The Resurgence Of The Lost Heir

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The Resurgence Of The Lost Heir

By: Falcon Gaze Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Due to too much suffering and humilation from his wife who even left him for being poor, Jerome cut his wrist wishing for the God of death to take him away, but then life seemed to have other plans for him. He woke up in a new room with a new identity. The useless Jerome was no more going to be poor, he was going to shock the world with his ruthlessness and lead companies like a big CEO. "I am Jerome, go and tell the Cambridge family who betrayed me that the game has just begun. "

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  • Donna


    This book is so enticing and draws you in so that you believe that the characters are real people!! I really am disappointed when I reach the end of the update. I want more, to continue reading for a long time until the final chapter!! Keep the updates coming!! Thank you!!!

    2023-12-27 19:51:19
  • Falcon Gaze


    Hi lovely readers, I want to make this book the best of all, and without your review, I wouldn't be able to achieve it, so please kindly leave a review and let me know your thoughts. Thank you all.

    2023-11-16 03:53:54


    The book looks promising

    2023-11-08 16:09:10
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163 chapters
Chapter I His Miserable Life
"Please open the door," Jerome banged on the door. It was raining heavily, and he was very cold. "I told you to be home in thirty minutes, and it's been an hour now since you left. Why are you coming back so late? That is your punishment—stand in the rain," Mia stood behind the door and said in a harsh tone without opening the door. "I am sorry, but I was stuck in traffic. Please, it is very cold outside; open the door," Jerome's voice was very shaky. "Mia, why must you waste your time on this good-for-nothing husband?" Mrs. Cambridge stood on the stairs and said with disdain. If not for her father-in-law who brought this good-for-nothing home and insisted her precious daughter get married to him, she wouldn't have accepted him. She wondered what the old man was thinking. Anytime she went out, she couldn't talk about her daughter having a husband when her mates were doing so because she saw her son in law as a lowlife shameful person. Jerome stood in front of the door, hoping t
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Chapter 2 Humiliation
"Hey, wake up. Don't you know it's time for you to start working?" Mrs Cambridge entered Jerome's room and hit him with a stick. "Mum," Jerome said in his sleepy voice. "How many times have I warned you not to call me that? Do you think you are fit to call me that?" Mrs. Cambridge spat. " I am sorry, but it is three o'clock am, why must I wake up now?" He was perplexed. "We will be receiving visitors today, you must prepare to make sure everything is alright before they arrive." "But who are they? Because I didn't hear anyone talking about them, besides what exactly must I do at this hour?" Jerome said with a sleepy voice. "That's not your business. Just do what you are asked to do." She said and left him. Jerome was tired, it was not even three hours before he went to sleep. He was still feeling pain in his legs, what was there to prepare? He got up to see what he could do. He heard some noise in the kitchen. He knew it was Eleanor. He walked to the kitchen and saw her bu
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Chapter 3 Fake Marriage
"Pregnant? You mean you are pregnant? Or I heard it wrongly." Jerome was beyond shocked. He couldn't believe his ear. "And what has that got to do with a servant like you?" Mrs Jackson didn't know what was going on. Even if she knows, does she care? "Because she is my wife." Jerome roared angrily. "Hahahah," aren't you ashamed to utter these words? You think too highly of yourself. Oh, you better wake up from your dreams before we throw you outside." Elidad's words made the people present burst into laughter. "Mia, tell them we are married. And we have been married for five years. We can even show them the marriage certificate if they don't believe it. I know you might be forced into this. Don't worry, we will take care of the child." He spoke softly as he tried to get closer to her. "Hey, you better not come closer. Oh, are you talking about that fake certificate? It seems this has been hidden from you for years." She said with a mocking gaze. "Fake certificate, what do yo
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Chapter 4 Suicide
"Doctor, how is he doing?" The old man's voice trembled as he spoke, his hands gripping the wooden walking stick tightly. He was standing next to the doctor, who was dressed in a crisp white coat, his expression somber as he looked at the young man lying on the hospital bed. The young man's face was ashen, his skin pale and drawn. The beeping of the heart monitor filled the room, the only sound breaking the silence. "Don't worry old master, he will be fine. Luckily for him, he was saved early, if not…" the doctor didn't continue further but the old man knew what he meant. He clutched his walking stick, if not that he wanted his grandson to avenge himself, he would have taught those stupid people a lesson they would live to tell their generation. "It's alright doctor, thank God he will be fine." He sighed in relief and turned to the butler, " Butler, please escort the doctor out." The old man instructed his butler. He stared at his long-lost grandson for a while, his was filled wi
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Chapter 5 Unexpected Turn
Jerome thought about the old man's words and realized he was right. How foolish of him to think of such a thing. What came over him? He would have missed these good things if this didn't happen. "Thank you, old master. Is there a need for a DNA test?" "Not at all, you are your father's photocopy. I trust my instincts. Take this card. It has a sum of two billion dollars. Manage it in the meantime until everything is settled. The old man picked a master card and shoved it in his hands. "T..wo, two.. billion dollars, ho..w is ..that possible." His hands trembled as he stuttered to find the right words. You mean, this card is mine?" Tears began rolling down his cheeks. The old master felt sad. His grandson had suffered. How can he cry over a mere two billion? He regretted that he wasn't able to find him early. "My child, do not cry. This is just the beginning. You are the only heir of this family. You need to be strong so you can face the obstacles ahead." "I am the only heir?
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Chapter 6 He is a thief
"Nobody knows what happened, but shortly after Jerome was dragged out, the manager came from his office sweating. What's happening here?" He asked in an urgent tone. "Sir nothing big. It's just a thief who came here but he has been dragged outside." The clerk said. "A thief? What do you mean by a thief? Can I know who the person is?" "Mr. Don't worry, he was my ex-husband and I know him. He wouldn't be able to afford anything here so here came to steal things. "Mia chipped in. "Is he still outside? Let me see the person." The manager instructed. "But sir…" the clerk didn't understand what was going on. He tried to reason with him. "Shut up!" The manager rebuked him. They were all startled and were baffled at his actions. "What is wrong? And why is the boss panicking as if he has offended some big shot." She mumbled under his breath. Even Mia was wondering. She escorted him outside and luckily for them, Jerome was about to walk out. The manager looked at the picture on hi
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Chapter 7 I regret it
"I am sorry sir. I truly regret my actions." The clerk still held Jerome's legs hoping he would forgive her. She has learned her lessons the hard way. Jerome gazed at the woman who was sitting on the floor. He realized that for the well-being of her newborn baby and ailing mother, he had to let go of his anger and forgive her. He believed that everyone deserved a second chance. "I am willing to give you another opportunity, but you will have to face the consequences of your actions. Your salary will be deducted for the next three months. After that, I will assess your progress and decide whether or not to continue with your employment." " Thank you, sir, thank you very much. Thank you. " Those were the only words the clerk could utter. Only God knows how she regretted her action. She swore to herself never to judge a book by its cover. She swore to herself to always treat customers with a pure and kind heart. "Since he has forgiven you, I have no objections. I hope this won't re
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Chapter 8 Jealousy
"Won't you let your grandson have a seat and have something to eat first?" the old master said."Oh, I'm really sorry. Come, come," Grandma said and paved the way for him.When he entered, he saw many family members sitting around the dining table. Some stared at him with discerning eyes, while others stared at him curiously. Some stared at him with hatred and envy."Good day," Jerome only said these short words and sat down. His simple greeting triggered some elders of the family. They thought he was being arrogant, but the truth is, he didn't like to talk much and was not good at initiating conversation."Hmmm," his aunt hummed."Good day, dear," his second uncle replied in a friendly tone. The others rolled their eyes. The old master saw everything. He didn't want to interfere and wanted to see how his grandson would handle them."Good day? Is that how you were taught to greet your elders?" His first uncle, who didn't bother to respond to his greetings, said harshly."I am sorry if
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Chapter 9 He can't be the heir
Shut up, how dare you? Who do you think you are?" James stood up and pointed angrily at Jerome."But he is right; being in the marketing department will help you. And also, he is my grandson, a blood relative of the Cadell family, the future patriarch and heir of this family. Mind the way you speak to him," the old madam, who had been silent, chimed in and scolded James. This warning was for them all."Mum, even you?" His mouth was wide open. His mother had always defended him no matter what. But today she stood up for this orphan. It's all this bastard's fault. He would make sure he pays for the humiliation he has been through."Well, everything is settled. I am going to introduce my grandson to the world next week. I will announce his arrival and his position next week," the old man finally declared.This time around, they didn't object. They knew it wouldn't end well for them if they continued to challenge the old man. They kept their thoughts to themselves."Good, that is a very w
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Chapter 10 His disappearance
Today is the day Jerome would be shown to the whole world. He felt quite nervous. Wondering what was proceeding to be their reaction, wondering how the Cambridge family would take it. "Don't be nervous Jerome, you can do it?" He took in a deep breath and said these words to comfort himself. After he was done, he set off to the party. … At The Party….The grand hall's vaulted ceilings glittered with golden light, and the floors gleamed with polished marble. The tables are laid with sparkling silverware, crystal glasses, and elaborate centerpieces of fruit and flowers. A string quartet plays softly in the background, and the air is scented with the aroma of delicious food. As you enter the room, you're greeted by the smiling faces of the other guests, dressed in their finest clothes. A feast for the eyes and the senses, this is a banquet party fit for royalty."The Cadell family lives to their name." A guest said with his mouth wide open. Mia arrived, she deliberately came late so sh
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