112. New Journey
~"So what's your plan?"~

Listening to the voice inside his head, Luke contemplated for a while as he ran through the forest. The wind swirled around him, increasing Luke's speed, decreasing the air pressure that was exerted at Luke.

"I'm going back." Quipped Luke, the image of two people had flashed in his mind. He had left the town without even a goodbye. Perhaps, he should check up on old Xu and Qing Li.

~"To where?"~ Questioned the voice, wondering about the destination that Luke had in mind.

"Well, when I had arrived in this world for the very first time, I met with an old man and his granddaughter. I have known them for a few days. Perhaps, I should go back to them because I didn't say anything before leaving back then."

~"For a few days? And now you want to go back to them?"~ Repeated the voice, albeit not believing what he had heard.

"Yeah, why?" Asked Luke back, not understanding the meaning behind those words.

~"You make it sound like they are close family or something.
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