Am I Rich? :The House Husband Turns Out The Richest Heir

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Am I Rich? :The House Husband Turns Out The Richest Heir

By: Dawn_In_Winter OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Kevin Walker, a young man who was the son of a servant, was forced to get married with his master, Nira Smith, who was the Lady CEO of a multimillionaire company with a cold personality. As he was poor, he had to be harassed by his in-laws everyday. Even though Nira protected him we'll, sometimes she was also frustrated because of him. They were just a couple in name. Kevin on the other hand, was actually a house husband, who did everything from run errands to house chores. But in the end of the day, he still got the tag "useless". One day, Nira angrily told him, " How can you be like that? Don't you have any dignity? " Kevin was so unhappy that he left the house and suddenly a person came near him and bowed, "Young Master... "


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He Is Like A Clown
Thud!!Cling!!Loud sounds of breaking things were coming from the Villa of 234 of South Villa District. Along with this a high pitched feminine voice was also hearable. She was yelling continuously and repeating same sentences again and again. “Why have you done this with us?” her face was red in anger, “Have you ever thought about her? Who is more important to you that bastard or your own granddaughter?” A middle aged woman who was wearing a silk white pajama shouting as she took a glass vase and smashed on the ground to subside her frustration.“Rebecca! Is this how you are talking with dad? Where are your manners?” A middle aged man who was hardly in her fifties tried his best to stop her but in the and he could only sigh when after seeing his wife like that but he was also not so happy about the matter that his father actually ‘forced’ his only daughter to get married with a person who was just a servant of their house.Meanwhile the old man who was sitting on the couch and had
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The Letter
After that day, the morning was sunny and beautiful. There was a touch of gentle bridge that made the morning more beautiful.When Kevin woke up, he didn't find Nira anywhere and assumed that she had gone already. When he came up, he faced the same thing as last night. Andrew was still frowning while looking at Kevin. Rebecca snorted whenever she saw him and was shooting daggers through her eyes. The maids and servants were whispering as usual. Only the Old Master was gentle with him and called him to come to the Old Master's room. When he went there, the old man gently held his hand and made him sit while his eyes were wet. "Kevin.. " He called Kevin with a low and soft voice, " Are you happy? "When Kevin heard the last question his posture became stiff for a while.. Was he really.. happy? He quickly regained his composure and smiled sweetly before saying, " Yes Grandpa, I am alright. Young Miss is good to me. "When the Old Master heard that he felt relieved. Even though he k
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The Banquet
At the banquet.. There were so many bigshots from every portion of business and other fields. It was called an annual event. Every year, many business tycoons come here to build their connections.Nira was not different from them and it was her third time to attend this. All these two years, she came alone and entertained some big shots to win their favour to expand her company but this year she actually came with a date and when everyone saw that they were shocked. Not only did she come with a date but the pretty boy was too handsome. He was like those idols in the entertainment industry.. He was exuding a charming aura around him which was pleasing not like the lady beside him who was rather cold and graceful. Those boys were actually kinda hurt seeing their dream princess finally found someone and the person's beauty was rare beyond thinking.Even the girls were envious seeing his beauty which was as beautiful as the first flower of spring. For them it was already a good thin
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When Nira and Kevin came back, they found that the entire villa was dark and gloomy which made them frown.. "Why didn't they turn the lights on?" Kevin asked. " How can I know! Ain't we both are in the same place right now. " Nira twitched her lips while looking at the large wooden door, " Let's get in. "She pushed the door open and entered while holding Kevin's hand as he was afraid of the dark. When they went in, the lights were turned up suddenly and Rebecca was sitting on the couch alone with a darkened expression. She looked pissed off. When they saw her like that, they could understand that Ace already told her everything. "What happened at the party? " Rebecca still asked Nira.Kevin could understand Rebecca's frustration after all, who could take it simply when her own daughter, who actually had a strong and cold personality, could lose her rationality for a person whom she stayed with just for two days. Nira's soft pinkish lips curled upwards as she said mockingly, "
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50 Million
A low and manly voice reached Kevin's ear, " Son, I finally found you. " Kevin looked at him in a daze. "You.. " He didn't say anything after that. The man who was standing in front of Kevin was mostly in his fifties. His hair was grayish black and the wrinkles were indicating his experience of life.. After seeing Kevin, his eyes were brimming with water and he rushed forward to embrace him. "Son.. " The man's voice was trembling a little. The embrace was warm. It was like the man finally found his long lost treasure and didn't want to let go of that. Kevin felt an unknown sense when the man hugged him..He jolted. "You.." Kevin gasped before saying, " Why are you calling me son? "The thin expectation was popping out in his mind again and again as there was a slight excitement of discovering another world. "Yes.. " The man broke the hug and said with a faint smile, " I am your father. I have finally found you.. "When Kevin heard the word, he felt a little happy for a mome
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