His Preferences

Waiting for an hour, a couple of men, pumped and tattooed from the chin to the forehead, entered the desolated store.

Draven straighten his back from the wall and said "They are down the secret passage in the staff room"

"Here" they threw the bags across. Draven bended and unzipped them. Sending him a nod. They walked past him, ready to take over the dug joint.

Draven picked up the cash bags, his eyes dodged, taking a short check of his surroundings and stashed them in his storage pouch and left.

Draven caught a taxi and drove back to the apartment. Instead of the taking the third floor, he punched the second floor.

Getting off, he strolled to a flat and knocked the door.

The door swished open to her smile. Her smile was magical in a way, sending all his worries far far away. "Hello Baby" she pulled him inside.

After a brief hug, she towed him to the couch. "You must be tired, let me get you something to drink"


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