The Return of the Heir

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The Return of the Heir

By: Zila Aicha CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Glenn Brawijaya lived as he wanted. He relied too much on the wealth of his parents and didn't want to bother with anything because he always believed that his parents' wealth would be inherited to him. However, what happened if he was hit by something he never expected? Even, his extended family's wealth fell into the hands of his uncle after his parents had an accident that killed both of them. He even had to be expelled from his luxurious home.  Then, what would he do? Would Glenn take back what was rightfully his? Or just stay silent and accepted the fate?

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  • Zila Aicha


    this book has already ended a few saya ago. just the status has not changed yet.

    2023-05-11 17:32:32
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117 chapters
Chapter 1: Wake up from Your Dream!
"Make me some coffee!” Glenn ordered. Fero stared confusedly, “Now, Master?” Glenn looked irritated, “Why? You don't want to make it?" Fero shook his head quickly, "But it's twelve o'clock at night, Young Master. If you drink coffee today, tomorrow you will wake up late. You will-" "Just make it! Hurry!" Glenn interrupted, looked annoyed. Fero glanced anxiously at the wall clock but he finally chose to do what his master ordered. He only took a few minutes to serve the coffee. Glenn then enjoyed his coffee while standing in front of his window and just went to bed at four in the morning. A few hours later, Fero was about to give up when he couldn't even wake Glenn up. However, on his twenty-ninth attempt, it paid off. Glenn woke up at ten. "Fer, prepare my clothes!" Glenn said. Meanwhile, in Brawijaya Corporation which was the number one telecommunication company in Indonesia, Andi Brawijaya was seen sitting frozen in his chair. "Let's just start the meeting!" he decided then
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Chapter 2: A Platinum Customer
Glenn laughed at his self-confidence and stepped into the elevator with both hands tucked into his trouser pockets. "What are you laughing at?" Narendra said angrily. Glenn stopped laughing for a moment and said casually before the elevator closed, "You're dreaming too much, Narendra." "Dreaming?" Glenn smiled condescendingly. "Yes. Remember, you are only my father's niece. It would be impossible for my father to pass this company on to you," Glenn said flatly. As soon as the elevator door closed, Narendra went berserk. He kicked a large trash can. He didn't care about the employees who looked at him questioningly "We'll see. Watch out, Glenn!" the man said. Meanwhile, Glenn, who had just arrived at his Gardenia Hills apartment unit, was extremely surprised when he saw Fero, his personal assistant standing at the door of the apartment with several large suitcases nearby. "What are you doing in front of here? Why are you taking my suitcases outside?" Glenn asked in astonishment
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Chapter 3: Shocking News
"Glenn, we've talked about this many times before." Amelia looked at her son sadly. "Then don't try to boss me again! You have no right," Glenn said flatly. Amelia took a deep breath, "I know you hate me a lot but at least-" "It's good that you know," Glenn interrupted casually. "GLENN!" A loud scream suddenly sounded there. Glenn just turned his head disinterestedly. "Wow, daddy's coming home quickly!" Glenn said. "What a surprise!" he continued. Andi walked over followed by Edgar behind him, "How long are you going to be so impudent like this?" "How impudent? Oh, I know. Dad was angry because I used the 12 billion. Is that so?" "No. It's not about the numbers, Glenn." "So what?" Glenn asked, raising an eyebrow. "You've wasted money on useless things," Andi replied. Glenn smiled, "That's very useful, Dad. Didn't Mom and Dad work hard all this time on this?" Andi and Amelia were silent. "Since I was little, Mom and Dad worked until they forgot about me to make me live co
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Chapter 4: Beat Him!
"The jet suddenly experienced interference and crashed not far from the airport, Young Master. Right now, the evacuation is being carried out," Edgar said quietly. Glenn laughed. "You think I will believe what you just said?" Edgar looked down deeply. Glenn repeatedly muttered he couldn't believe it but when he watched the live broadcast of the news, he could no longer escape the reality. It was clear in the news that the private jet carrying his parents and some of the crew had been found and the bodies had been successfully evacuated. "Young Master," Edgar called. Glenn was at a loss for words. But he still dragged himself to that location and witnessed the bodies of his parents with his own eyes. "Prepare the funeral for my parents!" he ordered his father's subordinates. Glenn remained silent throughout the funeral. He did not reply to the expressions of condolences from everyone who came to the funeral. Fero, his personal assistant really understood his young master's curr
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Chapter 5: You Got Wrong
Satria added, “Glenn is no longer your young master. Now obey my orders or I will fire you." Glenn watched them and before he had time to understand everything, he was beaten up by his father's men and then thrown outside the house. “Our apologies, Young Master Glenn. Forgive us." “May Young Master live well outside.” Glenn coughed up blood that night while lying in the middle of the street accompanied by the pouring rain. The man could not move because of the pain that was so excruciatingly assaulting his body. In the midst of all that, someone approached him carrying an umbrella and a duffel bag. He lifted Glenn to the side and helped him to sit up. The young man gave him a bottle of mineral water and helped him to drink. Glenn who needed the strength greedily drank it until he choked. "Sorry, Young Master." "Fer!" Glenn called weakly. The young man then gave a large black backpack to Glenn who was so weak. "Young Master. I'm sorry. This is all I can do for you," Fero said q
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Chapter 6: Who Are You
"I can help you reclaim all your rights," the man said. Hearing the words of the man who was looking at him with a calm look, Glenn suddenly laughed loudly. He almost fell off the bench while laughing. "What are you laughing at?" the young man asked in astonishment. Glenn got up from his seat and gave the man a scrutinizing look, he then answered casually, "Of course you are." "Why? What's wrong with me?" Glenn shook his head and walked past without another word. The man gasped. "Glenn!" Glenn didn't stop and kept walking without the slightest intention of answering. "Glenn!" He called again. He caught up with Glenn and walked beside Glenn. "At least listen to me first," the man said. Glenn ignored him and kept walking, thinking of the person as a passing wind. "GLENN BRAWIJAYA!" the man shouted. Exasperated, Glenn let out a long breath. "Go!" "No. You have to listen to me first," he said, still trying hard to convince Glenn. Glenn turned his head, "What do I need to lis
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Chapter 7: A Homeless
"Me? After I say who I am, you want to reclaim your rights?" the young man asked. Glenn said, "Come on, forget your bullshit. I don't want to know who you are either." Glenn was about to start walking again, but the young man stopped him by standing right in front of him. "Get out of the way!" Glenn growled. "Alexander Barata."Glenn was silent for a moment, "So?" "I'm one of the people your father helped. I'm currently running my own business and happen to be quite advanced. It's all thanks to your father, Uncle Andi, who always helps me as well as being my mentor," the man named Alexander explained. Glenn nodded, "I've never heard your name. But hm, that's not important. That's it, Barata. I'm leaving." "No. You can't just leave." Glenn crossed his arms, looking at Alex with narrowed eyes. "Why are you so adamant, Barata?" Alexander replied, "I ... have to do it." Glenn sneered, "Oh. I know now. You intend to return the favor to my father, is that it?" Alexander did not a
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Chapter 8: The Anger
"I already paid for it, don't you have the right to grumble anymore?" Glenn said coldly, his eyes looking scary. The shop owner was silent, feeling defeated because the money Glenn gave him was more than he should have been. Glenn smiled cynically at the sight of that person and then stepped away from the shop which was full of customers. However, when he had just arrived in front of the shop, he winced in surprise when his head was hit by something. He held the back of his head which turned out to be exposed to raw egg fragments. Everyone just laughed at him. Some of them even cheered as if the incident that had just happened was a splendid show. "Go away, tramp!" the wife of the stall owner shouted. "You poor bastard!" the woman mocked who had argued with him earlier. Glenn didn't know who had thrown the egg at him, so he couldn't make any calculations. With an irritated heart, he had to leave. "Boo. Don't be a bum!" one of the others said. Glenn didn't respond and instead l
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Chapter 9: Don't Interfere!
Someone in trendy clothes and looking so classy approached Glenn who was still standing there. "Why are you even going?" Narendra asked. Glenn who had his back to him didn't answer and instead started to walk away. However, Narendra did not let him go. He called again, "Glenn! Is that you?" Glenn suddenly stopped walking. His breath began to hunt. When he heard that damn voice calling his name, he wanted to beat him up. But of course he couldn't do that now. He could never touch his asshole cousin. Narendra smiled crookedly, "Isn't that right? You are Glenn, my cousin. You-" "Gosh, are you blind, Rendra? You say this beggar Glenn?" Zayn said, Glenn's old friend who was now Narendra's friend. Glenn easily recognized the voice of his former close friend. He couldn't be wrong. It was indeed Zayn, his close friend whom he visited for the first time the night he was kicked out at that time. However, at that time Zayn actually refused his arrival and broke off their friendship becaus
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Chapter 10: Young Master
After saying that, Glenn immediately left the place, leaving Dewa who was still coughing from being strangled. Glenn wasn't gripping his neck that hard but still, his throat was excruciatingly sore. He had trouble breathing. "Damn you weirdow!" Dewa said in surprise. "Where is she going?" he continued after seeing Glenn was nowhere to be seen. Dewa took a deep breath greedily before muttering incoherently again, "What exactly happened to him? Is it true that he has some kind of relationship with those damn people?" Glenn himself walked aimlessly for a dozen minutes until he chose to stop at a city park. The park wasn't very crowded and there happened to be plenty of seating there. He also chose one of the long benches and sat on the bench with a blank stare. "Never mind, Glenn. So what can you do now? Nothing. You're just a bum with nothing," he muttered, trying to remind himself. He then decided to sleep on the bench, convincing himself that tomorrow morning he would have forgo
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