opened in front of her.Afraid to step on it, she stepped back and tried to run away. A gush of wind from nowhere waved, passing through the land, and with a thud she fell on the other side of the portal."Hello!" She called when shock evaded her."Hello!" She called again, and her own voice answered her back.Birds sang above her, and she looked around in surprise. She was no longer in the middle of nowhere, but she was lying in the forest. The forest hummed with life around her. She twirled around, gazing up at the canopy, searching for the birds that were singing sweetly.She crimmed her eyes as the sun broke through the cracks, lightening up the dirt path ahead o
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First Escape Attempt
FIRST ESCAPE ATTEMPTA week had passed since Heather had learned her fortune. Tears brimmed in her beautiful, brown glass-like eyes and flowed down her high-cheeked bones when she recalled what her dad had said over the phone."I'm sorry, sweatheart. I know I and your mother failed you as parents, but we had no other option. Growing up, you saw how people looked down on us because we were poor. When I heard that there was a man who bought humans in exchange for money, I sold you, dear. I wanted to raise our social class. I'm so sorry." Her dad told him when he called him to inquire if what Alejendro had said was true.She badly wanted to call Pete and tell her how she was fairing. She wanted to tell her she was right since the very first day she doubted her parents, but unluckily, she couldn't do that any more. All her belongings were taken, including her smartphone.She curled up in a foetal position on the dusty ground as more tears streamed down her cheeks.Since she came to learn h
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Purpose Revealed
PURPOSE REVEALEDAfter her first escape attempt failed, Heather decided to let go of the thought. Deep down, she knew that even if she succeeded in running away from Ajendro's clutches, he would still find her.Just a day ago, she overheard him talking on the phone with someone. He was assuring that person that none of his packages could slip from his hands easily. After pounding on what he meant, she finally understood; packages were the people who were given to him as gifts after offering help. A few days ago, he explained to her that she was the "package" her dad had sent over after helping him.She also learned that the building she was kept in was not the only building Alejendro used to run his mystery business. She discovered that there were several buildings of that kind—unfinished, abandoned, and ugly—in different parts of the world where these businesses operate.Up until now, Heather had no contractions of fear in her heart. She had decided to accept her fate. She was prepar
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Deal Taken
DEAL TAKEN"Please, would you tell my dad that he sent over a wrong package? I really do not wish to die at this age. I turned eighteen a month ago, and I wouldn't like to meet my creator right now. When I meet my Grandma in the next world, what will I tell her I have achieved so far? None of my dreams are fulfilled. She made me promise I would go to the next world at the right time. The time when all of my dreams will come true, when I will have all of the world's pleasures to my liking Please, Alejendro, "just do me this one favor and I will forever thank you."Heather had lost count of how many times she had used that sentence to beg Alejendro to free her. She had said it until her brain memorized it. What surprised her is that Alejendro had yet to respond to her plea. The plea was now like a song to him, but he never bothered."Order is taken, lass. When you finally get to meet your Creator, please tell him to forgive your father. He was the one who kept you in this pleading state
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Doorstep Death
DOORSTEP DEATHHeather's unconcious body was surrounded by more than four surgeons, both clad in white gowns and blue surgical masks. In a hurried manner, they used sanitizers to clean their hands together with the surgical instruments, which were arranged on the aluminum tray beside the bed, and started their surgery.The head surgeon took a bottle of jik, which was among the surgical equipment in the tray, and pressed it against Heather's cheeks. Her already pale, dry lips opened, and he shoved the contents down her throat.He then signaled the other surgeons to start the operation. Her eyes were first fished out of their orbes and carefully placed on another clean empty tray. They used a bunch of white cotton to stop the blood from oozing out of the empty orbes. They all moved aside to wait for the blood to settle and the jik in her system to take effect, with disgusted expressions on their faces.The purpose of the jik was to make her skin tender for easy peeling off. When the bl
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Finding The Murderer
FINDING THE MURDERERA crowd of people murmured on the roadside. Women cried loudly, patting their heads in anger. Men sighed, pulling their real or imaginary beards, probably thinking about how cruel a human being can become. The sons cursed, patting and heaving their chests like angry bulls. The daughters wailed aloud, wondering why a young girl similar to their age was murdered in such a way.The entire police force of the entire town was there to assure people of their security. They examined the mutilated body that was lying in front of the road to see if they could find any visible evidence apart from the truck that they had taken to the police station.At first, residents pleaded with the police to let the car free, noting that the owner may be among the crowd. When they investigated the truck, they believed it belonged to the killer since it was flooded with fresh blood on the back. Despite an announcement to the crowd, asking the owner to surrender him or herself, no one appe
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FUNERALThe Berritton family, all dressed in black expensive gowns with matching black shoes and headscarfs, stood at the front as the mass was carried on. They all had black handkerchiefs in their hands, which they used to wipe their tears as the mass went on.Almost everyone from every corner of the world has attended. Anyway, who wouldn't if the country's president had also attended? Though more than a million people attended the funeral, not all of them were mourners. Some were busybodies who came to take a look at the legendary Berroton's mansion. It was named the biggest and most expensive mansion in the entire world.Its walls were painted with real gold. It was said that when Berritton rose to power, he made his constructors melt real gold into paint. The chairs inside the house were also made from pure gold. Anyone who managed to walk into Berriton's mansion was mesmerized by what they saw.Many had to be dragged outside by force because they never wanted to leave. The golde
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