414. The Arrival of the King of Dragons

Two hours ago, when the prisoners just break out of their prisons and Luke was about to split up with them, in the faraway place and at the middle of the open sea, a certain big island that as if a combination of three islands together was being enveloped by an enormous amount of Lingqi. 

The Lingqi was unlike any other, for it carried along the heavy scent of blood and it couldn't be transformed or converted into other elements. They feel like they have been branded into the element of blood and they would stay that way no matter what would happen. 

It was the signature Lingqi from Lun Hua who was already on high alert as she faced the man before her. He wore a snow white robe with a drawing of clouds at the hem of his sleeves. His gentle and calm demeanor would be thought of as someone who has a high upbringing. His eyes

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