Agent R24

Wind whistled through, swinging the curtains in the open door. A light flashed; multiple figures appeared in the room. They knelt on the fur carpet; he sauntered to the balcony. Holding onto the ledge, he overlooked the shore and exhaled a deep breath.

The sound of the waves crashed into his ears, bringing forth calmness and clarity, as a smile hung below his eyes. He turned around and closed the doors shut and made way to his favourite armchair and crossed his legs over the armrest. “You are excused”

“Yes, sir” in sync, his guards rose from the ground and darted back into the shadows, away from his sight, yet always ready for his next command. 

“Master. Requesting permission to speak”

He gave her a subtle nod. “Speak”

Receiving his permission, her helmet vanished into light particles, noir locks draped over her face. She shook her hair off her slate-grey eyes. Alister clutched his armrest, said

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