The Lost Heir: Revenge

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The Lost Heir: Revenge

By: Taehyunie05 CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Steve is a man who became a son-in-law in the Griffin family. He was always looked down upon by them for not having much money or power, especially by Daniel, the person he hated most in life. Steve promised to avenge all the pain he felt. He will prove to the Griffin family that he can succeed beyond them all. Will Steve succeed in getting his revenge on the Griffins? What is his story to change his destiny? “I promise I’ll get even with you all until you apologize while crying blood and kneeling in front of me!”

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139 chapters
Chapter 1: Insults
Chapter 1: Insults“Steve, do you still have the courage to come to my sister’s engagement party?”The man in shabby clothes who was taking drinks from the buffet table stopped what he was doing. His head turned towards the source of the voice, precisely towards the person who had just asked him.His brown eyes caught the silhouette of a man wearing an expensive black suit with a light blue tie. The man’s hair was silver and neatly styled. He had deep black eyes like soot with a sharp and intimidating gaze.The man in shabby clothes turned around so that he could face the silver-haired man. His body seemed to stiffen for just a moment, but he managed to control himself.“Oh, sorry. Are you talking to me, Daniel?” asked the man in shabby clothes, pointing at himself while asking the other person, who was already showing an annoyed look.“Of course I’m talking to you!” The silver-haired man called Daniel replied in an annoyed tone. He had an unfriendly look on his face. His eyebrows dip
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Chapter 2: Goodbye
Chapter 2: GoodbyeSteve doesn’t know what kind of face to put on right now. Sad? Angry? Hurt? Disappointed? He don’t know. Everything was mixed together on his handsome face. Minji’s words just now made him unable to think clearly.His eyes looked dim. He stared at the paper handed to him by Minji, the wife he had always loved. The paper contained the thing he hated the most, the divorce papers.“You only need to sign this paper. I’ll take care of the rest with my lawyer,” Minji added as she thrust a pen at Steve who remained stunned as if he had lost his soul. “Please, sign this, Steve.”Steve stretched out his hand to take the pen with his body shaking violently. There was a feeling of pain that was now squeezing his chest. It felt like his chest was tight, making it difficult for him to breathe. Steve took the paper from Minji’s hand and read it carefully.Steve smiled bitterly. He looked at Minji with a wounded gaze. The eyes that he had always gazed at adoringly were now changed
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Chapter 3 : Chasing
Chapter 3 : ChasingSteve felt his body trembling now. Fear was now overwhelming him. Steve shook his head as bad thoughts began to fill his head. He had no idea that the person who helped him was a murderer.However, isn’t it strange that a killer would help someone who fell down because he accidentally bumped into him? Was Terry joking with him?Besides, Steve didn’t find any smell of blood or gasoline on the body of the man who was currently helping him walk. Not wanting to guess, Steve ventured to ask the man in the black hoodie.“Did you mean what you said?” asked Steve in the lowest possible tone, as if afraid that someone might overhear the conversation between the two of them.“About what?” Terry replied in an equally low voice. The man spoke briefly, as if not wanting to say much.“You’re being chased for killing people?”The question just came out of Steve’s mouth. The man in shabby clothes cursed himself when he realized that his words could make Terry misunderstand, even t
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Chapter 4 : Ben
Chapter 4 : BenTerry was silent at the question. His tongue felt too weak to speak. He was at a loss to tell Steve who he was. Moreover, they had just met because of a small incident.Terry chose not to answer the question and focused himself on Steve's feet. The man in the black hoodie was soon massaging Steve's feet with full force."Terry, slow down. It hurts a lot," Steve pleaded while wincing.Steve raised his head while biting his lip to stifle the scream that might come out of his lips. Tears were welling up in his eyes. Because for whatever reason, this was painful, as if his legs were being crushed by tons of metal.Terry didn't hear Steve's request. He pulled out even more to treat Steve's sprained foot, which made Steve scream out loud.Terry massaged Steve's ankle, which looked so swollen. Steve screamed in pain until his voice sounded so loud in this room.After finishing, Terry applied cream and covered the foot he had just massaged using a bandage and gauze. The man in
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Chapter 5 : The Gold Box
Chapter 5 : The Gold BoxTerry rolled his eyes lazily at the question Steve threw at him."If I wasn't serious, I wouldn't have been chased by that crazy gang, Steve," he said resentfully as he chewed the chips in his mouth roughly.Steve was lost in thought. He had no idea that Rosemary's family was still searching for their successor, who had disappeared after 25 years.Steve sighed. It seemed he was interested in this conversation. He leaned in carefully so as not to nudge his newly healed leg."But where did you get the news?" Steve asked with a serious face. His arms were crossed in front of his chest. “ You’re not afraid that it's a hoax?"Ben responded to the question in a calm tone. "I don't think that's possible. Because we got this information from a reliable source."Steve raised his eyebrows, not understanding what the man with heterochromia eyes was saying. "Reliable sources?" He asked in a confused tone. "Who are you referring to?""From the gardener who works at the Gri
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Chapter 6: A Change
Chapter 6: A Change“Of course I’m ready!” Steve said it with an excited tone that was clearly visible in his brown eyes. “For a million dollars, I’ll do anything,” he added with a small smile etched on his lips.Terry smiled a little at Steve’s eager demeanor. At least he wouldn’t have to worry too much about the “missing link” if Steve cooperated with him. It shortened the work he was doing.“Why are you so ambitious to earn a lot of money?” Terry asked.“Because I want to prove to them that I can also be successful like them,” there was an angry tone that Terry heard in Steve’s voice. The man in the black hoodie didn’t comment much and chose to be a listener.“Alright. Since you’ve agreed to work with us, you should stay here,” Ben suggested as he closed his laptop. He stretched his aching body.“Okay.”Steve accepted the offer. He slept together with Terry on the bed, while Ben himself chose to sleep on the sofa. The three of them slept peacefully while waiting for tomorrow.By 9
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Chapter 7: Quest Mission (1)
Chapter 7: Quest Mission (1)"Of course you have to use the various objects that are there. Is there something wrong?"Steve glanced at Ben and the boxes on the floor in turn. He swallowed forcefully. Steve's hands lifted the items one by one and put them away on the sofa."You think I want to use these things?" asked Steve while pointing at the objects that he thought were too strange to use.How could they not? In the box Samantha brought, there were shoes that were much shabbier than the ones she was wearing, a shirt that was torn in several places, a pair of short jeans that had a torn in the thigh, and large sunglasses that looked ancient. But what Steve couldn't get enough of were the false teeth.The problem is that the dentures look so bad, and with the arrangement of the teeth that look untidy, some even come forward. If Steve used these, he made sure he looked ridiculous, as if he had buck teeth."This thing is much worse than I thought," Steve commented."It's perfect for y
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Chapter 8: Quest Missions (2)
Chapter 8: Quest Missions (2)At the moment, Ben was tidying up the archives in the Griffin family warehouse. His eyes meticulously organized each pile as he searched for additional information that might be useful in finding the missing heir of Rosemary’s family.However, he found nothing in the stacks. Ben let out a rough sigh, then looked at the mobile phone he had placed in front of the cup instead of the tripod.The screen of his mobile phone contained CCTV of the Griffin house area, from the back garden where the gold box they were currently looking for was located to the main room where the Griffin family met.Unintentionally, his beady eyes covered by black softlens saw that Steve had found a faded gold-colored iron box. In a hurry, Ben immediately grabbed his mobile phone and ran in the direction where Steve was currently.While in the middle of the road, his hand was suddenly caught by something. Ben glanced at Terry, who was currently staring at him with a strange look.“Wh
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Chapter 9: The Facts (1)
Chapter 9: The Facts (1)"You want to know?" Terry asked with a meaningful smile printed on his handsome face. Steve nodded his head quickly."Sure." Said Steve in an excited tone, forgetting his annoyance at Ben for not answering his question. "I'm really curious how you got it. So can you tell me?""I'll tell you when we're in a safe place. So-""Why not here?" Asked Steve, interrupting Terry's words. The dark, purple-haired man did not allow Terry to finish his sentence. "Isn't telling there or here the same?"Ben, who was lying down, was disturbed by Steve's words. The man immediately got up and sat up while doing a small stretch.He shook his head when he saw Steve's attitude, which was at least too innocent in this matter. Was the man really unable to read the current situation? Or did he really want to thwart everything they had done so far? That was the fleeting thought in his head at the moment.Terry sighed patiently. He tried to explain to Steve with his hands clenched into
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Chapter 10: The Fact's (2)
Chapter 10: The Fact's (2)Once at Terry and Ben's place, Steve didn't open his mouth at all. He sat pensively on the sofa with empty eyes.Terry and Ben looked at each other. Both of them felt worried after Steve read the writing on the folder inside the Griffin family's gold box."Steve, are you okay?" Ben asked while patting the man's shoulder. However, Steve gave no response. The man remained silent as he hugged the folder he was reading."Terry, how is this? Why is he like this?"Terry let out a long sigh as he took out a cigarette from his box. He immediately lit the tobacco-based object and took a slow drag. "I think the contents of that folder are more dangerous than we thought, Ben.""What do you mean?" asked Ben with an uncomprehending look. He looked at his younger brother, who was watching Steve expressionlessly, so flat and rigid like a robot."If he doesn't answer us, there are several possibilities," Terry replied with a furrowed brow. He quickly extinguished the remain
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