The Mafia Boss’ Successor

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The Mafia Boss’ Successor

By: K Thurah OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Life has been nothing but cruel to Eden, he was treated like trash in his in-laws' house after getting married to his wife Elaina. Nothing he did was ever enough or even good enough to start with until he met a mysterious man on his deathbed who wills him everything he had. Companies, businesses, and multiple streams of income. He automatically transforms Eden into the new boss. But what happens when the past of this stranger starts to haunt Eden and everyone starts to claw at the special key he was given? And what does this key open that everyone is trying to get even if they lost their lives? No one is a friend and even family is not meant to be trusted. What is Eden willing to give to discover the secret of the special key and how long will he survive as the new boss before the dark past of a stranger catches up to him?


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105 chapters
Elaine hummed to herself as she flipped the pan over, avoiding the utensils that would no doubt make clanging sounds and wake the entire family. Eden had been occupied recently with trying to find a good job and while he never spoke of his troubles to Elaine, she knew it bothered him a lot. The constant sneering and mistreatment from her family was beginning to wear him down. It had taken her pleas and cries to even get him to move in with the family and that might have been the biggest mistake ever. The least she could do was make him a hot meal. He’d come back so tired, he fell asleep before his head hit the pillow. She sighed and started to lift the plate off the counter, but it slipped from her oily hands and crashed into the tiled floor, shattering to bits. Her eyes widened and she fell to the floor, gathering the broken shards of glass. Shit, shit, shit! They couldn’t find her in here. They couldn’t find herhere. . . The sound of slamming doors and shuffling feet f
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Elaine flailed while helping Eden up the stairs. Every step hurt and Eden groaned when he couldn’t keep the pain at bay. “Sorry,” she cried for the umpteenth time, adjusting slightly to keep him injured arm from grazing the size wall. He wondered why she bothered apologizing to him when she had cuts scattered about her palms too from trying to gather the broken glass pieces. He would scold her for injuring herself so, but he could hardly speak, and she’d probably done it to try cover for him. She twisted the door knob and they both staggered into the room. Eden’s knees gave out and he collapsed with a muffled cry, pulling Elaine down with him. She apologized and knelt by his side, pulling of his battered shirt slowly before disappearing to get a first aid kit to tend his wounds. The air was filled with his muffled grunts and groans as burning liquid touched his wounds. Once she was done, he opened his eyes to the emptiness of their bedroom. It was painted in varying shades of
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The interview didn’t turn out as well as Eden had anticipated.It didn’t turn out well at all. The moment they heard his surname, they turned him away with the excuse that they weren’t hiring. Every other location he visited gave him the same excuse. He went from door to door, searching and asking, but no one was hiring. As he followed the path down from where he’d just left, he was lost in thoughts of the day’s events. It was just another day of disappointment. But then, he shouldn’t really be surprised. His hope was long lost and he’d known better than to hope that today would be any different. Still, the frustration he felt wasn’t lost on him and he wanted to vent. Needed to. Else he would break down. He couldn’t afford to break. For Elaine, he had to keep going. She was the only reason he kept going.He wanted to be worth everything for her. He wanted to make her proud. So much so she would proudly say one day that she was the wife of Eden Vangot. Lost deeply in his th
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His lips split and pain throbbed in his cheeks as fist collided with flesh. “You should have just said so if you had no cash,” the taxi driver yelled, punching him again. At this rate, he would be heading home with a black eye. “I’m sorry,” he murmured to the driver, but it did little to calm the man’s anger. He kept punching and hitting Eden, demanding that he provided the fare he was charged, but Eden had nothing to give. He emptied out his pockets, showing the driver but the man didn’t stop hitting Eden. “Okay! Okay! I’ll make a call,” Eden said, panting, when the man raised a hand to hit him again. He had no idea who he was going to call but he had to figure something out before he would be beaten to a pulp. “You’d better!” The man yelled, letting go off Eden’sshirt collar. Eden staggered from the man’s grip, wincing at the pain in his body. A truly horrible day this was. He was almost tempted to use the cliché sentence, “Could it get any worse?”, but he knew it could. Fr
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Eden took one step into the room and Elaine whirled, fuming.“You know what they will do to you for standing up to them.You know what happens when you fight back. They will hurt you back a hundred fold. Why then, do you keep doing that? Do you want to die?!” Eden sighed, dropping back to lean against the closed door. “I’m sorry, El. I just had a terrible day. It was too much to handle all at once.” Her eyes softened and she went to stand in front of him, concern written all over her features as she took him in. “What happened out there, den? You have cuts and bruises everywhere,” she said softly, leading him away from the door so he could sit on the bed. She disappeared for long enough to get the first aid kit—she’d been doing that a lot recently. He really would need to stop getting into trouble so he would stop needing to get fixed up. He winced when the wet cotton wool touched his lips and fire exploded in his cut lip. “Sorry,” she mumbled, green eyes fixated on the inju
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The door was suddenly flung open and Eden’s heart lurched with it. He tried running, but a huge burly man had him dangling by his collar and something cold pressed against his throat. Eden stopped moving when he realized there was a gun to his neck.Fear gripped him. Real fear, and it paralyzed him and his senses. The man’s nostrils flared and he gazed into Eden’s eyes. He frowned slightly and dropped Eden slowly, deigning him unfit to be a threat. He lowered his gun, sizing Eden up and pulling him aside from prying eyes. “Who are you?” the man demanded and Eden’s gaze dropped to the gun in the man’s tight grasp. One wrong move, one wrong breath and he might just shoot him. He shivered, and it had nothing to do with the chilly air in the hospital. Just how did he keep finding himself in these sorts of situations? It would seem he had a penchant for trouble and terrible situations, seeing as he kept landing in them when he wasn’t even trying. His lips parted to answer, but he
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The price of wealth
As Eden was walking in the hospital's hallway, passing through numerous hospital wards, his mind was only fixed on one thing - The key.He kept on tossing the key from one hand to another, with different thoughts running through his mind.Thinking about everything that had happened to him in the last thirty minutes was enough to give him a migraine, but at the same time, he couldn't stop thinking about them. The more he thought about it, the louder the bang in his head sounded.Everything was weird, so weird to him, and he'd have loved a full bottle of the strongest alcohol at that moment.Eden could swear that he had been walking for so many minutes, but he was still in the hospital, his eyes taking in every detail of the hospital, the walls, the wards, and nurses - nurses that took pleasure in looking at him in a funny way, or was he the one overthinking it? He didn't know, and he didn't care either.Eden just wanted to get home, and bury his face into a bucket of water.That sounde
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Struggle to find a job
The scorching sun continued hitting against Elaine's smooth skin, and she couldn't take it any longer. She squinted her eyes, and saw a closed shop that was close by. She nodded at herself, and tightened her grip around her back, worn-out bag."I'll stay there for now," she muttered to herself, and started walking towards the shop, which had a huge roof over it. When she got to the shop, she let out a small sigh of relief, happy that she was finally able to escape from the terrible heat.Elaine looked down, and saw that her skin was already red from the effect of the heat. She started rubbing it, thinking it would make it better.It didn't only make it worse, but it also increased the pressure that was already on the skin.The frustration was way too much for her to handle, and she rested her head against the iron surface of the shop, not minding it pressing against her already red skin.She started wishing she could see a chair, or a bed, she didn't mind. Anybody that saw her at that
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Eden couldn't believe the way everything just changed for the best for him.A week ago, he was stuck in his in-laws' house, about to lose his life to stress.He just couldn't believe the fact that everything was going so well for him, because he thought that he was extremely cursed, and nothing could be done about it, but there he was, having a whole company to his name, amongst other great things that were to come.Elaina had told him that she was going for so many interviews, so Eden just had a feeling that she had already gotten one of them. He was feeling so good about it.He paced around the room in anticipation of Elaina's result. He thought of calling her, but he stopped himself, telling himself that she was going to arrive soon."Elaina, where are you?" Eden asked himself, but unfortunately for him, his question was answered by his mother-in-law's scream. She screamed his name, and commanded him to 'appear before her' in just three seconds.Eden rolled his eyes, and wondered h
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Unleashed Fury
Elaina continued searching for Eden, but he was nowhere to be found. She was a bit worried, but she didn't have the time to even bother about his whereabouts, because she was way too excited for that.Giving him a last chance, she called his phone for the seventh time in nine minutes, but his phone just kept ringing, without him picking it.Elaina let out a small sigh, and left her phone on the table beside their bed. Instead of being sad and wondering where Eden was, she decided to celebrate her happiness with someone else.When she thought of that, only one person came to her mind. Laurel.Since laurel is the only one that hates them the least, celebrating her happiness with her sounded like a great idea.With different harmonious hums escaping from Elaina's mouth, she happily skipped outside her room.Before running across the hallway to meet laurel, she checked everywhere, to make sure that nobody was in sight, her grandmother especially. Elaina was sure that if her grandmother ha
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