Chapter 61: The Call
'Oh well, another time.' Al'ravee turned around to leave. Just then.

"Al'ravee, can I speak with you?" Nordeline's soft voice reached his ears.

"Oh, what is it?" Al'ravee stopped and looked over his shoulders.

"I've been wanting to tell you something very important. I hope that you can remain calm and forgive me." She said.

"Hmm?" Al'ravee turned around to look straight into her eyes. Her blue eyes were glistening, subtly hiding her inner thoughts.

"The thing is.." Nordeline sighed. "I don't want to join the pantheon."

"Oh, "Al'ravee tilted his head. “I knew that.”

Ozia had already told him, he just didn't know the reason yet.

"You do?" Nordeline raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Hey, you've got new clothes. Why don't you show me where you got them? We'll talk on the way." Al'ravee said.

Nordeline had gotten new clothes after the tour so she had always been in a different set of clothes from the start.

Now, she wore a white T-shirt with a blue checkered flare skirt.

"Okay." Nordeline nodded th
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