The Noble Son-In-Law Denial Of Inheritance!

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The Noble Son-In-Law Denial Of Inheritance!

By: KMyay CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Theophilus Jake was originally a poor man, but he accidentally saved the life of Dulcie Miller’s grandfather. As a result, he decided to engage and marry Dulcie for Theophilus. Dulcie was the most beautiful girl in Elysian Echo, and many men wanted to marry her. After marrying Theophilus, she did not hate his poor background, but she also did not care about him. They had two separate lives unrelated, but Theophilus fell in love with Dulcie from being around her for so long. Soon after, Theophilus’s biological father found him and wanted him to return to the noble Alexander family to inherit the family fortune. He refused the inheritance because he hated his father for abandoning him and his mother. He was a nobleman of the Alexander family but refused the inheritance because he only wanted to be a son-in-law in the Miller family. Despite the Miller family’s dislike, he still insisted on being a humble man. However, Dulcie was looked down upon and bullied by the Miller family. But no one knew that Theophilus had an even greater inheritance than the Alexander family. It was the Mysterious Royal-X, a family that had stood firm for hundreds, thousands of years. He inherited the fortune and returned as a noble son-in-law.

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  • Hilary Silenga


    Nice book but the more it progresses the more the grammatical errors.. It’s as if they changed the editors or maybe changed authors or something..

    2024-02-26 04:16:27
  • Dragon Sly


    here to show my support ...... nice book

    2023-03-02 16:14:40
  • Bridget Arnold


    Waiting next chapter :)

    2023-01-12 02:09:41
  • blexcarding585


    Author you should check updated chapters cause it just seem like you facing people times by repeating same chapters

    2023-05-13 23:44:08
  • xman


    Very unique name for ML n FL. Another SIL story wt hidden idtty. Hope he's not another hypocrite SIL. Kissing, hugging n dinner date wt other women yet conceal his idtt fr his respective wife.

    2023-04-21 13:49:27
  • Menh Cai


    Like book. I like Theophilus, so manly

    2023-01-12 02:18:00
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615 chapters
Chapter 1: Denial Of Inheritance!
"Young Master Alexander, do you really intend to reject the invitation of the patriarch?" "I'm not Alexander, my last name is Jake." "But you still carry the bloodline of the Alexander family." "The moment they cast my mother out of the Alexander house, I ceased to have any connection with that family." Late afternoon in Elysian Echo City, on X-A13 Street, a luxurious black Bentley stood out amidst the bustling cityscape like a swan among ducks, drawing the eyes of passersby. At a street food stand, a handsome young man was cleaning up his barbecue tools and cart. An elderly man in black stepped out of the Bentley and bent over the food stand, seemingly pleading with the young man. "Young Master, you know, what happened that year was out of necessity. Although it caused distress to the lady, you were never cast out... Over a year ago, when the old master was gravely ill, we spent a year searching for you, spending vast sums and utilizing numerous contacts. It was a tremendous ef
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Chapter 2: Intentionally Harmful!
In the grand hall, which occupied an immense area, decorated in an elegant, ancient Eastern architectural style, a red carpet was laid out. The esteemed guests of the Miller family gradually took their seats. Dulcie, carrying an exquisite gift box, approached the bride, smiling said: "Jena, congratulations on your wedding, wishing you a lifetime of harmony." Jena's face was delicate, with fair skin and a beautiful appearance, her demeanor arrogant, but overall, compared to Dulcie, she still fell a bit short. She looked at Dulcie indifferently and said: "Put the gift over there." "Jena, I'll go with you for a while." Dulcie said with a smile. "No need. You don't have to fuss over me, I know what you're up to, and as for your father's matter, my family won't help." Jena replied coldly, without any consideration. The smile on Dulcie's face froze, replaced by an unmistakable look of dejection. She clenched her fists, her delicate body trembling slightly. Before marrying Theophilus,
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Chapter 3: Forced Divorce!
Dulcie's home was in the Groundswell apartment complex, a building ten years old, showing its simple and worn appearance. It didn’t quite fit the status of someone from the Miller family of Elysian Echo City. Upon reaching home, Theophilus's in-laws, Anselm and Ariel, were sitting on the sofa with serious expressions. "Hmph!" Ariel scoffed: "Theophilus, you still have the face to come back to this house?" "We already know what happened at the wedding today. Theophilus, you really are unlucky! You ruined everything that was going well!" Ariel stood up and scolded loudly. "Forget it, mom, stop it. It’s not Theophilus's fault. The Oldest uncle had no intention of helping us." Dulcie intervened. Upon hearing this, Ariel grew even more furious, angrily saying: "This foolish girl, you're still defending him? Hasn't he harmed you enough? Without him, wouldn't you be suffering in poverty right now? You should have married into a powerful family!" "Mom, why do you always want to rely on
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Chapter 4: Fight Back!
“What does this person look like?” Magnus inquired. “A young man, about twenty years old." the secretary replied. “Let him in." Magnus said seriously, still puzzled: "A young man in his twenties?” Five minutes later, Theophilus was escorted by the secretary to the chairman's office on the sixtieth floor. Theophilus sat down with ease. The middle-aged man, exuding a commanding presence, observed him closely with a serious expression. “Who are you?” Magnus asked suspiciously, unable to fully gauge the young man before him. “Do you recognize this?” Theophilus presented a strikingly green Jade Amulet. The Jade Amulet Command bore intricate patterns, with the James family name prominently engraved in the center. “What is this?” Magnus was visibly startled as he beheld the Jade Amulet Command, his mind reeling. This was a Jade Amulet Command, symbolizing a status within the James family, of which only a few existed. Even as the family spokesperson, he didn’t possess one... He rec
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Chapter 5: Bankruptcy Risk!
Meanwhile, at another location. The Miller family’s jewelry corporation was in the X-Peak Building. The building, towering over twenty stories, bustled with activity. Employees hurried back and forth, their faces etched with urgency, as if a significant crisis had unfolded. On the twenty-third floor, in the conference room. The Miller family’s board of directors convened an emergency meeting. Around the large and long conference table sat over twenty people. All the influential and wealthy members of the Miller family in Elysian Echo City were present. “What’s going on? Why is the corporation suddenly in such chaos?” “Big brother, what happened? I was just playing golf, and after several urgent calls, I rushed back for this meeting. All our major clients have canceled their contracts with us.” “With the corporation in such turmoil, did we offend someone? Why else would our assets be frozen so suddenly?” The room buzzed with noisy discussions, the shareholders anxious and worr
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Chapter 6: Humiliation Beyond Limits!
Eugene's face turned extremely unsightly, not expecting the newly appointed chairman representative of the James Corporation in Empyria to be so authoritarian. “Mr. Joe, Orborne is ignorant of the rules, could you please consider my face…” Eugene pleaded. "Stop!" Leighton cut him off with a word, indicating Eugene to be silent. “Ten seconds." Leighton said with a smile, then his expression turned stern: "If you can’t do it, Eugene, you can resign. You need not come to the X-Peak Building for work tomorrow.” “All the jewelry stores under your name in shopping centers and all your factories will be thoroughly audited. With the professionalism of our James Corporation team, it will only take twenty-four hours to settle this.” As the primary secretary and trusted butler of the James Corporation in Empyria, Leighton's experience in business negotiations was exceptionally rich. There was hardly a major incident he hadn't faced. His sudden involvement had already overwhelmed the Miller
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Chapter 7: Shared Passion.
"Big brother and third brother have clearly had major issues managing the corporation for years. The James Corporation, with its financial clout, joining the corporation isn't necessarily bad, but it's a pity that the family legacy my father left behind has turned from a family enterprise into a public corporation." Anselm said slowly, his expression complex. He was holding a newspaper, which reported that the Miller Corporation's jewelry division was undergoing major restructuring, with Chairman Joe announcing a new direction for the corporation. "Ariel, you worry too much about things that don't concern you. Have you ever seen your father give you a second glance or hand over management of the corporation?" Ariel showed no sympathy for Anselm, slowly saying: "From now on, just focus on following the newly appointed Chairman Joe. The corporation is now treating all the smaller workshops fairly. You're still a nominal shareholder, and after so many years, you'll finally be able to at
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Chapter 8: Turn The Situation!
The next morning. At Dulcie's request, Theophilus accompanied her to the company. They hailed a taxi and headed straight to the X-Peak building. Dulcie was extremely excited, as it was the first time her jewelry design was acknowledged. Moreover, it was personally responded to by the chairman of a major corporation! "I'm so nervous, this is the first time I'm talking to an important figure like the chairman." Dulcie said anxiously in the back seat: "I don't know what he will ask, I'm worried I'll say something wrong and they won't accept my design..." "Don't be too anxious, just express your ideas and thoughts to him." Theophilus advised. "If one day my own jewelry design is released and receives praise from the public at an exhibition, that would be so fulfilling!" Dulcie said, her eyes full of aspiration, dreaming of that achievement. Theophilus reassured her: "Don't worry, your design ideas will definitely be showcased." "Really? That's wonderful!" Dulcie's face brightened w
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Chapter 9: General Manager Internship!
In the chairman's office. Leighton personally prepared two cups of coffee for Dulcie and Theophilus. This special attention made Dulcie feel both elated and nervous, secretly thinking that her jewelry design ideas had caught Chairman Joe's attention. "No need to be formal, please sit down." Leighton said, returning to his seat with a gentle expression: "The ‘King World’ design you created, I am very pleased with it. I see it as very high-class and skillful." “Thank you, Chairman Joe." Dulcie replied, then proactively introduced Theophilus: "The 'King World' piece was a joint design effort by Theophilus and me, this gentleman beside me." "Oh?" Leighton casually remarked: "This person is your husband, isn't he?" "Yes." Dulcie hesitated for a moment, then nodded. Leighton smiled and said: "The reason I invited you here is to let you know that your idea has been accepted by the board. The company will proceed to manufacture the final product, and I hope you will personally oversee t
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Chapter 10: Ambush!
Back home. The Millers had already received the good news over the phone and, after celebrating, Mrs. Ariel rolled up her sleeves to prepare a meal in anticipation of their return. "Today our daughter was promoted to director of design for the corporation, and is also in charge of a billion-dollar gemstone project. We must celebrate grandly!" Mrs. Ariel joyfully spoke at the dinner table, even uncorking a bottle of wine herself. "I am just a temporary director for now. I will be officially appointed only after winning first place in the company's exhibition." Dulcie clarified earnestly. "Temporary director? You’re liked by Chairman Joe, and still worried about Jena oppressing you? This time, our family can be proud. Ah, the design director of the corporation, even Jena is just a subordinate to my daughter." Mrs. Ariel spoke happily. Mr. Anselm also showed a happy face but still said seriously: "Dulcie, it seems Chairman Joe values capability over background. This is a good opportu
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