Beast Spar

Draven jumped and swung his blade like a ninja; branches fell to the ground. While collecting the wood, his com chimed a ringtone. With a smile on his face, he picked it up. “Hey, babe”

“I am here”

He made a 360-turn, taking a glance at his surroundings. “Where?”

Becky smiled. “Here”

“I can’t see you”

“Well, I am a few miles away. Are you up for a game?”


Becky replied. “If you can’t find me in sixty seconds, then you are cooking”

Draven chuckled. “Fine, and if you lose?”

“Who said I am losing?” Becky giggled. “So, get going”

Draven ended his call and swiped his finger across the holographic screen and rocketed into the air, spinning like a top as he got higher, his hands elongated. Blue feathers sprouted on his arms and morphed into huge wings. He grinned and glance

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