The Hidden Magnate: Cephas Walter

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The Hidden Magnate: Cephas Walter

By: The_Juice CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Cephas was delivering cakes on a snowy afternoon when he saw his wife kissing some other man, he confronts her but she throws divorce papers at him. That night he received a call from his Dad’s assistant to return home. His punishment days were over. Daily Updates !

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  • Cuckoo Bird


    good okayyy

    2023-12-07 11:45:24
  • Marvellous


    I also love the male lead's vulnerability and ability to convey his emotions.

    2023-10-23 17:39:40
  • Marvellous


    Amazing Work, great plot ...

    2023-10-23 17:33:35
  • Fernanda


    So interesting I can’t wait to see the story unfold.

    2023-10-19 09:53:08
  • Carlo Consignado


    good read and becomes exciting as the chapter progresses

    2023-12-12 16:49:40
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176 chapters
Chapter 1 - Biggest Shock
Chapter 1 - Biggest ShockCephas was delivering cakes on a snowy afternoon. He struggled, driving his scooter on the slippery highway, as chilly air threw itself at his face.This was the last delivery he had to make before he returned to the warmth of his house and to his beautiful wife.He was trying to earn the last cash to complete the money he had been saving up to buy her a designer bag.His wife, Violet loved handbags so much but he could not buy designer bags for her. Because of the types of friends she had, she hated the idea of buying a knockoff bag. Besides the fact that he had to ride a long way to the hotel, he was happy that the next day was his birthday.He would turn 25 years old, his struggles and hardship he was facing was finally coming to an end.The thought of that made him more enthusiastic to work without thinking of the stress he was passing through.He parked his scooter on the driveway of the hotel. The place was closed, it seemed like very wealthy people ha
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Chapter 2 - Let’s get a divorce
Chapter 2 - Let’s get a Divorce.Anger, sadness and Devastation, those were the three things Cephas was feeling when his eyes fell on them.Everything in his head stopped moving, he stared into space, losing consciousness.A strange man, he didn’t know, was kissing his wife, kneading her backside like it was a dough. She also responded to his kisses passionately, digging her fingers into his hair. “What are you doing here?” Violet’s voice brought him back to reality.She had pulled away from the man she was kissing when they noticed Cephas’s presence.The man she was kissing remained where he was, Violet was now in front of him. She gestured to hold his hand but he refused, taking a few steps backward. “Violet, who is he?” He held himself from losing his temper.The woman that mattered so much to him. The woman he had to bear that humiliation for was hooking up with another man.“That’s Kade, Hannah’s brother. He is just a friend to me,” She tried explaining herself with obvious li
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Chapter 3 - Loser
Chapter 3 - LoserCephas and Violet walk out of the divorce court after finalizing their divorce case. He was so sad to let Violet go but she didn’t want him anymore. There was nothing he could do about it.He had been begging her but she fell on deaf ears.He had even explained that he was expecting some money. She told him to move on with his life.She was done with him!“I hope women are wise enough to stay away from a broke man like you so their lives won’t be miserable.” She said scornfully to him.“Are you saying your life with me was miserable? When I gave you all you asked for?”“Getting me bags and shoes that were out of season isn’t living miserably? See why you don’t deserve to have any woman in your life,”She sized him from head to toe. “I made a terrible mistake marrying you. Hopefully no one else does the same. Take a look at all I wore today, kade bought them for me.”“I have bought more things for you, would it kill you if you tried to be satisfied with what I got
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Chapter 4 - Sleeping with the CEO
Chapter 4- Sleeping with the CEO“You know what? I am going to drive,” Cephas smiled at his sister. She threw the key to the Lamborghini to him.He caught it swifty got into the driver’s seat, his sister was the passenger princess for the ride.. “I thought you said you didn’t know how to drive,” Violet asked, yelling on top of her voice. She walked down the stairs in a rush while Kade followed her closely so she wouldn't fall off and hurt herself.Cephas ignored her, igniting the engine of the car. The car roared, sending waves of shock to Kade and Violet. They didn’t expect the reaction from the car.He laughed at the effect the car’s engine had on them and he zoomed off.“Ceph,” Sarah started. “Was that your wife? The one you married against dads wish?”“I’m afraid, yes,” he responded coldly as his hand tightened on the wheel of the car.“Was she worth the exile moment father gave to you?” She asked him. Sarah adored her brother and so did their father. Their lives were going on s
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Chapter 5 - 500 Million Dollars.
Chapter 5 - 5 Hundred Million Dollars “What’s wrong?” Cephas asked with concern written on his face. He had never seen her that way since he started working in her company. This situation was strange to him.Ms Williams broke down in tears and sank in her office chair, he offered her a clean handkerchief to wipe her face. He paced around her office then he sat down before he spoke. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk, I am sorry for what happened.”Ms Williams sniffed and dabbed her face with the handkerchief. “I am sorry for acting like a child. It’s unlike me to act like that.”“You didn’t act like a child, sometimes crying helps to relieve stress.” He said to make her feel relaxed. Her eyes were red from crying but her makeup wasn’t ruined.“It must be waterproof” he thought to himself. At least her makeup wasn't all over the place, the other members of staff won’t be aware of what just happened.He didn’t like the way she was crying, he was eager to know what made her cry. She
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Chapter 6 - Let’s sign a contract
Chapter 6 - Let’s sign a contract“What’s this?” Cephas picked the document up and gazed at it then he stared at her. He flipped through the pages while she responded to him“It’s a contract that state that if you end up paying and you are saying the truth, I will be heels over head for you,”Ms Williams folded her arms and fixed her eyes on his movement. Wondering what he would say next. If he backed out right now, she made up her mind to never speak to him again. It was fair that way because taking a prank this far would justify her cutting him off.Another part of her hoped that he really had the money on him so that she would not have to sleep with that disgusting old man.She couldn’t imagine giving her virginity to someone like him, it might even be fairer if it was something that didn’t have an appearance.Giving up on her business wasn't an option for, she had toiled day and night, working so hard to build up her company beating the odds of coming from a poor family.She did
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Chapter 7 - In shock
Chapter 7 - In shockMs Williams could not speak for some moment. She was too stunned to speak, like the zeros behind the figure five hypnotized her.She didn’t expect to see that amount of money as her credit from him. It was like a dream, a fairytale.This was real life not some disney movie, she pinched her cheek to see if was really awake.She was indeed awake watching the fat sum of money sitting in her account. Her emotions were all over the place, she didn’t know if she was supposed to cry or laugh at her situation.She just managed to digest the whole situation.Cephas cleared his throat. “Ms Williams?” He called, he got no response from her. He went to her side to give her a tap. She recovered from her start for shock, adjusting her shirt, she sat on her chair to regain her composure. It was like something caught her tongue, she didn’t know how to talk. How was she supposed to react? Jump and bow to him to say thank you?But that would seem like she was doing too much. Gee
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Chapter 8 - The Leech
Chapter 8 - The LeechKamil is one of the senior executives at Will’s Pastry. He was the bigger cheat in the company that embezzled all the profits from the company.Ms Williams was aware of all this but she didn’t fire him because he helped her when she was building the company. It was hard overlooking his deeds but Ms Williams was kind enough to do it. She never confronted him about the funds, she only acted like she knew nothing about it.Though Kamil’s intention was to make Ms Williams ask him for help so they can get together romantically but she never gave him the chance.That is why he always looked for cunning opportunities to be close to her.Grey was a spy for Kamil, he often informed him about Ms Williams' movements. Grey and Kamil, walked into the Ms Willams office without knocking. Immediately they saw her in Cephas’ hands, they pushed him.“How dare you hold our dear Ms Williams in your hands?” Kamil snarled at him as he helped Ms Williasms up.He was jealous that C
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Chapter 9 - Search him for my atm card
He excused himself from the gathering to join his sister then they went to the company. A team of bodyguards in black suits and shades were waiting for them at the entrance.The company had gone to be bigger than what it used to be. Sarah moved close to him.“You are going to reclaim your position as the CEO, Father was impressed that the Worbes magazine mentioned you as the Magnate of the year for the past three years.”The bodyguards quickly surrounded him as he got down from the car. He was impressed because he didn’t get this kind of treatment from father in the past.He drove himself without a driver or bodyguards, his father had banned all those services from his reach.His hard work while he was at the company paid off and his father finally gave him what he deserved. To keep him protected, she and the bodyguards helped him pass the back of the company. After the day’s work, Sarah took him to his hotel penthouse. “We are doing temporary renovations in your house, you should
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Chapter 10 - Check the CCTV
The other customers started murmuring, whispering amongst themselves as they watched as things folded out.“It’s starting to get messy.”“Who is he? Did he really steal from Lord Kade’s sister?”“Maybe he needs some money”“What’s going on here? The manager demanded from the Clerk and the gossiping seemed to quiet down. Everyone wanted to know what the manager was going to do.“This delivery boy just stole from me.” Hannah quickly accused Cephas. “I am a regular here, how can this kind of mishap befall me?”“Ma’am, I am sorry about what happened. I will look into it right away.” The manager bowed before her.Cephas cared less about the situation with Hannah, he was rather happy that they were treating their customers with utmost care.The staff didn’t recognize them, the manager was even a new staff member, Sarah had not mentioned it to him.No one there knew him as their boss.“Sir, we have been watching the whole scenario from the cctv…”‘I just knew it, he surely took the card from
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