Natalia Needs Help??

The bell rang across the building; the teacher paused his touch pen on the board, students sighed. "Yes, it is finally over!" 

The teacher pocketed his pen, said. "Before you go, remember to do your homework. Fill in the answers on page 345." 

They moaned. "Yes, sir" 

"Good. See you next week." He packed his bag and calmly walked out. 

Draven yawned and stretched his arms back. He placed a bag underneath his desk, an arm swept his books inside. He zipped it and strapped the bag around his shoulder. 

He took a glimpse of his table. He paused, seeing a note. Draven glanced around, his classmates were busy chatting while they exited the classroom. Draven reached for the note and flipped it open to his blue-jay eyes. 

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