2. Mission

"In your next operation, we had assumed there would be a mole in the 14 division. One of your mates would be someone who had supplied information about our army database to our enemy, the Empire." 

Squinting his eyes, Luke replied in a surprised tone, "With due respect, sir. Each division of ADF only consists of eight members, with six field officers in duty and two tasked for tactical and support duty. Would such few people in the arrangements, the spy, would be in high risk of being noticed if he did anything?" 

"He's not working alone, corporal." Inhaling the smoke from his cigarette, the man exhaled it in a relaxed manner and stated, "Someone was pulling the strings in our office. There are some names. But for now, the proposal would be put into hold with the lack of evidence." 

Leaning back on his chair, the man said in a sly tone, "Which is why tonight's operation would be the best chance to sow chaos for our rank by starting with the much more fragile link, the police department. Corruption was engraved deep in the department with their members having to flaunt their authority as long as it won't cross the line." 

"The killer incident of this operation had been subjected in the terrorist attack category for their advanced weapons and tools. Someone was supporting them, soldier. Why do you think they would do this?" asked the man to Luke.

Contemplating for a while, Luke replied, "To advertise their propaganda and show the citizens of the federation that our MPS officers had lost their edge. Chaos and panic would be the first step to divert our attention in our internal affairs. The Empire always had been a country with more loose regulation and more capable security of their RES (Rosiellve Empire's Swordsguard)." 

"Our system regulation had burdened some citizens in particular areas. When we had our hands tied with the soldiers on the border and the police on the criminals, they would send some men to create rumors and propaganda to our citizens. The Federation always had a strict grasp on the media and would always filter outside policies, and this would land a blow if those men tried to rope in our citizens." continued Luke with the urge to twitch the corner of his lips, 'This country… sucks.'

"Or to incite the masses." said the man with a slight smile, "Pay attention to what happened tonight, soldier. We would like you to prepare a recording for the mission, as well as the PMI (Prevention of Magical Intervention) along with secondary tactical and medical tools for the emergency." 

Smiling bitterly inside, Luke answered immediately but felt a little forced, "Roger that, sir!" 

"Good. Keep up with the good job, corporal." The man disconnected after saying his piece and silence filled Luke's right ear. 

Sighing, Luke put his hand on his chin as his eyebrows frowned, thinking deeply while his gaze pretended to observe the holographic monitor. 

'This won't do.. I have to fill in the resign paperwork soon. Last time, I was almost dead by holding on the fort sieged by hundred of heavy artillery, dozens of Empire DAP T12 (Dragonic Assault Prototype, Version T12), and not to mention the bombardment of SMM D7 (Seeker of Magic Missiles, Version D7). I'll be dead if this continues… let's try to get a way to back off quickly before the next project is done and will be launched..' 

"Hey, look at that, Ana" on the complete opposite side of where Luke sat, as he was on the right corner of the room, one of the female officers in the room noticed Luke's contemplation and poked her friend. 

"What is it?" a little annoyed because of her work, the friend, who was a girl that looked like she was 24 and had long, brown hair, turned her head to her friend and asked, "What do you-.... Ohh." 

When she followed her friend's gaze, she saw Luke sitting on his desk with a serious expression while looking at the holographic display. The girl gasped a little and elbowed her friend lightly, "Well, now I know why you suddenly called me." 

"I know right!?" giggled the girl cheerfully, "That's one of the hottest men in ADF for you. Look how hard working he is. I'm sure he has everything under control." 

"I wonder what's inside of his mind. He seems so cool with his serious expression." replied the girl called Ana. 

"Something about trying to lead our team and be successful in our operation of course!" answered her friend with confidence. 

Of course, Luke didn't know he was the topic of the girls conversation on the left corner of the room. He sighed again as he make a small, wry smile, and think, 'I want to get the f*ck out of here... ' 


A middle aged man bellowed as he strode into the room with a strict and cold expression. His eyes wandered to all the officers in the room and paused for a second when they landed on Luke. But as if that pause was just an illusion, he was looking towards the rest of them and nodded grimly. 

All of the people in that room know who was that middle aged man the moment he stepped inside. They immediately took a salute gesture and shouted simultaneously, "Greeting, Staff Inspector, Sir Charles Wellest!" 

"Greeting ladies and gentlemen," nodded the middle aged man as his eyes squinted and said, "I have news for you all. And I would like your attention for five minutes." 

'Oh boy… here we go..' said Luke to himself as he felt the ominous feeling creeped out to him at this moment. 

"We have some guests that came from the military. As you all had been aware, the government had dispatched division 14 of ADF to our rank and helped us. But they were not the only ones that had arrived." 

Turning his face to the door, the man said, "All of you may come in now." 

Eight men donned in mechanical armor that glistening through the lamp proceeded to walk and stand in front of all the officers. After they had done lining up, Luke furrowed his eyebrows as one of the worst things that could happen had happened. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, the division 12 from ADF, Gold Eagle." stated the middle aged man the others gaze fixed to the newly arrived soldiers. 

Sighing, Luke shook his head and thought. 

'Please, just let me get the hell out of here... '

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