The Legendary System

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The Legendary System

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"Please don't do this to me!" "Beg! Beg like a dog! Even if your eyes would bleed to death. I would not be coming back to you. John can give me everything I wanted, I did not want to wish to stay with you any longer. I felt ashamed being seen with a poor bartender like you," Maria scrunched her nose in disgust. A normal bartender worked hard to impress his girlfriend but she cheated on him. He was left with nothing then suddenly he got a legendary system. From being to poor, he will complete the mission to have powers, wealth and girls. If he didnt complete the mission, a misfortune will make his life hell. Meanwhile, he will take revenge from young girl rapist. He will teach rich people that how powers and money should be used in right way. With each system task completion, he will win different girls heart.

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  • twong88888888


    why did John suddenly change his name to Mark? poor editing, author. can't you even correct your mistakes?

    2024-03-30 07:12:44
  • Humming Byrd


    You'll never lose, keep writing

    2023-07-17 15:39:15


    You're such an amazing writer..,. Keep writing

    2023-07-05 09:40:31
  • Ibiso Bobmanuel


    Mama is on fire again, I really love this book

    2023-07-04 01:34:15
  • Olabanji Samson


    you do well

    2023-07-20 06:51:59
  • CK K


    Author what are you doing? u r just confusing the reader.. shit editing and prolonged conversations.. I ll Mark only 1 star

    2023-12-10 22:58:02
  • Charlie Wen


    This book is a mess tbh. Messy dialogues, characters behaving like children most of the time. Stay away or read only for passing time to get bonus

    2023-11-11 08:41:18
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90 chapters
Chapter - 1 A Bartender
Patrick Holes was cleaning the glass clearfully with all his attention. If one glass broke then God knows how many slaps he will get from the manager. "Hey, Brainhole. Bring my usual Drink now or I will kick your ass with my expensive shoes," John, One of Patrick's college mates, arrives at the bar with his friends. They all laughed out loudly as it was common to humiliate him. When Patrick was about to give the drink to them, John put his leg forward, causing Patrick to fall and spill the drinks all over the floor. "What the hell did you do? Who the hell even hired you!? You are just incompetent, even being a bartender doesn't suit you!" John insulted him. John was his ex-college, who had been working in one of the most prestigious companies in the city. He would always do something that makes Patrick starve for days. Patrick had a difficult life, he tried to endure every insult that his ex-college mate was telling him. Patrick never tried to talk back to him, as much as po
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Chapter - 2 Legendary System Activated
"But sir, I didn't do anything---" Patrick begged and begged.But the Manager throws him out of the bar."They are right, I should never hire a disgusting person like you. You brought shame to the bar, I didn't want to see you again. You're fired!" the manager said.The manager closed the door in front of Patrick. He was insulted by the manager and fired at the same time. He loses hope to live because he didn't know where to start once again. He was completely devastated right now and didn't know what to do in his life.Patrick left John's room with his hope dashed and feeling that the whole world was against him. He had lost the only job that he had to be able to keep living, now he would live off in the streets again. He desperately needed the job to be able to support himself but, now he doesn't know what to do, he lost all of his hope on living.[Ding!]Suddenly, a strange buzzing sound sounded in his ear."What was that?" Patrick asked, perplexed.[Binding the Legendary system...
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Chapter - 3 Diamond Membership
Patrick stood in front of the 5 star Grand hotel. And as he was about to take his first step. The guard stopped him, looked at him up and down and asked. "Are you lost?" "What, no!" he answered. Patrick was about to enter but the guard didn't let him in. "You can't go in!" the guard stated while disgustingly looking at Patrick. Because it was the shirt he was wearing, the guards thought that he was just there to seek charity. "I came in here to check in the hotel," Patrick argued with the guards. Since he had no place to go, and he needed to find somewhere to sleep for tonight, he also wanted to make sure that the money that the system gave him is legit. "No! Look at yourself, you don't belong in this kind of place. This is a high-end hotel, a five-star hotel that you could not seem to afford," the guards said. The guards looked at Patrick up and down and spit his saliva near him, he was disputed by his pale look. "Excuse me?" Patrick felt offended by what the guards said. He
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Chapter - 4 First mission to buy shares of Grand hotel
The guard looked surprised and bewildered. "What!?" he shouted. He can't believe that Patrick could pay that kind of money."What?" Patrick asked him."Ma'am he must steal that kind of money. It's a huge amount that he obviously can't pay," the guard told Sarita."Your name is Patrick Hole, right? Because it is what was written in my notification on who came from the money," Sarita as to confirm the suspicion of the guard."Yes!" Patrick politely answered and smiled at her."You!" the guard pointed at him. "How can you be able to pay that kind amount of money? You stole it, right? You looked like a stinker and low-stranded with your clothes. You must steal that money that you paid to Maam, in your appearance you can't afford to pay that kind of money," he insulted him.Patrick close his fist as he didn't want to let the words of the guards get in his head. "I did not steal anything, I paid her in full as I told her. I was just full filing my promise. And obviously, I can pay for it yo
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Chapter - 5 Hindrance in Mission.
After almost a half hour Sarita came back to check on Patrick. Patrick was so hungry that his stomach growled in front of her. He was embarrassed and said in a low voice. "I want to have some lunch. Can you show me the dining hall?" Patrick asked."Gladly!" Sarita answered and guided Patrick on the way to the dining area.When they reached there, Sarita left Patrick for a while.Amelia, his ex-girlfriend, was also in the dining area and saw Patrick there. "Wai-t! Is that Patrick?" Amelia pointed out."Where?" John asked, the ex-collage mate of Patrick. "Oh, shit! Why that poor dumbass is in here?"They both went up to Patrick and insulted him.John laughed at him and humiliated him. "How can you have the audacity to come in here and show your face? How did they even let you in? Are you gonna beg for money in here? Come on, Patrick have some shame!""Your right babe! A poor person like him does not belong in a classy and elegant place like this. If you want to beg for money, you shoul
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Chapter -6 Meeting my ex girlfriend
"What!?" Patrick was furious about how they are treating him.The general manager, Almira smirked and told him. "You heard me right? You should not be dumb, because you are poor. I told you that I would call the police once you didn't leave the hotel,""How can I even prove to you that I was able to buy a diamond membership card in this hotel?" Patrick asked her since he didn't want to be humiliated anymore. He felt that he need to stand up for himself and would not let anyone treat him like this."Prove what? You don't have to prove anything else. You just need to leave the building that's all. So that we don't have to call the police just to make you leave. You are making the guest leave because of your appearance," Almira told him.Patrick smirked now he know that all of them would just see him as a lowly person because of his appearance. "Now I know why you wanted to let me out of this luxury hotel. It is because of the way I dress right? So if I wore something expensive or just a
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"Well, that's great!" Patrick said he was glad that one of the shareholders wanted to see their share of the company. He would gladly buy it immediately and would not even think about it twice.Sarita smiled at him and asked. "Do you want to wait for the reply of the other shareholder to decide if you would buy their share or not?""No! Do you have his bank information so I can transfer the money right now?" Patrick asked and didn't mind the mocking of John."Yes!" Sarita answered and gave Patrick all the bank information of one of the shareholders.Patrick gladly paid the shareholder the one million that he offered, after the bank transfers. Patrick was officially one of the shareholders of the company."What now!? Are you still not awake in your illusion? Come on, don't fool yourself anymore. You should be ashamed of yourself for wasting their time on your nonsense," Mark mocked Patrick because he knows that a person like him would never be able to buy shares of a luxury hotel."Th
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"Leave the building now!" Patrick was furious with Almira, so he wanted her out of the building. He can't just drag her out of the building since she was working there."You can't fire me!" Almira answered, not trying to get the sympathy of Patrick again. She knows that Patrick would fire her anyway, she needs to be more intelligent than Patrick.Patrick looked at her and asked. "Why not? I am one of the shareholders of the hotel. You have disrespected me, I have every right to fire you if I wanted to. That is not the right way to treat someone that owns a percentage of the hotel,""Remember that I am one of the general managers of the hotel. You can fire me easily," Almira told him since she knows that she would not be easily fired if it was not the owner's decision. Since she also has a high-ranking position in the hotel, she knows that she had a threat in her place right now because of what she had done."You are fired and that is final!" Patrick shouted to her since he is getting
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Almira went up to the room of her friends to check on them and remind them of their plan."Are you having fun?" Almira asked them since they are having a feast inside of an expensive room that is full of wine and expensive food."Yes! Thank you for all of this," George told Almira, he can't wait to kill Patrick, right now all he can think of was killing him. He wanted to kill a person the whole time, but now he has the opportunity he won't miss it."I'm glad that you're enjoying your little party here. Because later you would need a lot of energy to kill Patrick. I can't wait to see him dead and lying on his blood," Almira answered and smirked, she can't wait to see Patrick to be killed that is the only thing that she wanted right now.George took a sip of his wine and told to Almira. "This food is so much expensive and so this wine too!"Almira laughed and smirked evilly because she knows that the bill was included in Patrick, he was the one that was paying it.Since he told them ear
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Chapter 10: Beaten by the Bodyguards 
Third person's point of view "Are you Mr. Patrick Holes?" one of the bodyguards as they saw that the man in front of them was the same man that the agency showed them that they needed to guard."Yes!" Patrick replied and shake hands with the bodyguards as he meets them.Leandro, one of the bodyguards Patrick, "Are we going to escort you back to your chambers now Mr. Patrick Holes?""No need to call me by my full name. You can call me sir or Patrick," Patrick advised them, as he thinks that it was too formal for him if they are calling him by his first name and he was not used to it."Are you sure, Mr. Patrick Holes?" Alejandro asked, to make sure that Patrick would be comfortable with that. He didn't wanna lose his job, as he only rely on the job that he had. He wanted to make sure to give every respect to each client that was given to them."Yes!" Patrick shortly answered.As they were talking the mafia friends of Almira came on the top of the hotel. They all thought that Patrick w
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