Draven Is In Danger!
A hover car flew over the old bridge. She swiped a finger across the plate, said, "Hmm, Gerald." 

"Yes, my lady." the driver glanced over his shoulder.

"Can we make a stop here?" She said, her gaze shifted to the flowing river. "It will only take a minute." 

He tilted his hat, said. "Whatever you say, my lady." the car descended on the side of the bridge. 

The door swished open. She stepped out, a cool breeze brushed apart her spitfire locks. She placed a hand on her head and walked to the ledge. 

She rested her elbows on the brick rails, her eyelids fluttered close, reminiscing about the past. She sighed. 

"I guess, he doesn't need me anymore" she said, she unpocketed glass plate and took one last look. 

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