The Legendary Jay C. Connor

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The Legendary Jay C. Connor

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His ten years relationship ended with his girlfriend returning to her ex husband. Betrayed, heartbroken and left with no money, no job and no family. How can he rise to his feet again? (System task) (Revenge is a dish best served cold) Jay would pay back all those who harmed him and make them feel ten times the pain they caused him.

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  • Rex Magnus


    This book is amazing! I didn't expect I would enjoy a book written in the first-person point of view to this extent.

    2023-10-15 03:01:18
  • Robert Vincent


    this book is a good read so far

    2023-10-07 06:03:07
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117 chapters
Chapter 1 : A good person.
I always believe that hard work and being a good person pays off and it has worked for me, for so long that I never doubted it for once. I was listening to an audiobook playing on my phone which was resting on the kitchen counter, as I was setting breakfast down on the dining table of six seats that was in the middle of the kitchen.I made toasted bread,scrambled eggs and tea."Good morning Pops." I heard from behind me and I turned to see Ash ,who walked in, pulled a chair out and sat at the dining table.I smiled, as I took my phone and turned off the audio book."Good morning,did you sleep well last night?" I asked him ,as he had told me he had a nightmare the previous night, so I was worried he had another nightmare."Yes Pops, I slept like a baby." Ash replied with a grin as he used his hand to eat the scrambled egg on his brother's plate."Ash , manners, don't just off someone else's plate ." I said and he chuckled."Sorry." He chuckled and I shook my head.My future in-laws an
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Chapter 2: Ex husband.
Alarm bells were going off in my head.Her body language was totally off and I didn't know what she was thinking now. I could read her so well before ,but now it felt as if I was talking to a different person."If I did something wrong, then tell me what I did ,so I can fix it." I replied in a desperate voice and she rolled her eyes and folded her arms."Jay ,this is not something you can just fix,I want us to break up with you, I can't be in this relationship with you anymore." Linda announced and just as the words left her mouth my cellphone I was holding in my hand dropped and fell to the floor and I had a crashing sound, as my heart dropped."What?" I asked in disbelief, confusion and shock as a lump formed in my throat and I swallowed hard, trying to get rid of it.She has never told me anything was wrong ,so why now?I was still waiting for her to reply, when I heard footsteps walking into the living room and I looked up.A man walked into the living room from the direction of
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Chapter 3: You messed with the wrong man.
My Boss stopped laughing. "Jay, I know you as a calm man, but I don't know how you went and messed with the wrong man, you dug your own grave and I am sure you won't be able to get any good job except part times, because he will make sure of it, he has been making calls and is a good friend of mine, I can't dare to offend him." My Boss informed me. I was sure that I haven't offended anyone recently unless. "Is it David?" I asked in a low voice and he hummed. "Bingo, what did you do to him?" He questioned me. So David took my girlfriend and also wants to ruin me? "He is out to get you and has used his connection to warn everyone not to give you a job, so I don't know how you would survive, but I think you should leave the country." He suggested. "Sir, I have worked for you for more than ten years, you can't just let me go like that." I said in frustration as I pulled my hair and he chuckled. "Well watch me, I can't be enemies with David and don't try suing me or I will frame you
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Chapter 4: First task.
I stared at the screen and my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.I know I want Linda to disappear, but I can't kill anyone.How can I kill Linda?I might hate her, but was I capable of killing anyone?I pressed on hints.(System notification)(Reward split in half)(Hint: Get rid of items that reminds you of Linda)I exhaled sharply.I knew I had to get rid of items reminding me of Linda and her kids, but I didn't know I had to do it this soon.I left the hospital to go back to the apartment building.So David tried to kill me?I don't even have any evidence about it and it will be best if he thinks I died.I had a lot of good memories in the apartment. Right now I have a hollow feeling in my heart when I stare at everything in the apartment.The kitchen where I prepared meals for my family and ate happily with them now feels like it was the saddest place here. I can't believe I endured the insults of Mr Dash , telling me I wasn't doing a good job of feeding his family properly.I don't
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Chapter 5: Regrets.
He rolled his eyes and had this smug look on his face."Please don't take out your frustrations on me ,I just came to ask you something, I wasn't the one who was taking care of someone who doesn't want to marry him." He hissed at me."What did you say? Repeat it!" I yelled"Don't touch me or I will sue you, useless man, you can't even properly put a leash on your woman , she was stepping all over you, I just came to tell you I find you stupid and repulsive, if you had acted like a man and not let her and her family step all over you, you will not be in this position." He clicked his tongue in annoyance."Get out." I told him as I pointed to the door."Gladly." He said and left.I was left alone to think and I knew he was right, I should have dumped her ass and kicked her and her family out when she refused to marry me the first time I proposed.I was too blinded by love, but it won't happen again.Linda, that sly bitch.****For the next one week I was applying for jobs and getting re
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Chapter 6: I wasted my time.
I was deep in thoughts when I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see Angel ,a long lost friend.I was too shocked to say anything."Wow, I knew it was you, but I wasn't sure you didn't change a bit;" she exclaimed happily ,with the biggest smile.She always liked smiling."Angel." I called and she nodded."It's nice to meet you again Jay." Her smile widened and I couldn't help but return the smile. She remembers me, that's good."Are you busy, why don't we grab lunch?" I asked her ,since I didn't want to waste this opportunity."Sure we have a lot of catching up to do, I was heading home, but I can spare some minutes." She smiled.We went to grab lunch together and she revealed she was married with two kids under the age of ten.Hearing her talk about how adorable her kids were , made my eyes drop a bit and I lowered my head .I didn't want my sadness to outshine her happiness, so I said nothing.(System notification)(Task has one hour to finish.)"Look at me talking only abo
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Chapter 7: Please, don't go.
The guy was glaring at me."Get away from my woman!" He yelled and people around us moved away and I was just left baffled by what happened.The volume of the song died down a bit."Leave me alone you scumbag, weren't you flirting with other girls why can't I do the same!" I heard the girl who was dancing with me yell and my mouth widened and people started murmuring.Yeah I think I don't want to get in this situation.(System notification: Task 4 completed)(Task 3 yet to be completed)(Reward:$40,000)(Points gained:10)(Total points:20)I think the system agreed with me ,it was time for me to leave, before I got into a fight ,when I practically did nothing wrong."I have nothing to do with this." I muttered underneath my breath and proceeded to leave the nightclub."Hey!" I heard someone call from behind me and I turned and saw a girl."Yes,can I help you?" I answered with a raised eyebrow.I was sure I hadn't seen her before, she batted her eyelashes."My number." She smiled as sh
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Chapter 8: A knock on the door.
I sighed, as I gently touched her hand and smiled."I was just going to look through the peephole and see who it was, don't worry." I reassured her, but she shook her head."But..." She tried to say."Don't worry , I am not going to leave, I just want to check who's at the door." I told her, but I don't think my words of reassurance convinced her."No ,don't go, they will find me here, I am scared." She cried out."I promise they won't, I just want to check." I reassured her again, as the knocking on the door continued and I gently put her hand away and told her to hide herself, so they wouldn't see her, if I opened the door and she did that as she got on the bed and covered herself with the blanket.I knew that if it was actually those people that kidnapped her that was knocking at the door, they won't leave so easily, if they don't check if she was actually inside the room, and they might keep an eye on my room, in case if I want to take her out ,so it's best I go and answer the doo
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Chapter 9: What the heck?
The girl was looking at me with hopeful eyes, as if I had a solution to her problem. I was trying to manage my own life and she's asking me what to do. I rolled my eyes. "Why are you looking at me, are you hoping for an answer to your question? Are you not one that came into my room , how should I know what to do?" I asked her and her eyes widened for a brief second, before a chuckle escaped from her lips and shook her head. She is still laughing in this situation. I guess she has calmed down ,now she knows she's safe. "You should be careful about the people you meet online, not everybody out there is sane." I advised her and she sighed and nodded in understanding and stopped laughing. We met great and good people on the internet, but we also would meet bad people there, so one should always be careful. "I know ,you don't even need to tell me that twice ,I won't be going on any date anytime soon, nor will I agree to meet someone for a date online again." She replied and made a
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Chapter 10: I want to meet him.
Her eyes softened ,when she saw the confused expression on my face."Sorry for scaring you, I didn't mean to say that,it's just that if someone mistakenly leaks this to the media, It won't end well and my brother, you will probably never let me out of the house again." She revealed it to me and I was still confused.Is she some type of celebrity or is she from a rich family,is that why she doesn't want to call the police?I just decided to not think too much about this, I have had enough for one day."Fine, but we can't leave today ,it's late, so let's wait till tomorrow morning and we will know what to do." I informed her."That's fine by me." She replied and her shoulders dropped a bit.I could tell she was tired.Today must have been hectic for her."I want to rest,can you give me back my phone, I am not going to call anyone." I told her.She didn't want to do as I asked at first, however I asked again and she reluctantly gave me back the phone and I took off my shoes and laid o
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