Sky Harp Light
Alhena finally sighed and let Luanvin hug her. He slowly also ended up rubbing the back of the man who was this superior to her, dared to do it because they were up in the mountains and no one would see what they were doing.

If only they were downstairs and in a spacious place with lots of people hanging around, then she wouldn't want to hug Luanvin either because he hated their slander and words.

Luanvin smiled at the phrase Alhena said in his heart. He sighed, purposely lingering for Alhena because he was tired and needed rest.

"Alhena ... Alhena ... Why are you still thinking about what other people say? Forget it, think of them as the wind that doesn't need to be cared for."

Alhena was no longer surprised when her headmaster knew what she was thinking in her heart. Luanvin does have the ability to read people's minds. Alhena was aware of that but she still couldn't hold back what she was thinking.


Luanvin smiled, knowing what Alhena would say.


"Isn't it ill
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