415. Mental State

While Yun Long approached the bed, Lun Hua raised a single eyebrow as she strode to the side and watched attentively. Leng Zhian's figure seemed healthy, with no visible injuries. However, deep frowns plastered his visage as a few cold sweats were formed. In one glance, they could tell that he appeared to have some kind of nightmares. 

Although it wasn't the first time Leng Zhian showed such responses, the previous physician that tended to him had tried to check on his body multiple times and even used a special incense stick that would help someone relax with a sniff. Unfortunately, he didn't report this matter to Lun Hua in fear to incur her ire. Besides, Leng Zhian's condition is truly healthy. 

"Oh? Looks like my guess wasn't wrong after all." spoke Yun Long nonchalantly. The edge of his lips curled upwards with his eye

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