Trapped with the demon.

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Trapped with the demon.

By: Zohaa OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Her long black hair had completely turned into silver. Her nails had grown into claws. Her brown eyes had turned into blood red and green smoke was coming out of her body. At that moment, she looked like an ancient demon! "What am I?" Tiffany tilted her hair and walked towards Miya. "Stay back! Don't come closer!" Miya screamed and fell to the ground. What the hell was this new girl in their school?! *** Hell was loosed on the day the forbidden tree in the mountain of Sabalem got set on fire by a totally ignorant man. The wicked ancient demon trapped in the tree rushed out, slightly injured, and went in search of an innocent soul to hide in, to recover. ~~ She was the child. The child that was trapped with a demon. The child the ancient demon entered. Only one person was her freedom. He could tame the demon, yet could make it get unleashed.

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Just like its name, Western high school was never a mystery school. It was just like normal high school we know, bullies, crushes, sweethearts, couples, athletics, and every other interesting character that could make up a high school. However, the moment Tiffany willow joined the school, everything became a mystery. Even the toughest bullies feared for their lives.But before we begin fully, let's go back in time.=Seventeen years ago."I heard this mountain is very strange," Theodore breathed out as he removed bottled water from his bag."Is that why you let us come here? I heard it is dangerous. Something like a demon roaming here," Lucas looked around."You know I love adventures more than anything? Come on, it's going to be fun," Theodore laughed and continued walking."It's not an adventure. It is curiosity. I wonder why you want to do this today of all day, today is your son's birthday!" Lucas frowned his face."I know as you said, it is curiosity. I just want to look around th
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I don't need anybody.
Wesley domain.Aiden strolled to the garden where his father was with a glass of juice in his hand."Dad," he called out as he looked at his dad who wouldn't tear his eyes off the tree in the garden.His mother wouldn't tell him anything. Growing up, this was the only side of his dad he had seen, always sitting in the garden, staring at the trees and saying nothing!His own dad had never called him by his name."Mum said I should give you this. She said she had a meeting with her investors," Aiden said and dropped the glass cup on the table before him and turned to leave."I released him, I remember," Theodore whispered and Aiden stopped walking and turned to look at his dad again."Dad?" He shook his head and continued walking.What the hell did his dad release?What does he remember?He wouldn't stop wondering as that was the only word he had heard from his dad all his life.His mum had told him not to get curious and leave things as it was.Ugh, whatever, he wouldn't get curious th
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He is here...
Whispers¶¶"Wtf! The new girl is in our class?!""I hàte her already!""And why is she with Zoey?"¶¶"Hey guys, we have a new girl in our class, let's all get along, please," Zoey smiled, still holding Tiffany."Can't believe she ended up in our class. Tsk..." one girl said as she painted her nails."Huh, don't mind them. There's a vacant seat beside me, would you like to sit there?" Zoey glanced at her.When Tiffany didn't say anything, she pulled her along and stopped by a vacant chair and table."Here, sit here," she smiled then settled on the seat beside her."Hey," Tiffany heard but pretended not to when it was obvious that the person behind her was calling her."Hey, new girl," the girl hit her back.Tiffany groaned, looked back slowly, and glared at the girl sitting behind her."Don't touch me ever again," Tiffany muttered through gritted teeth."What?! Do you not know who I am?" the girl blew the hair that fell on her face with her mouth."She's just resuming, I bet she does
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Declan, Aiden, Xyler.
After a while, the pain left her and she breathe out in relief."Hey, girl, you are fúcking getting on my nerves," another guy from the three guys groaned."Who are you?" Tiffany shrugged her shoulder."Who am I? Hey, are you fûcking kidding me?""Of course, not. The three of you can't just stay here looking like zombies. You don't get?" Tiffany frowned her face.¶¶Woooah¶¶"What?! Zombies?! Hey!" "You, what is your name?" Tiffany stood slowly from her chair."Me?" the guy pointed his index finger on his chest."Yes. You," Tiffany nodded her head."Have you never heard of the name TANG? Bîtch, my name is Xyler. The heir of the Tang family!" Xyler screamed out in frustration."Okay. And you?" Tiffany pointed at the other guy."What effrontery do you think you have to ask for my name? Bîtch, how the fûck did you gain admission into this school?" he impersonated a pose."How the fûck did you get admission into this school?" Tiffany titled her head.¶¶''Fûck, I hate this girl like shît!
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Shocking revelation.
"Is there anything on with you? Do you always attack everyone that touches you?" Zoey stopped walking and face Tiffany who looked cold as usual."Why would she touch me?" Tiffany raised a brow."Tiffany...""What?""This is high school life. Things like this are bound to happen, you can't always beat everyone that touches you," Zoey exhaled and tried to reach out to her."Oh, you don't like people touching you," Zoey shook her head."Are you angry?" Tiffany looked closely at her."No, but I really do not want people to be scared of you. I don't want you to earn a bad name for yourself. Fine, you are an introvert but you should not always act intimidating. I understand you are just trying to draw a line, but...""Do you hàte me already?" Tiffany raised a brow."What?" Zoey creased her brow.What is this girl talking about now?"I mean...""I don't hàte you, so shut your mouth and let's leave for class," Zoey groaned and grabbed her hand."Zoey...""Don't say anything and just follow me
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Kill him!
"Which group are you going to join?" Zoey asked Tiffany during the lunch break, on the rooftop the next day."Group?" Tiffany creased her brow."Ugh, there are different groups in western high, there are swimmers, dancers, singers, footballers, name it," Zoey sipped her juice."Oh, that. I don't have any skills to flaunt. How about you? Which group are you in?" Tiffany asked."Singing. Trust me, I am a good singer," Zoey said and Tiffany laughed, nodding her head."You know how to cook, right?" "No, I can only make sandwich, " Tiffany said and Zoey laughed."How can you not know how to cook?""Well, growing up, there is no one to teach me how to do the domestic chores. That's how much of a loner I've been," Tiffany nodded her head then took a bite from her doughnut."Oh.""By the way, do you not have friends? It's not like you just resumed also, you should have at least two or more friends," Tiffany mumbled with a mouthful of doughnut."Well... I just don't want to relate with the gi
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Your end is near
Aiden glanced back at what was happening, got down from the table, grabbed Tiffany by her waist, and pulled her away from Declan.God, that lady got some strength."What the fûck is wrong with you?!" Aiden successfully pulled her off, grabbed her wrist, and dragged her out of the classroom, leaving everyone in awe.Tiffany said nothing and allowed Aiden to drag her along. Goodness, how the hell could she succumb to the voice within her?Aiden walked inside the vacant space where students make their coffees and made her sit on one of the chairs."Why are you so violent?" Aiden rested his body on his left leg and placed his hand on his waist."I... I don't know," Tiffany sniffed."Did you want to give yourself a bad name already? You still have a long way to go in this school. Why would you lose your temper over that?" Aiden scolded."I..." Tiffany started but thought twice, why was this guy scolding her for what was clearly his friend's fault?"Hey, how dare he try to hurt me? I was on
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Knight in shining armor
"Tiffany?" Zoey creased her brow as she saw Tiffany covered in dirt, heading towards only God knows where.She looked around and saw the students laughing and taking pictures of her and hurried towards her friend who was obviously covered with rage.God, what the héll happened so early in the morning?"Tiffany!" she called out as she stopped in front of her which made Tiffany stop abruptly."Step away," Tiffany glared at her.Gosh, if only look could kill.In fact, she had never seen Tiffany looking like this.Even the first day she met her and disturbed her, she didn't look like this.Right now, she looked like she was going to kîll someone."What happened? Why are you covered in dirt?" Zoey creased her brow?"Someone is going to die by my hand today, I swear," Tiffany said through gritted teeth and walked past her."Tiffany, Don't let your anger get the best of you!" Zoey ran after her and Tiffany stopped walking."Where is the lounge where Declan stays?" "You are going to the Dax'
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Who is your daddy?
After Tiffany finished wearing the sportswear Aiden gave to her, she prepared to turn the knob of the bathroom door when she felt a presence behind her, a supernatural aura filled the restroom. Just how she felt it that night, in her room.She turned slowly and shivered in fear as her guess was right, it was the mountain guardian and the lion spirit.Today, they didn’t have a friendly look, they both looked like they were pissed at what she did and were ready to scold her any moment from now.“You were warned, Akilang,” the woman, the lion spirit folded her arms tightly across her chest.“I am Tiffany, not Akilang or whatever,” Tiffany glared at them.“We warned you not to use force on any human,” her eyes bored into her.“I didn’t use any force on any human,” Tiffany argued.“Akilang!”“Tiffany,” she corrected softly.“You nearly killed that boy,” the man, the mountain guardian pointed his finger accusingly at her.“Can you two stop making me feel like I am a monster? Why the fuck ar
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Wonder woman.
After school hours…Tiffany strolled slowly, her earpiece plugged in her ear, her hands dipped inside the pocket of the hoodie Zoey had lent her.Even with the earpiece singing loudly to her ear, Tiffany’s mind was somewhere else.Well, how would she not think about how she had loosened up to Zoey in just three days she had known her?It was quick, yet real.The girl was too sweet, cute, stubborn, and persistent. Of course, she had never encountered someone like her.Still deep in thought, a power bike halted beside her with a loud screech, which made her roll her eyes and stop walking.That bàstard riding the bike could have hit her.She turned to look at the rider who was just removing the helmet he wore and then shook her head.“Hey, wonder woman,” Tiffany stared at the handsome face of Aiden.Wait, did she just say handsome?Oh, shit.“Hi,” Tiffany answered on second thought.This dude had helped her earlier.He gave her his sportswear so she couldn’t bear to be rude to him at the
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