The Righteous Way

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The Righteous Way

By: Feyonce CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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The keeper then looked at James and asked, "Isn't that the thief from earlier?" "I once learned from a man skilled in shipbuilding that if you flip a boat upside down it makes a great roof," he said. "I’ll remember that, help yourself to a room and a meal." "He is; would it be okay for him to spend the night in my room? And eat with me?” "Why would you believe a thief?" “I would,” “You may do as you wish, but I’m holding you accountable if anything of mine goes missing in the night,” and “Agreed” are all responses. After that, a bartender brought him and James their food to a table.


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105 chapters
Chapter 1
The forest had its peace. The light rustling of the branches and leaves in the wind. While walking among the numerous trees, Alex Tolbert hummed a tune. He carried steel bracers on his forearms and thick leather boots on his feet, dressed as a peasant in a wool shirt and cloth trousers. The single strap that held the satchel bag at his side was slung across his shoulder. A large steel shield with a roll of bedding strapped to the top behind his head and a water canteen tied to his belt were on his back.After a long day of traveling, he decided to take a break in the cool shade of the trees. He put his satchel on the ground after taking it out of its bag. After that, he took out his shield and leaned it against the tree closest to it. He laid out his bedding roll in the dirt and leaves. He sat on it and looked up at the blue sky through the brown and green branches.A map-drawing roll of parchment was pulled out when he reached into his satchel. He briefly considered it and noted his
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Chapter 2
"Are you not mad at me? You are a fool. Don't you also want to cut me down to pieces?”“Angry: No, I'm disappointed because you gave me food and a place to sleep, but you left me with nothing but my tools, which I made sure to hide because they are my most valuable possessions."What do you conceal with iron tools? Why would you conceal tools but leave a valuable shield and sword for the taking?When they got to the stables, Alex said, "You’re no fool, your mad in the head," "Say what you think," and "But I will live my life the way I feel is right." "They are of less worth to me, I only have them as a last resort for defense, and I will get them back, but I’ll do it honestly."James began to scoop and scrape the muck from the stable floors after Alex instructed him to sit on a stool in the corner of the stable where he could keep an eye on him. Alex noted how poorly the horses were cared for in such filth, and the work was repugnant.James observed Alex as he diligently scrubbed the
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Chapter 3
“So, among your many talents, I would guess that you are also a Korryn warrior or, more likely, a knight?”"Was it that clear?"In addition, I noticed the king's crest on your bag. These items are only given to nobles,” "It was a gift from my king accompanying my exile," and "Banishment? After banishing someone, what kind of king gives them a present?“He gave the trinket to show that I was still in his favor and should not be turned away as a traitor,” "Are you going to tell me the story?" "It wasn't his idea." "I have no desire to return.""No," "Secrets?" “It’s not dishonesty, I simply don't enjoy talking about my past,” “Then it’s not about pleasing a deity, it’s about redemption,” “It is what it is and I will not explain further,” Alex began to become irritated and shoved the basket at James in an effort to get him to stop prodding.Alex began washing the clothes one at a time in the water as soon as they got to the river. Following that, he hung them from nearby tree branches. A
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Chapter 4
James received all of Alex's gear, with the exception of his shield, which he held securely in his left hand, as the men began to close in.As he gripped the hilt of his sword, he said, "I will ask you men to leave us be." "I do not wish to fight you and my skill will outmatch yours." "Sounds like someone needs a lesson in humility," the leader said as his men got closer. "Kill them, that shield will be a good enough prize for such easy work."Alex drew his sword from James' shield and pushed him to the ground without warning. Alex slammed the first of the men, knocking him to the ground, as the others charged. After using his sword to stop a right-handed swing, he spun and kicked the man in the hip, sending him flying backwards and into the roadside dirt. After that, he spun with his sword low and shield high to stop another attack, swiped at the man's feet, cleaving his right ankle halfway through, then retracted his weapon and stood straight. As the wound dripped blood across his f
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Chapter 5
“Well, a rose is soft and fickle for a season, so it seemed a good match,” she replied. "No, I’m good for a rose, just odd of you to praise me as such."The huntress gave a snicker while James' face went red with inconvenience. "As Alex turned to leave, he said, "We should be on our way; it is getting dark." The woman said, "Hold," "Why not make camp with me?"“Oh?” "And why would we do that?" James asked.Alex said as he took off his gear and started putting his bedding in the leaves. "We'd love to," he said.“What?” asked James, "This woman has asked us to be her guests; it would be impolite to turn her down, and I for one would welcome an extra hand in these perilous woods." James grunted audibly, "Ugh," but he soon also was putting his bed up for the night.Alex replied, "Scarlett, yours?" "I'm sorry, I do not know your name."James responded, "Alex," "Sir Alex and his companion the fool," "The fool has a name," "I would prefer you use it," and "James, is it?I prefer fool more," "
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Chapter 6
It's not about lethality; it's about honor; daggers are the weapon of an assassin because they lack honesty, and a sword is meant to be seen, not hidden;" A coward could use a sword just as a warrior could use a dagger, I have no guilt using one," and "a symbol of the truth of one's intentions"James paid five coins each for two rooms at the inn by this time. Alex said his usual prayer of thanks as they sat down to eat. James waited for him, his stomach growling as he tapped his foot in annoyance.James asked as they began to eat, "How long does it take to say "thank you"?" "I not only give thanks for the food, but for the day being as fair as it was, for my victory over the bandits, for our encounter with Scarlett, for the good knights who showed us the way to this settlement, and for giving us the work needed to help our friend." "You really think some deity planned all that to happen before it happened?" James asked. "I not only give thanks for the day“Planned? No, yet advanced th
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Chapter 7
Scarlett leapt from the tree and silently grasped the window, "There is no need to hide Scarlett, we have no need for secrecy." She sat on the single chair while Alex sat on the bed after Alex pulled her in.The moon and the brilliant stars that shone through the window were the only sources of light.“Well, you’re here now, may I ask why you’re following James and I?” "I didn't want to bother you,""Your fool is of no consequence; I only follow you," "That fool is my friend, and his name is James;" I would anticipate the use of his name, "Either way, you're the one I follow," and "And for what cause?"Alex stood to gather his belongings and said, "I would wish to join you in your journeys, should you not want me I’ll be on my way." "I would be honored, but only if you apologize to James and disband the use of the word fool, he is much smarter than he lets on, we will leave tomorrow so be ready by then, you may take my bed." "No, a lowly peasant such as myself has no place in the bed r
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Chapter 8
James stood sweating under the hot sun. Alex stood across from him with a wooden sword in his hand. James charged with his two wooden knives and Alex easily blocked one with his sword and grabbed James ’s other hand twisting until he released his weapon. He pushed James away and waited for him to pick up the practice weapon once more.“Your attacks are obvious, you need to use grace, not brutality,” Alex said.James crept towards him holding his weapons up. He thrust and was knocked away, James then spun with the hit and almost struck Alex ’s side, but failed as Alex caught his arm before the blow.“Close, you used the momentum of my parry against me, very instinctive,”“Maybe you’re right, I should use a sword,”“Well, before you make the switch let’s try something else.” Alex dropped his sword and put up his arms in a fighting stance. James did the same. Alex swung at him and he ducked then retaliated with a flurry of strikes to his friend’s abdominal region before leapi
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Chapter 9
“You are a thief, aren’t you?” Alex asked,“Well not any... oh... you mean?”“Yes,”“What?” asked Scarlett,“Nothing wench, just leave it to me,”“James --” Alex tried,“No, let’s see what the fool can do,” Scarlett gave him a smile.Once Alex was free James began to look at the door. “No handles on this side or keyholes... but it’s a simple latch mechanism.” He pulled out one of his daggers which had been hidden in his pant-leg. He slid it through the crack and lifted the latch. “Still think the all-seen sword is the only weapon worth holding?” James slowly opened the door and peeked about. No one was in sight which gave him an eerie feeling. “I guess they all feel safe enough to leave us unguarded,” he said,“Be careful anyway,” said Scarlett.The three exited the building and disappeared into the shadows. Once they were a safe distance from the village James crouched in the dirt and began to draw.“Alright, so if this is the village we need to set up here, here, and here,” he
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Chapter 10
“That’s very clever,” said Alex as they stepped on the fresh made path, “I should learn how to construct one,”“Why?” asked James from under his hood, “If we’ve not horses to pull it?”“Because we could share the design with other kingdoms,” said Scarlett, “Typical you’d only think to use it yourself,”“And you like walking in the deep snow?”“No, I loathe it, but you should know by now we do not act for ourselves,”“I do know it, but sometimes I wonder why not make life a little easier,”“Because challenge invites growth,” said Alex , “While luxury invites stagnancy,”“I’m not asking for a castle, just a horse, maybe one for each of us,”“When I first met you how far could you run before being winded?” Alex asked,“I don’t know, a fair distance I guess,”“And how far can you run now?”James thought about it. It had been six months since that fateful day of their meeting. He realized he could run three times farther and faster now than before and was much stronger.“I see your poi
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