Two Days Horse Riding Trip

"Principal, shall we return to the healer's woman's house?" asked Alhena who was walking beside Luanvin.

The man nodded slowly. "Take our horse," he replied casually until Alhena breathed out

"Even though I intended to ask her for medicine, we instead went up the hill and didn't help her cook lunch. Even though she asked us to do it," Alhena said making Luanvin smile a little.

"It's easy, we just have to apologize. Besides, if you want to ask him for the drug, don't forget to pay. After all, she's just an old woman, she lives alone and needs money for her life. Even if she knows the Heavenly Leader Regiment, then we should be able to give him a fair price."

Alena nodded. I understand, Headmaster. After all, we also have quite a lot of money from the gifts given by the king of the West, I will pay accordingly."

Luanvin nodded, didn't say anything else, and continued walking downwards. The hills have stairs and easy paths to pass. So they both have no trouble doing it.

Walk across the r
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