The King Of Heaven
The King Of Heaven
Author: Ainin
Blue Crystal Bodies

The rest of the royal family were already on their knees with messy faces and clothes torn by sword tips. Not even wanting to miss it, dust and dirt stuck to the faces as if they were no longer valuable.

The king, empress, concubines, and loyal servants of the king have been conquered under hundreds of troops with swords drawn in front and behind them. Only sobs can be heard softly as a large bruise gnaws at the body of a young woman in a white dress similar to a cheongsam with dozens of scarves fluttering between her waist and arms. 

Blood was flowing all over her body; she was a College as well as the primary empress of the kingdom. Exactly last night, she witnessed her husband being killed by a commander from the colonial side, made him draw a sword, and retaliate against the Chief assassin who killed his lover, future king of the ruler of the sky kingdom Arkawisesar. 

But unfortunately, he couldn't match the magic of the warlord who was the most significant part of the Arworkouge Kingdom. The two most prominent kingdoms in the sky whose owners are even of the same blood lineage, Maha King Devaskus, her husband's grandfather. Just because of the difference in the distribution area, for two hundred years, they were tormented by wounds and wars. 

A sound of laughter boomed as if rolling, soaring, and preparing to shake the pillars of the celestial kingdom of Arkawisesar. The support poles began to crackle due to the influence of the laughter accompanied by the inner energy. The hundreds of rows of troops that were pointing their swords at them were scattered. There, a dashing man in colored armor and glowing red walked proudly. His gaze was deadly sharp, as if ready to slash at anyone who dared to look at him. 

Silence, no one stirred. The entire army of the kingdom of Arkawisesar was lying dead. Their white blood flooded every corner and court of the palace. None are alive; only six people remained before this man, including the empress. 

"You're still not dead, Suri?

There was no answer, only a tiny sob there. 

The armor-clad man smiled slyly, his face carrying an extreme hatred. 

"A remake!" A booming voice called out, his gaze piercingly sharp, looking at the Chief Consort. 

"Yes, my lord?" 

A man among the hundreds of troops approached upon hearing his name being called. He bowed respectfully, handing over a pitch-black sword with two hands. Ramudataksa, the name of the cruel man, whose right hand has burned in a zigzag shape across to the elbow, grabbed the sword with the same gaze, arrogant and cold. 

"I am Ramudataksa! With this two hundred year of the war, I have officially usurped all the dominions of the heavenly kingdom of Arkawisesar! Finally, I can have it all; I won! I and my royal army won this war!" 

His voice was so loud that it penetrated the head consort's chest, sitting cross-legged, squeezing the floor. It hurts; his heart is like being pierced by a thousand thorns. In contrast, his ribs seemed crushed by the blow of internal energy that jolted him with almost full force. He knew that the Commander-in-Chief had deliberately attacked him with half his strength. The reason is that every kingdom member must feel excruciating pain before leaving this world. 

That was how Empress Dowager felt. He almost died, between life and tossed. Even her tears and sobs were barely audible anymore. 

Ramudataksa crouched down, the tip of his sword resting on the blood-stained white floor belonging to the sky clan. He cupped the head consort's chin, forced to look up at him. 

"This is your last day on earth, Suri! Say your last wish, and I will grant it as your last wish!" he whispered coldly, his voice even capable of splitting the ice wall in the northern sky. 

Suri did not answer; her eyes, cheeks, and almost all of her face were bruised. Even he could not see this demon in front of him. 

"Say, Suri, what do you want from me?" asked Ramudataksa, his lips smiling triumphantly. 

The Empress' lips trembled. As if to say something. Seeing that, Ramudataksa grinned coldly. His arrogant gaze seemed to skin the woman in front of him. 

"D-die... I want to die...."

Desperately the Chief consort's voice was heard. His body fell to the floor as Ramudataksa jerked him violently. 

"Okay, that's your last wish, Suri. Have fun with your husband out there!" 

Ramudataksa drew his sword, emitting a loud whooshing sound that could pierce everyone's heart. Suri did not intend to dodge, her heart seemed broken, and she was already preparing to face her death. 

"Kill them! Let me kill this helpless woman!" 

Without saying a word, hundreds of Ramudataksa troops who were already prepared with their swords advanced, brandishing their swords to kill the remaining six royal servants and concubines. The Empress heard the wind rushing towards her. He closed his eyes, not caring about the pain of death at the tip of Ramudataksa's sword. 

Finally, Empress Dowager felt her body float. His eyes were closed, and he had already come to death. But why is there no stinging pain? Will it all no longer feel to him? 


Ramudataksa's entire body blazed with an aura of anger. Hot, resentful, and unacceptable to her, how could the Chief Consort be out of sight? Why was his body suddenly stiff? Is there anyone more powerful than him after King Arkawisesar? 

A red light shot from the fingernails of his index and middle fingers, hitting the pillars of the courtyard of the forecourt of the sky kingdom. Ramudataksa released his supernatural powers to vent his anger. He even shouted; his voice managed to shake the entire sky. 

The pillar collapsed, its middle broken due to the impact of the light emanating from Ramudataksa's fingers. It ddidn'tstop there; other's fingers even let out a flash of lightning and flashed here and there, sending hundreds of his troops back a few steps. 

"I don't care! You must find Suri and bring her to the soles of my feet, Armufzake! Put all your might and your men! Immediately bring Suri before me!" 

Lightning flashed as he shouted, horrifying. That is the most advanced power that is in Ramudataksa. If the tip of the lightning hit even the thickest floor, then before a flash, the stone floor would crack and shatter instantly. 

"Okay, my lord, I will mobilize all my troops to look for him," said Armufzake respectfully. 

The Commander-in-Chief of Ramudataksa bowed, then withdrew to prepare everything. 

Ramudataksa's jaw hardened, his face turning scary. With a single jolt, the lightning immediately spun and grabbed the bodies of hundreds of his troops which were instantly scorched into black dust. 

"I will finish you, Suri, also the one who saved you from death! Wait for that moment!"

Ramudataksa shouted, then walked and mounted an eagle waiting for him at the gate. Ramudataksa left, leaving the remaining troops to clean up the rest of the chaos caused by the war.

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