The Noble Son-In-Law Denial Of Inheritance!

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The Noble Son-In-Law Denial Of Inheritance!

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Theophilus Jake was originally a poor man, but he accidentally saved the life of Dulcie Miller’s grandfather. As a result, he decided to engage and marry Dulcie for Theophilus. Dulcie was the most beautiful girl in San Francisco, and many men wanted to marry her. After marrying Theophilus, she did not hate his poor background, but she also did not care about him. They had two separate lives unrelated, but Theophilus fell in love with Dulcie from being around her for so long. Soon after, Theophilus’s biological father found him and wanted him to return to the noble Alexander family to inherit the family fortune. He refused the inheritance because he hated his father for abandoning him and his mother. He was a nobleman of the Alexander family but refused the inheritance because he only wanted to be a son-in-law in the Miller family. Despite the Miller family’s dislike, he still insisted on being a humble man. However, Dulcie was looked down upon and bullied by the Miller family. But no one knew that Theophilus had an even greater inheritance than the Alexander family. It was the Mysterious Royal-X, a family that had stood firm for hundreds, thousands of years. He inherited the fortune and returned as a noble son-in-law.


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Chapter 1: Denial Of Inheritance!
"You want to decline the invitation from the boss, young master Alexander?" "I don't belong to the Alexander family. My last name is Jake." "But you still have the bloodline of the Alexander family in you." "When they kicked my mother out of the Alexander household, I no longer have any relationship with those Alexander bloodlines." On a late afternoon in San Francisco, on X-A13 street, a black and luxurious Bentley stopped in the busy city, attracting the attention of passersby like a swan among ducks. A handsome young man was cleaning up some grilling utensils and a cart in front of a barbecue stand. An older man in black got out of the Bentley and stood in front of the barbecue stand as if pleading with the young man for something. "You know, young master, what the old master did back then was also due to circumstances. Although it caused his wife to suffer, he never drove you away... Over a year ago, when the old patriarch fell seriously ill, he sent us to find you for a yea
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Chapter 2: Intentionally Harmful!
A red carpet was spread out in the grand hall, which was incredibly spacious and adorned with elegant Eastern architecture. The esteemed guests of the Miller family took their seats one by one. Dulcie carried a delicate gift box and approached the bride, Jena, smiling as she said: "Congratulations on your wedding, Jena. May you have a happy and harmonious marriage for a hundred years." Jena's face was refined, with fair skin and an imposing demeanor, but overall, she still fell slightly inferior to Dulcie. Jena looked coldly at Dulcie and said: "Put the gift over there." "Jena, can I accompany you for a while?" Dulcie asked with a smile. "No need. You don't have to meddle in my affairs. I know what your purpose is. Your father's business is not our concern." Jena replied, showing no mercy. Dulcie's smile froze, and she tightly gripped her hand, her body shaking slightly. Before marrying Theophilus, she was doted on by her father and was considered the shining jewel of the Miller
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Chapter 3: Forced Divorce!
Dulcie lives in the Groundswell apartment complex, a building built ten years ago that looks plain and outdated. It does not reflect their status in the Millers, a family wealthier in San Francisco. Upon arriving home, Theophilus' in-laws, Anselm and Ariel, were sitting on the sofa with serious expressions. "Humph!" Ariel sneered: "Theophilus, you even dare to return to this house?" "We already know what happened at the wedding today, Theophilus. You are just unlucky! You ruined something that was going well!" Ariel stood up and shouted. "Stop it, Mom. Don't blame Theophilus. Uncle's family had no intention of helping us." Dulcie intervened. Ariel became even angrier after hearing this and exclaimed: "This foolish daughter of mine, are you trying to help him? Hasn't he caused enough harm to you? If it weren't for him, would you be in such a miserable state? You should have married into a powerful family!" "Mom, why do you always want to rely on others? Can't we rely on ourselves?
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Chapter 4: Fight Back!
"What does he look like?" Magnus asked. The secretary replied: "He's a young man in his twenties." "Bring him in to see me." Magnus's face was severe, hesitating as he asked again: "A young man in his twenties?" Five minutes later, Theophilus was led by the secretary to the chairman's office on the sixty-sixth floor. Theophilus generously sat down. The middle-aged man looked dignified and observed him thoughtfully. "Who are you?" Magnus asked suspiciously, with a slightly unclear look at the young man before him. "Do you recognize this?" Theophilus took out a blue Jade Amulet. Complex patterns were engraved on the Jade Amulet Command, and a prominent James word was in the middle. "What is this?" Magnus's face was horrified as he looked at the Jade Amulet Command, his mind unclear. This was the Jade Amulet Command representing the identity of the James family, and there were only a few pieces in total. Even if he was the spokesperson of the James family, he did not have it...
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Chapter 5: Bankruptcy Risk!
At the same time, in another place. The Miller Jewelry Corporation is located in the X-Peak building. The building is over twenty floors high, with people running back and forth on each floor, and the employees all look hurried and anxious, as if something significant has happened. On the twenty-third floor, in the conference room. The Miller family's board of directors has called for an emergency meeting. The large and long conference table has over twenty people sitting around it. All the wealthy and influential members of the Miller family in San Francisco are present. "What's going on? How did chaos suddenly erupt in the corporation like this?" "Big brother, what happened? I was playing golf earlier, and then I received some phone calls and had to rush back to this meeting. All our major clients have canceled their partnerships with us. How could the corporation be thrown into such chaos? Did someone offend someone else? Otherwise, why would everything suddenly come to a ha
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Chapter 6: Humiliation Beyond Limits!
"Lick it clean? Eat it all?" Eugene's face turned highly unsightly, as he couldn't believe that the chairman's secretary of the James Group would be so overbearing. "Mr. Joe, Orborne didn't understand the rules; please show me some respect...?" Eugene pleaded. "Stop!" Leighton exclaimed, signaling Eugene to be quiet. "Ten seconds." Leighton smirked at Eugene and then turned cold, saying: "If you can't do it, Eugene, you can resign. No need to come to the X-Peak building tomorrow. I'll have all your jewelry stores in shopping centers, and factories accounted for. With the professionalism of our James Group team, we can handle this in twenty-four hours." As the personal secretary of the James Group's chairman and a trusted steward, Leighton's business negotiation and trading experience were incredibly extensive. There wasn't a big issue he hadn't encountered. Suddenly creating a scene, his mere presence pressured the Miller family, making it difficult for them to raise their heads.
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Chapter 7: Shared Passion.
"My twos brothers have been running the corporation for years, and significant problems must exist. The James Corporation has a lot of money to pressure people and join the corporation, which will not be a bad thing for the development of the company. However, it is a bit regrettable that the family business left by my father has changed from a family company to a public company." Anselm said slowly, his expression somewhat complicated. He held a newspaper in his hand. The news above recorded the significant adjustment of the Miller Corporation's jewelry division, with Chairman Leighton Joe announcing the company's development following new principles. "Hmph, you're worrying too much. While you worry about the Miller Corporation, has your father ever glanced at you? Has he given you the authority to manage the corporation?" Ariel didn't give Anselm any face and said slowly: "In the future, you just need to focus on following the newly appointed Chairman Joe. They treat the small work
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Chapter 8: Turn The Situation!
Early the following day. At Dulcie's request, Theophilus accompanied her to the office. They hailed a taxi and headed straight to the X-Peak building. Dulcie was thrilled. This was the first time her jewelry design was approved. Moreover, the chairman of a large corporation personally responded! "I'm so nervous. This is my first time speaking to someone as important as the chairman." Sitting in the back seat, Dulcie felt uncertain and said: "I don't know what he'll ask me. I'm worried that if I say something wrong, he won't accept my design..." "Don't be too anxious. Explain your ideas and thoughts to him." Theophilus advised. "If one day my jewelry design is truly unveiled and receives public praise at an exhibition, that would be so fulfilling!" Dulcie's eyes brimmed with longing as she yearned for such an achievement. Theophilus reassured her: "Don't worry. Your design idea will be launched." "Really? That's fantastic!" Dulcie's face lit up with excitement and anticipation.
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Chapter 9: General Manager Internship!
President's office.Leighton personally made two cups of coffee for Dulcie and Theophilus.This incident gave Dulcie a bit of joy and concern, thinking that her idea of jewelry design was already taken seriously by President Joe."Don't be rude. Just sit down." Leighton returned to his seat with a gentle face saying, "The 'King World' design you designed, I am delighted. I feel classy and highly qualified.""Thank you, Chairman Joe." Dulcie said, then actively introduced Theophilus: "The 'King World' is my overall design, and Theophilus, who is next to me.""Oh?" said Leighton indifferently: "Is this your husband?""Yes." Dulcie hesitated for a moment, then nodded.Leighton laughed, "This time, inviting you to come is to tell you the board has accepted your idea. The company will carry out the production. By then, I hope to have you supervise its research and development, which you will are in charge of.""Will I be in charge of supervision?" Dulcie was a little startled, then immedia
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Chapter 10: Ambush!
Go home.Dulcie parents got the good news on the phone early on. After the good times, Mrs. Ariel rolled up her sleeves and rarely went to the kitchen to prepare the meal for the two of them to return."Today, my daughter is promoted to a design director for the corporation, and she is also in charge of a billion-dollar jewelry project. Our family must celebrate a great meal." On the table, Mrs. Ariel spoke excitedly and opened a bottle of wine herself."At the moment, I am only the temporary director, and I have to wait until I wins first place in the group's exhibition to be officially appointed," Dulcie said very seriously."What makes the interim president, who is liked by President Joe and afraid that Jena will oppress you? This time our family is proud of, well, the design director of the corporation are you. Jena is just my daughter's subordinate." Mrs. Ariel had an enjoyable conversation.The look of Mr. Anselm also expressed his joy but said sternly, "Dulcie, it seems that Ch
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