Time difference

Luanvin looked at Alhena's face, which looked relaxed eating meat. While he even felt that the man who had helped him was in a bad state.

He could feel it, suddenly getting a hint in that direction. Until finally he closed his eyes and made Alhena stop eating.

"Principal, what are you doing?"

Luanvin shook his head slowly. "Don't bother me first, I'm taking care of something, I'll tell you later."

Alhena was silent in the end, seeing how the chairman of the college had closed his eyes and seemed to start meditating. Luanvin wasn't here, but he left by taking his soul to an important place.

Eating her food again, Alhena finally just kept quiet and looked after Luanvin with everything she could until the head of the school returned.


Luanvin stared at the place where he rested with Alhena who was now starting to crumble into a mess. There was a lot of attack happening in front of him until the man moved in and left smoke until several black-clothed figures fell unconscious.

He sees
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