The Mediums Help
The Mediums Help
Author: Meybulansafitrii

The heavy rain made the water rise even more, almost touching the sleeping girl's ears. The splash of water made her wince before opening her eyes wide, she suddenly sat up and looked around. This place was dark with pools of water, no sound but the sound of rain and thunder above.

Silva quickly climbed up because she was afraid of something in the hole. She also didn't know why she had to fall asleep in a hole that looked exactly like a grave. Her last memory is only school, and a few people. Silva took a deep breath once he reached the top, but sadly it was much darker up there.

The flash helped her see the forest as far as the eye could see. Huge trees everywhere with the sounds of small animals. Crickets or maybe other noisy animals, Silva didn't really understand the sounds of wild animals in the forest.

She started to take steps after thinking for a few minutes. Directionless steps, and eternal light. The flash came several times with long pauses. Silva didn't mind the darkness, but she still had questions about where she was right now. Why did she have to be in the forest?

"Ouch!" she shouted quite loudly. She had to sit up to look at her bare feet, something was making the soles of her feet bleed.

Very sick, Silva did not want to continue the journey. However, she wanted to go home soon, sleeping on a soft bed while wearing a thick blanket. It was so thick that her body felt very warm.


The sound made her pause for a moment, Silva turned her head back slowly. However, there was no one there, and even when the flash came, only the rows of trees along the road were visible. Silva frowned before continuing her tiring journey. There was no street with lights after she had been gone for so long, from where she was now to the end of the street there was still darkness.


This time the voice was clearer, but Silva was reluctant to turn around. She chose to continue walking straight, but a miserable scream made her stop wide-eyed. Her lips parted slightly as her left chest ached.

Silva just fell, her knee hitting something that felt rough, and sharp. Not knowing whether his condition was bleeding or not, Silva ignored her knee. She continued to touch her left chest which was in excruciating pain.

"It hurts... it really hurts," someone groaned while continuing to cry.

Only the shapeless sound made Silva confused, but the pain she felt was even more excruciating. "Ouch! Why is this?" said Silva confused.


Silva looked back as a crossbow stuck right next to him. Several people were running towards her now, strangers who looked to be holding grudges. Silva quickly ran away with all the strength she had. Avoid the bows as much as possible, and as far as possible so she doesn't get caught.

Tired escape with heavy rain without lighting. Her panting breath made her stop for a moment to take a deep breath. However, the bright light from the stranger made her run again. I felt like crying as loud as I could while calling her parents, but unfortunately Silva couldn't do that.

"This way," said a girl as she grabbed Silva's right arm.

Silva didn't protest because the path the stranger had chosen kept her away from the strange crowd earlier. Their steps began to slow down, her hands were no longer tightly clasped. Even now she saw the moonlight when it no longer rained. Two thick eyebrows with beautiful eyes that Silva first saw from that figure. A smile so sweet now she can see.

"Your leg doesn't hurt?" asked the pretty girl. Her face turned sad as she lowered her head, Silva felt bad now. "Bloody, don't want to be treated first?"

"Who is that?" replied Silva. She didn't care about her injured knee, she even forgot about the pain in her chest.


"Hunter?" Silva frowned.

"They are protected animal hunters as well as kidnappers. You were kidnapped like any other girl."

Silva was getting more and more clueless, her brows never stretching.

"All of us," she said again, and this time other girls appeared from behind a big tree. So many that it made Silva gape in disbelief. "We are all victims, but you are not."

"Hah?" again Silva did not understand.

"Open your eyes Silva!"

"Open your eyes Silva!" they said compactly.

Silva didn't understand even more while looking around her where there were more and more girls her age. They gave unfriendly looks, some even gave sinister smiles. "What?" she muttered confusedly.

"Close your eyes Silva!" said the beautiful girl again.

"Hah!" Silva widened her eyes after being forced to close her eyes. Now the place changed, she sat leaning against a big tree with the sun clearly visible. Silva gulped when she realized how dirty her clothes were.

The sound of someone's footsteps made her focus again on protecting herself. She tried to peek a bit, saw four big men with weapons in their hands looking for her. The guys didn't get tired, continuing to chase prey until it was found.

Silva shuddered in horror, she prayed while waiting for the right time to run. She waited quite a while for the four men to actually leave. Silva chose to go towards the rising sun, following the instincts she thought she should trust when things were critical.

She really didn't know whether this path she had taken was wrong or not, she kept running while looking back several times. However, it was a pity that the four men just now were behind her and trying to shoot now.

"Hah!" her eyes rounded, Silva stopped before death picks up. The abyss was in front of her eyes now, but behind were four men who had been eyeing her for a long time. Silva is again faced with something so difficult, she can't even make a decision right away.


Silva heard the deep voice again, she looked back when the burly man was ready to shoot at her. Whether the choice is right or not, Silva chose to dive down. Feel herself floating from a scary place to heaven.

"Ah!" the little scream made her wake up with a thick blanket. Silva paused while looking around her, the pleasant room with a soft and comfortable bed made her remember where she was now.

She gave a grateful sigh to God because the incident just now was just a dream that felt so real. Silva smiled as she slept hugging a bolster, but the memory of her sore knee made her grope below. There is a stinging feeling, and the surface is a little rough she feels.

She threw the thick blanket just like that, and it was true that both of her knees had wounds. Silva didn't understand why she had to get injured even though she was only having a dream. She had experienced something like this several times, and had to get treatment right away so he wouldn't get a fever.

She lazily left the bed she missed so much. The living room was silent, Silva grabbed the red medicine and cotton wool before sitting down on the sofa. Luckily there was no pain when giving the red medicine, but this incident remains a question that never gets an answer.


The boy sleeps so soundly in the dark. Inside the soft blanket makes his body really feel warm. The silence of the dark room made it even more comfortable to dream, but sadly she had to open her bloodshot eyes before sitting up. The noise from outside made the thick-browed boy frown.

He walked out of the messy bed, he immediately turned the doorknob so he could open it wide. The screams that sounded sad were so clear when the door opened, Resa quickly left the room to the kitchen at the end of the house.

"Father!" he shouted as soon as he saw his mother lying on the cold floor with blood dripping from the corners of her lips.

The woman was crying while begging for mercy, but Surya - Resa's father became even worse. He tugged at his wife's long hair and pressed her face against the wall again. Over and over again with a loud sound.

Resa's hands clenched tightly, and her jaw also hardened with a red face. His right foot took the first step slowly, then changed to running fast before finally kicking Surya's body until he fell down like Anik.

He gave first aid to a woman who was crying, unable to bear the pain and soreness in the corners of her lips. He told Anik to sit on a chair in the corner of the kitchen, then returned to Surya who was glaring at him.

Resa no longer thinks that the man in front of his is Resa's father. What's in his head is Surya, who has no conscience, and has never used his brain to think like a normal human.

"You die!" said Surya in such a high tone, it sounded scary to Anik who was in the corner of the room.

The man took the broken glass, and ran towards Resa. He stabbed his son's right shoulder without feeling the slightest guilt, but Resa didn't just stay silent. He pushed Surya until he fell back down. Fresh blood came out as soon as the rather large shard of glass was pulled. A feeling of pain spread through the pain that was the first time he felt.

Surya thought again, and approached Resa to teach a lesson. However, unfortunately it wasn't Resa who learned the lesson, but herself who received a beating from his son until the corners of his lips oozed fresh blood.

"Impudent child!" he shouted before staggering to his feet. He lost his balance, and Resa hit Surya again until his head hit the corner of the dining table.

His forehead turned bluish-red, and his consciousness completely disappeared. He collapsed at the foot of the table, and no one offered help. Resa chose to hug his mother who was still in pain, and Regina, who had been peeking from behind the door, ran to hug Resa from behind.

The girl's body trembled slightly before finally crying on her brother's back. Making Resa's plain t-shirt wet even though not that much. Regina tightened her arms, feeling like she didn't want to lose the person she loved the most.

"Regina?" call Resa softly. He removed the two tiny hands from his waist, and then gave a look as if everything was going well. "Why are you crying?"

"There was blood everywhere," Regina said between sobs.

"I'm fine even though there's blood on the shoulder. There's only a little blood, and Mother feels better too." Resa began to wipe his sister's tears with his right hand. Give the most beautiful smile today. "Everything is fine, don't worry about it!"

"But Mother." Regina turned to Anik who also gave a smile with a shapeless face. Bruises were everywhere, and dried blood was at the corners of the lips. She felt sorry, so sorry that she hugged Anik tightly. "Mom, let's go to the hospital!"

"Mom is fine, you don't have to go to such an expensive place."

"But Mom's face isn't okay, let's go to the hospital to get Mom back to health!" Regina said annoyed, she pulled Resa's right arm. "Big brother should also go to the hospital, you two should get help from the medical team. How come no one is listening to me here? Why are you two so stubborn about this?"

"Regina, it's just a small wound. I'll be fine after putting some ointment on the wound, and everything will be fine after two weeks," Resa explained casually.

"It's not a small wound." Regina shook her head, and this time she cried even more. There were so many tears in her eyes that the corners of her lips pulled down because of the sadness she had. "You have to get treatment so you can go to school tomorrow."

"I'm still going to school tomorrow, and avoiding wearing a backpack so my shoulders are okay. You don't have to worry, I'm a very strong person."

"Then what about Father? I'm pretty sure he'll be pissed off tomorrow, and we'll be dealt even harder punches. I don't want that to happen."

Seeing Regina's attitude like this cut Resa's heart, he is actually annoyed with Surya. Wanting to let that annoying man stay on the cold floor without wiping off the flowing blood, but he couldn't stand Regina's fear.

Resa took a deep breath before giving Regina an understanding, and told the girl to sleep with Anik immediately. While he went to pull Surya's legs with difficulty because of the man's weight, he carried him to a warm room while wearing a thick blanket especially for Surya as the head of the household.

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