Super Son-In-Law : Leader of the Zilaroa Clan

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Super Son-In-Law : Leader of the Zilaroa Clan

By: Priminie OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Hosh, who suffers from leprosy, continues to be insulted by his wife and mother-in-law who are the highest throne owners in the Zenith Clan. “Look at you, Hosh! All those fancy clothes of yours can't even cover up those hideous skins. What wife do you think would be willing to walk hand in hand with a husband like you? You're so disgusting. I don't even want to see you!" Wilo tossed his beautiful wavy hair. Until one day Hosh chose to return to his family's house to calm down. Hosh finds out that he is a Nilas. A special person who has the qualities of four clans at once. “Most likely, you are a Nilas. Like your parents and also like your grandmother. She is a Nilas.” Hosh decided to get back at all the bad treatment he received earlier. Did he succeed in transforming into a Nilas? Will he be able to avenge everyone's bad treatment to him? Did he manage to unravel the dark secret of the death of his parents?

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A (Not)Fun Party
"Don't come near me! I don't want everyone to see me with a loathsome man like you!” snapped Wilo who looked so beautiful in a black dress studded with pearls.“Wilo, why are you talking like that to your own husband?” asked Hosh who was sitting in his wheelchair.“Look at you, Hosh! All those fancy clothes of yours can't even cover up those hideous skins. What wife do you think would be willing to walk hand in hand with a husband like that? You're so disgusting. I don't even want to see you!" Wilo tossed his beautiful wavy hair."Wilo, you have to remember that our marriage was completely the wish of your late father.""Yes I know. That's why I hate him so much even after two years he died. I had already rejected this idea so vehemently when I returned to the palace, but my father didn't care one bit. He said that the promise of a king is absolute and unchangeable. This is all because of him!” Wilo was still cursing.“Wilo, whatever it is, I have become your husband. You should respe
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Hosh's New Resolve
Shenna decided to take Hosh to a balcony which was always his place to enjoy his days. The balcony which is indeed on the side of the palace and facing the hills and away from the important palace rooms. Not many people touched the balcony because at the end of the street were just a few rooms for servants.Shenna still looks busy cleaning the little wound that is in the corner of Hosh's lips. After giving the man some water to drink, Shenna sat down neatly in one of the available chairs. She wouldn't leave unless Hosh asked her to. The 25-year-old girl also stared at the hills where there were some beautiful lights coming from the residents' houses and the nightlife there.“Shenna, I don't know why you are always by my side. I know most likely it's just because it's your job. You may also hate me very much and wish I would just die like the queen and even my own wife. However, I am thankful that you are always here.”"May I have an honest opinion on this, Sir?" Shenna says so careful
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Escape To Grandpa's House
“Don't talk nonsense, Lion! Wilo and I are legally husband and wife.”"Yes, I understand. It's just that you also have to remember that you became Wilo's husband because of a stupid contest. You are only Wilo's husband on documents and in front of Wilo's late father. But, look at you! You can't give her the physical and spiritual support she needs as a wife. How can you call yourself husband?” Lion spoke with his arms folded in front of his chest.“It is precisely because I am fully aware of my position here that I defend Wilona as my legal wife. What husband would let his wife sleep with another man within eye reach?” Hosh was so pissed off."Come on, Hosh. Do not exaggerate. You know we've been married two years and I've been so kind to let you sleep next to my room. Like Lion said, you can't give me anything except that one title of 'husband' that you've always been proud of. I'm also an ordinary woman who needs affection and love. You know from the beginning Lion and I really love
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Secret In the Family House
Hosh had just arrived at his family's house. The distance covered in the five hour journey made the man fall asleep so comfortably. Harry helped the man with his wheelchair and even pushed him towards the front door of the house which was tightly closed. It was already three o'clock in the morning. His grandparents must be fast asleep.Hosh stared briefly at the condition of the house which had indeed changed. His grandparents were just farmers. Where they both sell their rice and garden product to continue to survive. After marrying Wilo, the king gave them money which was eventually used to buy some agricultural equipment and land.Grandfather and grandmother never thought that their grandson would finally be able to marry a princess. Absolutely never expect to get rewarded in any form. Of course they couldn't refuse the king's gift, so they just cultivated it because in the end, it was Hosh who would inherit everything.Jenaya, Hosh's grandmother opened the door with a clearly visi
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The Secret of Nilas Two Years Ago
"Wait, Grandpa. I still really don't understand. What can Nilas do to help those in need? What kind of difference can they bring to the world?” Hosh asked still not understanding.“The Nilas are smart and wise. They are also intelligent and master all kinds of knowledge. Most importantly, they are given such a great conscience. If these four clans unite and are only led by one Nilas, then a balance will occur. Not only for the rich, but also the poor. They will definitely work on it.”“Why is Grandpa so sure? Could Nilas have his own obsession to rule the world in his hands? I mean anyone can change after seeing money and power.” Hosh seemed so skeptical."They are indeed different. That's why Nilas has another name, the son of God. Because they are almost perfect as a human being.""But how come I never saw them?""The Nilas continue to be hunted by the Earl clan and handed over to the Lazarus clan on the orders of the Zenith clan. They were constantly being used as experimental mate
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Exploring the Gray Forest
For more than 6 years, Hosh has used a cane to help him walk. He was also still able to ride a horse until he arrived at the Gray Forest. For him there are absolutely no obstacles on his way. Until he had to tie his horse and enter the forest alone. With minimal supplies, Hosh took the time to stare into the deep Gray Forest.Gray Forest has distinctive trees. The trunk of the tree is jet black while the leaves are silver. Besides that, there are also lots of colorful plants like a rainbow. That said, every plant has its own effect if we treat it wrong. It is also the cause of many humans who end up strange and even crazy.Slowly, Hosh began to walk into the forest. Occasionally glanced at the map and compass to make sure the direction he was heading was correct. The point he was aiming for was a large tree deep in the forest and right by the river. The location was easy, but Hosh wasn't even sure if he could make it there.Hosh started to walk in confidently and he just ignored every
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Save Wilona
Hosh and Wilona walked carefully through the Gray Forest. The man had previously given a sign with a blue rope so he could easily find his way back. Sure enough, even if it only took an hour, they could already see a bright light that was the Crosby clan.Wilona looked even more excited and started to jog out of the forest. Wilo stopped when she saw that there were several tents in a clearing which judging by the flags were clearly from the Zenith clan. Some of the soldiers started to see her and even some people were seen running into the biggest tent in the middle.Wilona was so happy to see her father, King Alaric who came out of the tent and welcomed the princess with joy. King Alaric expressed his relief after five days in total they had been waiting there and trying to find Wilona. The king said that many soldiers had entered, but not many had returned.“My daughter, I almost gave up. Father had prepared to enter the forest alone, but father couldn't just do it because there wer
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Continuing Delayed Plans
Jenaya gave Hosh a wooden box which was still neatly tucked away in Hosh's wardrobe. Since marrying Wilona, ​​this man has not discussed Nilas and his true identity for a long time. This time, he wanted to get hold of whatever was actually stored within the Gray Forest.“This time I was determined. I have to find whatever my parents left me. I have to know, can I really be better after becoming Nilas completely. I have to show everyone who I really am and what I can do."The next day, Hosh told his grandparents to go into the Gray Forest. They are happy, but more worried. The condition of the man's body has changed a lot. His bodily functions also continued to decline. That was why Hosh's grandparents could only stare at each other.“Hosh, you know your current condition is very unlikely. You can't go in there alone."“Grandpa, I know you will be worried. That's why I prepared a walking aid. I've had it from the start. I just need you guys to support and give me encouragement.""Walki
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Closest Person's Motivation
Hosh, who initially felt inferior, started to get up again. After getting the blessing of their grandparents, they all headed towards the Zenith clan. In two days the wedding will take place. The royal entourage, deliberately prepared to pick them all up. Using a car accompanied by horsemen, grandfather, grandmother and Hosh left their clan.The five hour journey was tensely traveled by Hosh. He couldn't even close his eyes let alone fall asleep. He was so worried how everyone would welcome him there. Hosh heard that important guests from the other two clans would also be leaving tonight. The king wanted to formally introduce himself as a future son-in-law before he actually married.No matter how hard Hosh tried, he still couldn't cover up the rashes on his body and face. He also couldn't hide the disfigurement on his hands and feet. He felt very insecure and wanted to just die. Especially after their entourage began to enter the palace area of ​​the Zenith clan which was very, very
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Shrinking Guts
Hosh, who heard all these words from Wilona's lips, felt so sad and immediately his guts sank. Again, he couldn't blame the princess because he believed that even a ordinary woman would refuse to marry him. How is it possible that Wilona, ​​a beautiful and honorable princess, will accept it gracefully.Hosh stared into the distance where the beautiful scenery of the night indeed conjured his eyes quickly. Zenith clan is the richest clan among others. The houses he could see were all luxurious and had bright lights. It consists of tall buildings where Hosh can see lots of vehicles passing by. Very different from the Crosby clan.Being away from home made Hosh miss his home a little. The house is simple but warm. Activities that are boring but also fun. In two days, he will be married and his life will probably be better. It's just that, he had to leave the two people he cared about the most at this time. Grandfather and grandmother.Hosh actually wanted to just go back inside, but was
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