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By: Jay OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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When Adrien finally reaches the amount of subs he wants he invites people to go camping. Days later everything's set up and ready. Little did they know when night falls, a whole story unfolds for them. The night seems to be endless, while the night will last forever for some of them.

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21 chapters
ch1 Invitation
-Adrien's pov:-"Together?" I asked James.He sighed. "Together." He answered rolling his eyes.I had reached my subgoal but was clueless on how to make a new one."Well Adrien first you head out to stream manager in the creator dashboard." He took a break to give me time to follow his instructions. "After, you click on the plus icon under quick actions and voila, you're able to create a subgoal.""I found it! Thank you James." I said smiling at him. "Don't smile at me like that!" He joked, I think. "Go think about what the viewers will get if you hit your subgoal" he finished. His sentence lit up my thought process. "Right! When we manage to hit this new subgoal we'll do something fun like going on a tour or sum." I looked at James, grabbed a Random plastic gun I had laying around and put it to his head. "And you're coming along." He put his hands in the air. "Oh god whatever will I do?" He wailed sarcastically. I noticed my live time, I had hit 2 hours, and honestly, I was done
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ch2 Investation
-Adrien's pov:-I woke up to sunlight entering my room via my unclosed window. Apparently I forgot to close it last night. I hadn't quite found the energy to get out of bed after a minute of ten. I just stared at my roof still thinking about the inviting part.I found my phone on my desk and checked my inbox immediately. I had a single notification from James. "I'm on my way, rather you like it or not." Said James's text."Uhm okey sure, I'm home the entire day so that's do-able, see you soon!" As soon as I have layed my phone down I have forced myself to get up to take a shower, maybe that'll awake me properly. I turned on the shower so it could heat up whilst I'm getting ready. I undressed myself out of my pyjama's and felt the temperature of the water. "Ouch!" I yelled out as the hot water burnt my wrist. I quickly turned the heat down and waited patiently for the water to cool.I stepped in the shower and took a quick shower. Although shampoo had gotten in my eyes it felt ve
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ch3 Declination
-James's pov:-I woke up to Adrien shouting at his pc. Apparently he had already gone live. I took a peek at his Live count. He had been live for 3 hours, how haven't I been awoken by him yet? I tried to get some more sleep but failed even worse than describable.After a while Adrien finally shut his stream down. "James!" He yelled."What?" I said with a broken voice."I'm only eleven subs away from my goal!""Wow that's great!" I tried to put so much effort into that sentence but not much got out of it."Uh, thank you?" "Geez I've been trying to sleep Adrien.""Yeah, yeah I'm sorry." He said self-centered and typing very aggressive. "Hold on a moment, I'm going to call Enzo. It shocked me. "No wait! W- why are you calling him?" I asked fastly before he'd actually call him but I was late. I saw Enzo had already picked up. "Hi, I'm sure you've heard it by now, do you wanna come camping." Said Adrien smiling bright.I felt the doubt coming from Enzo. And knew he actually wanted t
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ch4 Transportation
-Adrien's pov:-Yeah, I guess I've been feeling really overwhelmed lately. But that's logical, seeing all the things I've been accomplishing over the past few days.Although yesterday I had a whole day to rest it wasn't enough to fully charge my social battery.But no exceptions, today's the day. I had waited all afternoon for people to arrive at my apartment. All though James should've been here already for half an hour, I didn't bother.I still needed to drive for a solid amount of two hours so I shouldn't ruin my energy on stressing right now.The first persons arrived. They were Jasper, Lola , Walter and Warren. I guess they all travelled with the same train."Hey Adrien!" I heard Warren yell.I just smiled as they came closer to me step by step."Hey man how's it going?" Asked Walter, I hadn't seen him for too long now."I'm good mate!"At that moment a black Mercedes drove around the corner. Was it James? The car stopped next to mine in front of us. It was indeed him.He step
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ch5 Destination
-Adrien's pov:-We finally got there. Everyone grabbed their bags out of the car they've put it in. I checked to see how many people had backpacks and had hands free to carry some of the camping stuff.Three, three persons had hands free, that'll do. "Millie, Tom and Warren. Can you three come help me over here, I need some hands." I asked as polite as I could.They came. "We'll need to carry these two gas bottles, two tents, and these crates filled with food and drinks."I quickly realized this wasn't gonna work as I hoped it would. Some people are going to have to walk multiple times. It was a two mile walk so that would be an awful lot of work. I guess we'll have to deal with it seeing we don't have any other choice. I handed Millie a gas bottle and the other bottle I handed to Warren.I gave a tent to Tom and carried the other tent myself."Alright, it's a walk of two miles so make sure you have some water in reach." I told everyone before leaving.We walked deeper inside of
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ch6 Preparation
-adrien's pov:-The moment we got there I took matter into my own hands. I grabbed the attention of everyone which was kinda hard seeing how many people we had."It's getting kinda late and dark so we might wanna hurry this a bit up. We're going to need to set up two tents. We'll never make it to set up the kitchen tent too so we'll be stretching our hands over that by morning. For now we'll form ourselves into two teams of six. These teams will also be the people you'll be sleeping with in your tent so choose wisely okay?" James immediately approached me with a horribly proud look. I smiled at him as he gave me a hug. "I'm so proud of you, you're finally becoming a man Adrien." He said whilst still in the hug."Thank you, thank you so much." As he let go of the hug I saw Millie, Lola and Jasper standing close to me and James."Just to clarify, we're standing here to be joining your tent." Said Jasper."Yeah, we figured you two would definitely share a tent and thought you both ar
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ch7 Exultation
-James's pov:-The crates of food Warren and I had to carry were heavier than I expected so it took longer than it should've took but we were there."You had to ask me for this?" Asked Warren visually out of breath."Come on we're here don't exaggerate." I replied.I immediately noticed the tents being set up pretty good. Honestly I wasn't expecting that with those people, and to be fair you can't even blame me!I heard one of the zippers of the tent and saw a figure coming out of the left tent."James? James is that you?" Said Adrien frantically."Yes it's me!" I yelled back.Adrien ran towards and fell into my arms. "I've been worried sick! I thought I'd lost you! What took you so long?!" He asked with mixed feelings. I felt his sadness and anger melt together into one emotion.I held him close to me."I'm sorry, the crates were heavier than expected. But you're tired Adrien. We all need a rest including you. Come, let's go." I said letting go of him."Don't ever do that again." "
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ch8 Separation
-Tom's pov:-Honestly I was so tired. But I just couldn't seem to get myself to sleep. I heard Walter rolling over and over so I guess he must be having the same issues as I'm having right now.I layed at the door side of the tent so I could quickly get out which was nice. I finally found a comfy position. I felt it, I could fall asleep like this. Until I heard footsteps. Who the fuck would be out so late? Wait, maybe James and Warren finally came back? No, no that can't be them. They've came back before. Who? It kept me paranoid. I sat up in my bed and tried to peek through the holes of the unopened windows.It sure looked like somebody was standing infront of the tent of the others but on the other hand it didn't.No, no it can't be. Did it just move? I heard a horribly loud bang. Louder than loud. Impossible to not hear.That was the final drip for me. I looked around seeing everyone sitting right up. Apparently the bang had awoken everyone.I heard yelling and crying come
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ch9 Tension
-Adrien's pov:-I still couldn't get James's limp body off of my thoughts. It kept bugging me over and over. He promised. I know he couldn't have avoided this but it hurted more than anything.But Warren was right. Instead of showing grief, I should make my loss a reason to keep fighting and make sure this never happens again. In the time the five of us had already ran deep into the forest.It was too dark to be able to see properly so we had an absolute amount of zero clue where we were.We stopped to get ourselves rest and some breath."This is all your fault Adrien." Said Millie."Millie no, don't do this right now." Commanded Lola."It's the truth. Without him non of us would be in danger right now. Without him we wouldn't have lost James. Without him-" "Millie shut up!" Shouted Warren. "This is not the time for arguments." But personally, I wasn't gonna let Millie's argument gonna slide."You think I wanted this? You actually believe I wanted to lose one of my closest friends
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ch10 Protection
-Lola's pov:-I was trying so hard to keep order with everyone and keep them calm.But it was hard. Very hard. I mean we have just witnessed a murder so it can't be easy for them, neither for me dont get me wrong.It's just that I never really knew how to express my feelings.We waited for what seemed like an hour and were making our way back to the camp.I knew it was a dumb idea but we might as well try right? If we stay in one place he'll find us sooner or later anyways.I saw our camp sight in the distance. I hoped so bad we weren't going to be having someone over. But I could feel it, we weren't alone. "Hold on." Said Jasper stopping everyone from walking. "Are we sure we want to do this? It's dangerous, very dangerous, isn't it better to just hide until the sun will rise?" "I'm certain." I replied. "We'll have to. That psycho has the upper hand, he knows every move we make. If we don't get out of here he'll make an end to all of us." Reacted Millie.So he finally came back to
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