Luanvin's Sad Feelings

Luanvin looked at her seriously, as well as Alhena who was also a bit surprised to see how the silat moved.

"Do what I do or I'll forget later and when it's gone it's because I forgot. Let's do it!"

Luanvin and Alhena couldn't help but move behind him. When else will a great woman gain knowledge like this in the world of martial arts and medicine? On top of the mountain, the three humans were focused on performing silat movements.

Luanvin and Alhena looked serious about it, following all the silat movements performed by that woman. On top of that mountain, they seemed to give off a strong warrior aura full of benevolence. The old woman also seemed to take it out, her body looked healthy and there was nothing wrong there even though she could be said to be old.


Lanvin saw the rock in front of him shattered and scattered even though it was around the waist of an adult. She was about to lower her inner strength, but someone attacked him from the side so he moved quickly and parri
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