The Return of the Trillionaire Heir

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The Return of the Trillionaire Heir

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"You are a poor, good-for-nothing bastard. I regret ever meeting you." "You miserable fool. You are a disgrace to this family." "Fucking gold-digger, that's what you are." Robert Williams begins and ends his day with a constant reminder of how poor and worthless he was, from the bedroom with his wife to the living room with his in-laws to the street with strangers and even at work with his colleagues. Everyone gave him their piece of humiliation and embarrassment. But his life would change when his family heirloom reveals his true identity. Now Robert is the Trillionaire Heir of the Williams empire and he is out to punish those who looked down on him, and tasked with the responsibility of expanding his family's empire. Find out in his story, THE RETURN OF THE TRILLIONAIRE HEIR!

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Chapter 1: The Assignment!
Yes, talk to me, John.” Robert Williams, the exotic billionaire, worth $2 billion from his many businesses, said to his responder on the phone.“Sir, you just made $40 million from last night's deal with Mr. Patrick.” The caller said to Robert in an overly excited tone.Robert smiled, looked at the beautiful lady seated beside him as he replied to John, the caller.“What do you expect, John? Am a fucking billionaire. Now send $5 million to my beautiful wife's account immediately.”His last statement before ending the call sent the woman beside him gasping for breath. His beautiful wife, Sophia, the daughter of a multi-millionaire was lost in the thoughts of her rich husband sending her $5 million just like that.“Honey! That's too much. You just gave me $10 million two days ago.” She said to him.Robert looked her in the eye, raised her dropped jaw with his hand, and answered her,“Nothing is too much for you, baby girl.” He kissed her and she hugged him tightly, appreciating his demo
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Chapter 2: The Wrestle!
Robert was met with the most unexpected sight, more like he was seeing a ghost or something. He stayed mute for a while just to carefully assess the reality before him if he was dreaming again. He cleared his eyes over and over again, staring at the lady who remained on the bed covered to the chest by the bed cover and undisturbed about his presence like she didn't know him.He couldn't even tell when the expensive bottle dropped from his hand and made a mess all over the place. While in a state of shock, the lady decided to end his misery by speaking to him first.“What?! Did you see a ghost?!” She asked him and returned back to her phone.Robert snapped back to reality and called out her name,“Sophia!” She was his wife and they have been married for four years now. He dreams all kinds of wild dreams, but never could he dream up, day or night, the reality that was before him. His wife of four straight years cheating on him with a total stranger in the hotel where he worked. And to
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Chapter 3: The Meeting
Robert's night which began with a glimpse of hope as he satisfied himself with his billionaire dream had now ended with him behind bars. His boss's instructions were adhered to with utmost seriousness and urgency, landing Robert in jail for the very first time in his life.What did he do to deserve all of this? He kept wondering to himself inside the police cell. Was it a crime to love someone and get married to her? Although he had experienced a lot from the Richards, Sophia's parents, those were nothing compared to what he had just experienced with his wife.“She's my fucking wife for God's sake,” He said out, hitting his first on the beach he sat on as the thoughts came back to him, “Why would she do this to me?” He sobbed and cried. The feeling of betrayal mixed with anger made his heart even more shattered than the bottle he dropped.After several rounds of thought here and there, he got an idea to make a call. He thought to call his mother-in-law, sure she would ease up on him a
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Chapter 4: Menacing!
Robert took the pen, and without a second thought or proper consideration, he signed the papers in the appropriate spaces. All he wanted was to be released from the prison he was in so he could go back home and heal, by then his wife's madness must have dropped down and they had talk things out like married couples do.“Can I go now? I need to return home and rest.” He asked, looking at Michael and not even trying to fake a little appreciation for his generosity.Sophia looked at him in wonder like she couldn't understand what had gone wrong with his brain.“Did the officer hit you so hard he knocked off your brain?” She asked him.“And what do you mean by that, Sophia?” He asked her, surprised by her question. What else could she say to him, she'd already given him all classes of abuses, questioned his manliness, called him a wretched husband, hit his head with a lamb stand, called the security on him, called him a madman, and now she's calling him brainless. He couldn't help but wo
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Chapter 5: Gunshot!
Robert's question dropped another bomb of laughing gas in the room, causing everyone to laugh out loud at him. Even Sophia who was consumed with anger still found a place in herself to laugh at her foolish husband.“Maybe a career in stand-up comedy or comedic acting or just playing a clown in the circus could have made your miserable life worthwhile.” His father-in-law said to him.Linda lifted the papers and showed him the letters boldly written on the top which his eyes didn't see when he signed the papers.DIVORCE AGREEMENT.He flipped in shock at the sight he saw, “What the fuck? How the hell did I sign this?” He asked, wondering how he didn't see it before signing.“And who the hell are you asking?” Michael asked him, “What do you think? I would drop the charges against you just like that, who the hell are you?” He blasted at him.Michael's words reminded Robert why he had punched him and beaten him up back at the hotel the previous night. He thought of attacking him again but
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Chapter 6: The Interrogation!
Sophia had picked up the ring that fell from Robert's pocket and showed it to her parents, Robert was too weak to protest or say anything to them. The Richards inspected the ring over and over again, realizing to whom it belonged, they questioned.“How did you gain possession of the Williams family heirloom?” Their question fell on deaf ears, Robert couldn't even hear a word they were saying.“Get him up, he has to answer us?” Philip instructed the officer and he raised Robert to face his father-in-law and provide the answers they needed. However, Robert was just a body of weight with little life left in him.“Do you think he could be a member of the family? After all, his name is William.” Linda asked her husband.“He is no member of any family, he has no family whatsoever. I've been married to him for four years, I know everything there is to know about this piece of shit.” Sophia answered her mother, clearing the notion of Robert being connected to the William Family even though he
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Chapter 7: The Salute!
The officer took Robert to the office of the police chief accompanied by Nobody. When they got there, the police chief welcomed him and began questioning him.“You're welcome, Robert.” He said to him as they helped him get seated, “I just want to ask you a few questions quickly. First, who are you?” He asked Robert.Robert wondered why the question of his identity, the police ought to have that information by now. But he answered anyway, summoning strength from within.“I am Robert William. I grew up in this city as an orphan and got married to Sophia Richard before our recent tragic divorce.” He answered the chief. The thought of how Sophia treated him made him drop tears as he said the words.“It's alright, Robert,” the police chief consoled him and went on to his next question, “How did you come across this ring?” He brought out the ring that fell off Robert's pocket and presented it to him.On seeing the ring, Robert was shocked and quickly retrieved it from the police chief. The
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Chapter 8: The Arrival!
Robert's eyes opened in shock at the salutations of the police chief and his officers, but even more shocking to him was the voice he heard from the phone who said he was on his way. Questions began flooding his mind faster than he could think of them.Why are they saluting me? What's going on here? Who is coming? He said I was the one, which one? Who am I? He asked the police chief just one question out of the innumerable questions flowing through his mind.“This doesn't look like trouble but am I in trouble?”“Oh no. No sir.” The police chief answered.The fact that he addressed Robert as sir all of a sudden, made Robert wonder about the gravity of the situation.“Why are you addressing me as sir, sir?” He asked the police chief.“Don't worry, sir. Everything will be explained to you soon but I am not the right person to do that.” The police chief answered him.Robert stayed there with him, continuing to think about the events all leading up to this present moment, nothing made sen
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Chapter 9: The Return!
The convoy drove through the city and entered a private road where they drove for a few minutes and finally arrived at a very large estate property. The entire estate was lit up, shining bring. Every structure in it was a testament to luxury and opulence.They drove through the estate and finally stopped inside the compound of a huge mansion. The guards came down and opened the doors for them to come out, and Robert's sights remained wide open in disbelief. How is this place even real? He asked himself. He had seen beautiful places, especially in movies and magazines but nothing of this such has he ever seen.Dozens of armed security guards were littered all over the mansion and the estate. As they came down, everyone bowed to him as he walked past them, his smiles were off this world. In no time, he had transitioned from a world where everyone insulted and abused him to a world where everyone bowed to him, that was only a reality in his dreams. But what he was experiencing now made h
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Chapter 10: Never Ends!
You see, my child. Your father handled the business operations of the family and controlled the empire, he was the sole heir to the Williams Empire and when he died, the family lost its heir. But thank God that you're found, I'm getting old and I need to retire which is why you'll have to take over the operations and control of the empire as the new heir.” Robert listened attentively but was overwhelmed by the part of him taking over as the new heir, what does he know, he has no experience and no degrees to qualify him for such a task. This triggered fear in him as he wondered the magnitude of the task.“Grandfather, I am not in any way or form qualified for any of these. I am a mere hotel attendant.” He cried out immediately to his grandfather, fearing his incompetence for the job.His grandfather looked at him and smiled, “Of course, I know that, my child. You'll undergo a three-month training program which will be designed to bring you up to speed with the best professionals in t
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