Freed From Demon Queen

The man looked averted his face in disgust. Luanvin spoke without even opening his eyes, making him feel ignored. He knew that this man's spiritual skills were high, but it was annoying for him to act like that.

"You won't open your eyes to talk to me?" he asked making Luanvin smile a little.

"I'm just taking a short ride here to rest, I have nothing to talk to you about."

"Tsk! You're so arrogant," he said with a face of disapproval making Luanvin smile and open his eyes so he could see that the figure in front of him was a man in white clothes and also with long hair.

"any need with me? If not, then go. I and my assistant are just resting here, I have nothing to do with you." Luanvin said casually making the man slightly purse his lips.

"Where are you going?" he asked again making Luanvin look to his right.

“To the black bat village, our destination is somewhere we are still searching for. So what?"

The man smiled, then shook his head slowly. "Nothing, I was just curious. It is als
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