Chapter 59: Fuckfest
Ozia's voice had never sounded so funny as it did at this moment.

But just as he said, the next scene could only be described as a fuckfest.


Al'ravee expected the humans to be released into the hibernation chamber's corridors.

But instead, the bottom of all the tubes opened up, causing all the humans within to be flushed down through long winding tubes.

"Let's go, I'll give you a closer look," Ozia said.

Before Al'ravee could decide, the scene around him switched. "What the fuck…"

Both he and Ozia glid above a bouncy and bumpy-looking white floor. Looking up, naked humans fell from holes in the ceilings one after another.

They fell onto the bouncy floor which softened their fall greatly. The sight of thousands of naked humans, male, and female, falling around like shrimps was quite fascinating.

Many of the humans stood up to look around instinctively. It was at this point the deadly sin of lust ran rampant.

"Aaaargh!" A middle-aged man screamed at the top of his lungs. It was a
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