The Legend Of Tang Hu

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The Legend Of Tang Hu

By: cngarang OngoingHarem

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The story of Tang Hu’s journey validates everything about his revenge. He will also be strong by taking advantage of any small opportunity. Tang Hu was the heavenly emperor who was overthrown by his brother and lover. They both had a chance to take revenge. Maybe his fate will be alone, but he doesn’t care and will do anything he wants. Unfortunately, Tang Hu will not be deprived of the beauty that surrounds him and will unconsciously make countless harems.


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70 chapters
Chapter 1 ~ Betrayal
The Holy Continent was the existence of an empire in which respect was earned by martial arts. The weak possessed the power of tens of thousands of pounds and were able to break large stones. And the strong can cut down rivers and destroy mountains. On the Holy Continent, there are martial kings who know everything and can travel thousands of miles in one step. Martial arts determine the fate, even the life and death, of a cultivator. The strong look down on the world, while the weak are ashamed. A sacred continent is a world where the strong deceive the weak. The status of people is determined by their level of martial arts. Every cultivator struggles for the title of strongest. Only the strong have the right to survive. In fact, even if you belong to the same clan or faction, if you are weak, you will be beaten and expelled without mercy. The Holy Continent consists of five empires: The first Han Empire inhabited the Holy West. The two Qin Empires inhabited the Holy Northern Con
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Chapter 2 ~ Mysterious Voice
Tang Hu opened both of his eyes; he could still feel an incredible pain in that part of his stomach. If this is the case, humans will die immediately after consuming the poison. Eternal Tang Hu, despite losing cultivation due to poisoning, will not die, but he is vulnerable to death. The beginner star-level cultivator can kill himself easily; why didn’t Tang Min and Lan Fei kill themselves? Tang Hu walked while holding the sick part of his stomach. He looked around him and could see if he was on a hill. while the ground he pissed on was no more than 2 times 3 meters with a steep cliff around him. On each side, there is a very clear yellow flashing light, as if it is an array specially created to hold the Eternal Cultivator. Tang Hu began to remember where he was. The End of Eternal Retribution is a place to detain the Eternal Kultivator who commits evil. Usually, Tang Hu punishes the evil Eternal Cultivator by paralyzing his cultivation first and then imprisoning him on the edge o
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Chapter 3 ~ Violet immortal realm
Yangzhou City, the home of the Su family At the back of the Su family house there was a small house, in front of which there was a beautiful young man in loose white clothes sitting with his legs in a folded position. Some people who passed by the back of Su’s family house could see him confused after hearing the young man’s strange words. “God, do you listen to me?” “God, are you there?” “God, please answer my question.” Everyone thinks only one thing: that Su's daughter is crazy. Tang Hu has been sitting in front of her since last night, when he had just undergone a soul shift. He is now taking over the body of Su's daughter-in-law, who died because of his wife's poison as well. Tang Hu, who is currently sitting and continuing to ask about the existence of the God who made his soul move, wants to speak again with a mysterious voice that confesses the existence of a god. If it were before, Tang Hu would never believe in the existence of God; according to him, moving a person'
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Chapter 4 ~ Covert Schematic
A particular pavilion located in the western part of the Su family residence. The beauty that can make anyone who sees her be seduced while sitting with the eyes shut Her tiny lips and thin eyebrows vibrate; this beautiful woman is a princess of the Su family. Su Xia, daughter of the Su family, is doing cultivation with a spiritual aura covering her giok body. On her snowy forehead, Su Xia drops sweat, which indicates that she is very hardworking. Since 10 years ago, she has received a marriage contract with a young master of the Tang family. Su Xia was a Phoenix in cultivation, and he worked very hard, making Su Xia an incarance of many sects because of his talent. A cultivated world where the strong punch the weak and the weaker can only submit. Su Xia doesn’t want to be a weak woman, so she tries as much as she can to become a cultivator recognized by everyone in Yangzhou city. The effort did not betray him; because of his hard work from day to night, Su Xia managed to break in
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Chapter 5 ~ Instant Switch
Realm violet immortal. A whirlwind grows near the fertile plain, and then a beautiful young figure comes out of the void. The young man is Tang Hu, who re-enters the immortal violet realm after making sure he can return instantly. Tang Hu was very pleased with the immortal violet realm that the God of the Universe gave him. Since there is no explanation for the violet realm immortals, Tang Hu wanted to experiment. If he had previously focused his mind on the back yard of Su’s family residence, now he wants to try elsewhere. Tang Hu wanted to see if he could move instantly to another place or if there was a certain limit. “Hahaha. Let’s go to the Tang family residence." Tang Hu thought of the Tang family's residence hill because the place is rarely visited by anyone. On the back hill of the Tang family's residence, near a certain tree, a swamp grew among the emptiness, and then a beautiful young man named Tang Hu appeared suddenly. “Hahaha. Very comfortable. This is an instant sh
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Chapter 6 ~ Ancient Strengthening Technique
Currently, Tang Hu stands under a large, flanked tree of an estimated size of 100 meters in diameter; if it were in the outer world, there might not be a tree of this size. This tree became the only tree in the immortal violet realm; Tang Hu initially considered it to be an ordinary tree. “Hahaha... Within the blessing is a hidden blessing; it seems that God cares so much about me." Tang Hu smiled from ear to ear. The big tree is the Dao Tree, which has fruit that contains spiritual energy and absorbs spiritual energy to continue to grow. Tang Hu rounded the large tree and then shrugged his head. “I can’t climb it.” Tang Hu said helplessly. The legacy of the Heavenly Empire also has a Dao tree, but it is ten times smaller in size than the Dao tree that exists in front of Tang Hu today. The Dao tree in the immortal violet realm is estimated to be millions of years old. “This place is also rich in spiritual aura, great for cultivation." Tang Hu was very happy with that spiritual e
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Chapter 7 ~ The Gathering of the Three Big
Tang Hu had a loud smile on his face; obviously, he was very happy. After strengthening his body foundation with ancient strengthening techniques, Tang Hu’s body is filled with vitality. It felt like he could destroy anything in front of him. Tang Hu had not yet entered the path of cultivation fully but had such great power. If he stood in front of the Beginner Star Cultivator of the first stage, Tang Hu would have no fear. “Fuck. My clothes are dirty.” Tang Hu hurried when he saw the clothes that were originally white now turned black because of the exposure of his own body dirt. “If I had a space ring, it wouldn't be hard to keep anything.” Tang Hu smiled. As the young host of the Tang family, his spatial ring has been taken over by Patriarch Tang Murai. Spatial rings are also referred to as space rings, which are very useful for storing a lot of things. Tang Hu re-wore his old clothes, then made an instant shift. The twist took place in front of the small house behind the Su
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Chapter 8 ~ Rejects Application
The meeting of three families continues. The Tang family and the Lu family come to the Su family home with the intention of making a new marriage contract. The powerful determine everything, and who hopes that Patriarch Su Hai will have a trobosan so that his cultivation is in the realm of the Beginner Star 8 and outperforms the other two patriarchs? Tang Zen, who previously had an evil plan, was a little depressed because everything was out of his control again. Before his cousin Tang Hu did not die but went mad, now Patriarch Su Hai has a higher cultivation than his father. Patriarch of Su... Our Lu family will also accept the decision of Princess Su Dangan Happy." Lu Feng doesn't want to lose Tang Zen. Patriarch Su Hai understood the two young masters of these different families very well; obviously, they both contested his daughter. Patriarch Su Hai looked in the direction of Tang Zen and Lu Feng; he could tell if they were both in the same stage of cultivation, that is, if th
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Chapter 9 ~ Three Cultivation Manuals
Realm violet immortal. As Tang Hu thinks of the Blue Lotus Cultivation Manual, he unconsciously recalls his past memories of Lan Fei, who betrayed him. At that time, Lan Fei was only a random man who met Tang Hu in a series of random encounters, both of them growing seeds of love. Lan Fei was not talented and was also not very good at cultivating. Lan Fee tempted Tang Hu continuously, made Tang Hu sympathize with him, and then gave him the Blue Lotus cultivation manual. Unconscious of Lan Fei’s existence accompanying Tang Hu’s journey to the position of Heavenly Emperor, Tang Hu never imagined that one day his kindness of heart and his eyes of love would become a bumerang for himself. “Fuck. Why am I thinking about it again? Can’t I forget the women I hate?” Tang Hu said coldly that he couldn’t focus when thinking of Blue Lotus. Next, Tang Hu recalled the True Dragon Palm cultivation manual. This manual has 8 stages of blowing, and each stage of blowing has a different style and
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Chapter 10 ~ Starting a Conflict
Tang Hu is now in the first beginner star cultivation realm, in which a cultivator enters the stage of Qi energy control. For the cultivator who has just entered the path of cultivation, he will have difficulty controlling the energy of Qi, but for Tang Hu, cultivation is like breathing for himself. Tang Hu did not rush to cultivate to break through to the next stage, using the Three Paths of Cultivation at once. This requires him to put in an effort three times longer than other cultivators. If he used one cultivation manual, he would probably break into the realm of the Five Star beginner without any obstacles; if he did not have a strong foundation, it would be the same as the dry leaves that would fall if he received a strong wind. Learning from previous lives, Tang Hu did not want to experience regrets in later days. In pursuing the stages of cultivation in the previous life, Tang Hu was able to break through twice a day with the help of the Jewel of the Soul. The Jewel of th
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